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                                                           “GLOBAL WARMING”
                                               Excerpts from the speech by Mr. M. B. Nirmal
                                                                                  He said that India will be badly affected as the
                                                                                  Climatic change will affect ecological and socio
                                                                                  economic systems, which are, as it is under
                                                                                  stress, due to rapid urbanization,
                                                                                  Industrialization and economic development.
                                                                                  With its huge and growing population, a 7500
                                                                                  km. long densely populated low-lying-coastline
                                                                                  and an economy that is closely tied to its natural
                                                                                  resource base, India will be vulnerable to the
                                                                                  impact of Global Warming caused by man, as
                               The speaker started by explaining about            well as, by nature.
                               Global Warming.                                    Consequences of Global Warming
                               Global Warming, he said, is the most serious       The Global Warming is responsible for :
                               threat facing our planet today which is due to         a) the drastic increase in the
                               the Green House Effect. The Green House                    atmospheric temperature resulting in
                               Effect, he said, is a result of the emissions of                                      Contd. on Page 2
                               green house gases like Carbon-di-oxide,
                               Hydro Carbons, Chloro Fluro Carbons,
                                                                                    About the speaker......
                               Methane, Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Monoxide,             Mr. M. B. Nirmal is a Senior Banker turned
                               etc., by automobiles, thermal power plants,          Environmentalist, the founder of what‘s now
                               industries and other sources. The Sun makes          internationally recognized as Exnora. The
                                                                                    speaker is a very staunch social activist & social
    Luncheon Meeting           the globe warmer. The emissions caused by
         at 1.00 p.m.                                                               worker, who conceptualized the Waste
         on Tuesday,           automobiles and industries form a gas blanket        Management technique for the first time in Tamil
     26th February 2008        over the earth, traps a part of the Sun’s heat,      Nadu in the 90’s and brought about awareness
        at Ball Room,                                                               among people on their civic responsibilities.
    Hotel Taj Connemara        thereby causing global warming.
          Speaker :
                                                                                    Recognised by media, government and by all
                               The increase of carbon content in the                other voluntary agencies, the speaker is very
  Mr. T. S. Krishnamurthy
   Former Chief Election       atmosphere, due to this excessive use of fossil      passionate in uplifting the community. The
        Commissioner           fuels, makes the situation more serious,             Hindu once wrote that ‘Mr. Nirmal’s optimism is
           Subject :                                                                infectious’.
                               thereby catastrophe to await at our door steps.
“The State of Democracy in
            India”             Scientists & environmentalists across the            Mr. M. B. Nirmal has been conferred with many
                                                                                    awards from the TN Govt, Rotary Clubs, United
                               world, unanimously confirm that the situation
                                                                                    States Environmental Partnership (USAEP) and
                               is quite alarming and sufficient to cause mass       from a host of public & private organizations.
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                                                                              100 PERCENTERS - JULY TO DECEMBER - 2007
         speeding up the melting of glaciers, ice caps and ice
         mountains;                                                                             Rtn. ADITYA AGARWAL
    b)   This melting of ice caps in turn cause the rise in the sea                           Rtn. BENJAMIN CHERIAN R.
                                                                                        Rtn. CHRISTOPHER DEVAPRAGASAM
                                                                                              Rtn. Dr. CHANDRASEKHAR
    c)   As a result, the coastal areas will get flooded and cease to                    Rtn. Pres. Elect. P. S. GOVINDACHARI
         exist or the land will become saline;                                                  Rtn. Dr. H. GANAPATHY
    d)   Heat waves will take a heavy toll on human, animal, sea &                              Rtn. HEMANT CHORDIA
         plant life;                                                                    Rtn. President INDRA SUBRAMANYAM
                                                                                            Rtn. KAMAL KISHORE CHADDA
    e)   Heat waves will cause heat related epidemics & also cause
                                                                                           Rtn. MAHENDRA J. AHLUWALIA
         forest fires leading to the extinction of certain species &                              Rtn. V. V. MOHINDRA
         their habitats;                                                                     Rtn. MUKUND SUBRAMANIAN
    f)   Drought will be yet another consequence;                                                Rtn. A. NAMASIVAYAM
    g)   Barren lands will increase sizably and engulfed by sea;                                Rtn. U. P. PRAKASHAM
                                                                                               Rtn. PRASANNA SHENOY
    h)   Cyclones, hurricanes, tornados etc., will become more                            Rtn. RAJENDRAN SABANAYAGAM
         furious, stronger, violent & volatile than before, due to                           Rtn. Dr. S. RAMACHANDRAN
         atmosphere getting charged by the seas which may                                  Rtn. Dr. V. RAMASUBRAMANIAN
         become warmer;                                                                      Rtn. C. N. RAMDAS, I.A.S.(Retd.)
                                                                                              Rtn. RAMJEI NARASIMHAN
All these will result in loss of lives and making millions of
                                                                                        Rtn. NATHELLA RANGANATHA GUPTA
environmental refugees resulting in civil wars.                                               Rtn. Secretary SHIBU ISAAC
Arresting Global Warming                                                                 Rtn. Dr. P.V. SRINATH YESHWANTH
He said that until and unless the carbon in the atmosphere is                                    Rtn. N. SUBRAMANIAN
                                                                                                  Rtn. THOMAS PHILIP
balanced, Global Warming will escalate into a catastrophe beyond
                                                                                              Rtn. G. M. UDAYANARAYAN
control. So, he said, we have to take small steps to further the                              Rtn. A. S. VENKHAT RAMANI
cause of environmental protection, as most of these problems can                              Rtn. C. R. VAITHEESWARAN
be contained by using a ‘magic wand’, its name being ‘Home
Exnora’, as he feels that the Global problem can be tackled by                                   HAPPY BIRTHDAY
everyone at their home, vehicle & work place.
                                                                              Rtn. Archana Sanjay                           Feb. 22nd
‘Cool the globe’ presentations were made by the speaker with a                Rtn. L. Gopinath                              Feb. 23rd
request to implement these principles in their respective homes.                         Many more happy returns of the day

He wished all to join in this ‘earth saving crusade’. According to                        WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES
the speaker, His slogan ‘Cool the Globe’ action begins at home,               Rtn. Ravee Malhotra & Ann Meenakshi         Feb. 19th
continues in one’s vehicle and culminates in one’s work place/                Rtn. M. V. Ananthakrishna & Ann Padma       Feb. 21st
educational institution etc.,                                                 Rtn. Mukund Subramanian & Ann Gayathri      Feb. 24th
                                                                               Wishing them many more years of happy togetherness
The first step is to tell yourself ‘all good things begin with me at my
                                                                                                 SUNSHINE FUND
A power point presentation was made, showing how to transform
                                                                              Rtn. L. Gopinath                              Rs. 501/-
your abode into a complete, pollution free, hygienic and healthy              Rtn. Ravee Malhotra                           Rs. 1000/-
home, with illustrations, followed by simple solutions.                       Rtn. Mukund Subramanian                       Rs. 501/-
He insisted that we all adopt the three ‘R’s, Reduce, Reuse &                    Thank you Rotarians for your continued generosity
Recycle in our attempt to control waste & manage energy better.
The speaker explained with an example, the normal use of a
                                                                              The Board at its meeting held on 18th February 2008 accepted
Filament bulb, which is anti environment, as it is less efficient as
                                                                              with regret the resignations of the following members :
when compared to that of a LED bulb.
                                                                                                Rtn. Sabina Narayan
The speaker requested RCM’s members to fight against Global                                         Rtn. Ajit Singh
Warming by switching off their lights from 7.00 p.m – 8.00 p.m on                               Rtn. T. Ramakrishnan
1st May’08, to create an awareness about various environmental                                                            Rtn. Shibu Isaac
hazards, caused due to every day human activities.

THE LIGHT HOUSE                                                           2                                         February 19th, 2008
                            A Matter of Minutes - 19th February 2008
                                                                              additional nutritional supplement to the schools. He said that
                                                                              Rtn. R. K. Jhaver had also come forward to provide biscuits. All the
                                                                              three Rotarians were specifically acknowledged for their support.
                                                                              Rtn. PP. Shivkumar invited all members of RCM to his son’s
                                                                              wedding reception on 27th Feb’08 at MRC Kalyana Mandapam,
                                                                              Santhome from 7.00 p.m. Individual invitations, he said, were
                                                                              being sent to all members.
                                                                              The President thanked Rtn. IPP. Ravi Katari, Rtns. Alok Bhargava,
                                                                              Hemant Chordia, P. N. Mohan, PP. Vergese Chummar, PE. P. S.
                                                                              Govindachari for their contribution for the success of the golf
                                                                              tournament and also appreciated Rtns’ Abhay Mehta, Shankar
                                                                              Sundaram, Gowri Shankar, Anand Rengaswamy, Shibu Isaac for
Rtn. Nalini Radhakrishnan collared President Indra Subramanyam,               their involvement & contribution.
who called the meeting of Rotary Club of Madras to order, followed            Rtn. IPP. Ravi Katari
by a silent invocation.                                                       spoke on the golf
The minutes of the 12th Feb’08 meeting was duly confirmed.                    tournament which he
                                                                              said, was in its
The President welcomed the guest speaker Mr. M. B. Nirmal,                    second year and has
Founder, President of Exnora and presented a memento on behalf                acheived a modest
of the club.                                                                  profit which, would go
The President welcomed visiting Rotarians, Probus club members                towards fund raising.
& guests.                                                                     The        President
The President extended Birthday wishes & Wedding Anniversary                  presented          the
greetings to the respective Rotarians.                                        winner, Rtn. Hemant Chordia, with the Jhaver Rolling Trophy and
                                                                              a Golf set in the presence of Rtn. Jhaver, the donor of the Jhaver
The President thanked Rtn. Pratap Kumar for their family                      Rolling Trophy.
charities’ annual donation of Rs. 42,000/- to RCM.
                                                                              Rtn. IPP. Ravi Katari said that the RCM Corporate Golf event has
The President informed that Rtn. G. Olivannan (RC. Madras West)               been finalized and is being scheduled to be held on 15th March’08,
had been elected as Governor of District 3230 for the year                    in Chennai.
                                                                              Rtn. Hemant thanked RCM and Rtns. Alok Bhargava & Natraj
During Rtn. IPDG. J. B. Kamdar’s period, as District Chairman                 Ramaiah for motivating him in the Golf game, which won him the
Membership development, Rtn. G. Olivannan placed our District,                trophy and the golf set. He offered the golf set to the Rotarian
as the No.1 District in Membership Development in the entire                  golfers, those who need a golf set, to feel free to pick it from him.
Rotary world. The President congratulated Rtn. G. Olivannan on
behalf of RCM.                                                                Rtn. Bhuvana Venkat, PE of RC. Toronto, Canada conveyed her
                                                                              club’s greetings to the President & members of RCM and expressed
The President said that the Interact Club of Chintadaripet higher             interest in working with RCM, the coming year.
secondary school, the oldest Interact club amongst our 27 Interact
clubs which would be celebrating its 163rd anniversary next week.             Rtn. Shibu Isaac, Secretary said that the Speaker for the next
                                                                              week’s meeting on 26th Feb. at Taj Connemara at 1.00 p.m, would
Rtn. Kamal Chadda said there were requests from Corporation                   be Mr. T. S. Krishnamurthy, Former Chief Election Commissioner,
schools to conduct medical camps. He requested additional                     with the subject being ‘The state of Democracy in India’.
nutrition for the children, as they stay back during February/March
in the school, after school hours, in order to prepare for their exams.       Rtn. Nandita Krishnan introduced the speaker of the day
He thanked our Rotarians for such an overwhelming response                    Mr. M. B. Nirmal, Founder, President of Exnora who spoke on
and Rtns. Mukund Subramanian for providing 200 large boxes of                 ‘Global Warming’. The speaker Mr. M. B. Nirmal gave an audio
biscuits (each 1800 biscuits) for distribution to the school children.        visual presentation on Global Warming and a clean environment.
He also thanked Rtn. G. Ramkumar for providing peanuts as an                                                                      Contd. on Page 4

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THE LIGHT HOUSE                                                           3                                                February 19th, 2008
                                                                                          Reg. No. TN/ARD/37/06 - 08     WPP. No. TN/PMG (CCR)/357 - 06 - 08

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                                                                                            We were in Coonoor for our
The President said that RCM would only be too happy to associate
                                                                                            first round of golf at the
itself with Exnora, in the near future.
                                                                                            Wellingdon Golf Club.
Rtn. Prasanna Shenoy formally thanked the speaker for his                                   We drove upto Havukkal
interesting and thought provoking speech on Global Warming by,                              Tea estate owned by our
enlightening RCM’s members on its ill-effects and the simple                                own       Rtn.      Anand
solutions available to each of us, to overcome this problem. He                             Rengaswamy and his
also thanked the speaker for his guidance, on what one could do                             cousin Jayram. The winner
to contribute for a better environment.                                                     that day was a tie with
The meeting was then declared closed.                                                       Rtn. Alok and yours truly.
                                                                                            All in all the game on Saturday was truly glorious. There were
                      GOLF TOURNAMENT                                                       prizes for best round, longest drive and furthest from the pin.
                  7th FEB TO 10th FEB. 2008.
                                                                                            Yours truly had the distinction of leading the pack at the end of
  The Second Annual Rotary Club of Madras Inter district,                                   the first day and the furthest from the pin was won by Rtns.
  International, multi city, multi club Golf Tournament was held                            Gowri and Abhay. The wooden spoon on Saturday was also
  from 7th Feb to 10th Feb 2008. We had Rotarians down from                                 won by Rtn. Abhay Mehta. The longest drive was won by Rtn.
  Sri Lanka namely Brian Lourensz, Heather Lourensz, Rohina                                 Arun Thapar from Sri Lanka and Rtn. Alok Bhargava.
  Macan Marker, Mohan Jacob, Arun Thapar and the chief                                      The following morning saw us all on the golf course a bit earlier
  motivator of the event namely Natraj Ramaiah. Our Rotarians                               since we were now going to be joined by some local golfers
  included Pres. Rtn Indra Subramanyam, Rtn. Shankar                                        (Shahrukh, Murali, Deepak, Arvin Mehta from Scotland, to
  Sundaram, Secy. Capt. Shibu Isaac, IPP. Rtn. Ravi Katari,                                 name a few) from the local Rotary Clubs and keen golfers.
  Pres. Elect Rtn. P. S. Govindachari, Rtn. Gowri Shankar,                                  The day was clear and the game was underway. It was an
  Rtn. Abhay Mehta, Rtn. Verghese Chummar, Rtn. Jhaver,                                     absorbing tussle which saw the lead being challenged by a
  Rtn. Nalini Radhakrishnan, the driving force of the tournament                            strong round from Rtn. Alok Bhargava and Pres. Elect Rtn.
  Rtn. Alok Bhargava and yours truly. We had several entries in                             P. S. Govindachari, who was playing the best round he ever
  Ooty itself like Rtn. Krishna Kumar (Asst. Gov.), Murali, Deepak,                         had played. Prizes were awarded for overall longest drive (won
  Sharukh, Dr. Anil Mehta from Scotland and a few others.                                   by Rtn. Krishna Kumar from Ooty, and individually in every
  The tournament kicked off on 7th Feb. at the Cosmo golf course                            fourball by Rtns. Abhay Mehta, Pres. Elect P. S. Govindachari),
  in Chennai wherein the Rotarian players enjoyed a round to                                furthest from the pin (won by Rtns. Ronika, Abhay Mehta) and
  break ice. The winner of the tournament in Chennai was a tie                              closest to the pin won by me.
  between Rtn. Alok Bhargav, Rtn. Natraj and Pres. Elect                                    Pres. Elect Rtn. P. S. Govindachari, received along with
  Rtn. P. S. Govindachari. The winner was to be decided through                             Rtn. Arun a lovely Swatch watch courtesy The Helvetica and
  an exciting event held on 8th Feb. at Havukkal estate in Kotagiri                         Rtn. Ashok Doshi. The winner of the best gross score was
  courtesy Rtn. Anand Rengaswamy. The winner took home a                                    Rtn. Alok Bhargava and runner up was Rtn. Arun Thapar. The
  brand new awesome 60 degree chipper sponsored by                                          awards were given out at a tasteful ceremony. The trophies
  Rtn. Verghese Chummar.                                                                    sponsored by Rtn. Abhay Mehta from Mehta Jewellery
                                                                                            endorsed the claim of being the best Rotary golf tournament.
                                                                                            The inspired Sri Lankans promised to hold one such
                                                                                            tournament in Sri Lanka too annually. The wheels of golfing
                                                                                            fellowships have started moving and Rotary clubs should be
                                                                                            hosting many more such events regularly.
                                                                                            The next time around can also win amongst other things, new
                                                                                            friends and memorable moments, and raise funds for a noble
                                                                                                                                         Rtn. Hemant Chordia
                                                                                                                          Co-Chairman, Fund Raising Committee

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THE LIGHT HOUSE                                                                       4                                                  February 19th, 2008

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