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                                         Setting up a Flash Drive to Run Automatically
                                                                By Derek Rogers

   USB flash drives are a simple solution for easy backup and storage of important data. With a
storage capacity that meets or exceeds the amount of data available on a DVD, USB drives are unique
in that no other hardware is needed. Once plugged into a USB slot, the information on a flash drive is
immediately available to the host computer. One of the nice features of CD-ROM and DVD drives is
the ability to automatically run a disk when it's inserted into the drive. USB flash drives under Windows
have similar functionality, but with a few limits where XP is concerned.

 When a flash drive is inserted into a Windows XP driven computer, the operating system reads the
files then offers the user options of how to continue (the same process as when a data CD is inserted
in a drive). Depending on the type of files on the drive, the operating system displays options relevant
to the file types. In other words, if you insert a flash drive containing mp3 files, Windows will offer the
option of automatically playing the music in Windows Media Player or another media program that
might be installed on the computer. There is a check box under these options that controls whether or
not the operating system performs the same function anytime a drive is inserted with the same type of
files. Checking this box will allow you to skip this step, so the next time you insert a drive with MP3's
the program you chose will run automatically.

 Setting up a program to automatically run directly from a flash drive in Windows XP is a little more
complicated. A third-party program will need to be installed that will give the user the option to run the
program when the flash drive is inserted. The inability to auto run a program from a USB drive is a
security feature in XP to prevent malevolent programs from compromising the operating system's

 In contrast, Windows Vista does allow this feature. A program on the root directory of the flash drive is
run by creating a text file (with a text editing program like Notepad) named autorun.inf. The autorun.inf
file should include the line "[autorun] open=XXX.exe" (without the quotes) where XXX is the name of
the program you want to run. Save this file to the flash drive, making sure the extension is 'inf', not 'txt'.
Once the drive is inserted again, choose 'Always Do This For Software and Games', then 'Run This
Program'. Whenever the drive is inserted again, the program will run automatically.

Some computers are also capable of booting directly from the flash drive by changing CMOS options.
With the proper CMOS settings, the computer will first attempt to boot from a flash drive inserted in a
USB port. If bootable files are not located on the flash drive, the operating system will automatically

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

boot from your hard drive as normal. A handy feature should your computer crash and modifications to
your unbootable operating system need to be performed.

 Flash drives are able to do everything CD-ROMs and DVDs can do, usually with greater ease. The
fact that new computers all have USB ports, but vary in DVD or CD-ROM availability, is an argument
for the USB drive's indispensability over any other storage medium.

Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For logo branded USB
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                                              What is a Computer Flash Drive?
                                                          By Derek Rogers

If you have been looking around at computer peripherals, looking for a way to move your data around,
you will find that you have many options available to choose from.

One of which is known as a computer flash drive.

 If you are in a professional situation where you want to move data from one computer to another, you
might have already considered sending the information over to a shared wireless network, or of simply
networking the two computers together, but you will find that taking a look and seeing the solutions that
a computer flash drive can give you would be a far easier method of achieving this.

 A computer flash drive is essentially a device that has flash memory on it and it usually has a USB
interface that will allow this to connect to your computer. Once it has been connected, you will find that
your computer will simply read it as another drive, a place to which you can copy information or take
information away. With this in mind, you will find that you can put virtually any amount of information on
your flash drive as long as you do not exceed the memory confines. This is a great deal of help when it
comes to copying information from one computer to another.

 When you are considering a computer flash drive, the first thing that you need to know is that it is
non-volatile. What this means is the information that is stored on the drive will not need to be powered
up in order to be maintained. A flash drive can simply sit as it is, with no power running to it and
maintain your information in good condition. You will find that this is highly useful when it comes to
preserving your data and making sure that you don't lose it in case of any problems occurring. When
you want to make sure that your work is backed up in a place that is not reliant on your main source of
power, a flash drive will be ideal.

 When thinking about computer flash drive, you will find that you have several different sources
available to you, a computer flash drive being one of them. These flash drives can be as small as a
packet of chewing gum and when you are considering making sure that your data is safe and secure
you will find that carrying it around with you may be an idea. This means that no matter where you are
you will have access to the data that you need to work. This also means that you won't be dependent
on an internet connection and that you will be able to operate independently on many other systems
around you.

 Take the time to think about what the purchase of a computer flash drive can mean to you. You will
find that this is an important part of getting your work done and of keeping it safe in the event of an
emergency, so take a look and find out what is going on when it comes to these handy devices.

Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For logo branded USB
Flash Drives, he recommends :
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