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AxiaSecure� Frequently Asked Questions by homers


Frequently Asked Questions

  Q: What are the benefits of AxiaSecure?
  A: AxiaSecure allows you to demonstrate due diligence in securing your network perimeter by:
      • Ensuring you are equipped to comply with current and emerging legislation such as bill C-198 and
         Sarbanes Oxley
      • Addressing industry compliance issues as they are dictated by your business security requirements
      • Measuring and reporting on the performance of your network while allowing you to proactively
         control the effectiveness of your security controls
      • Validating your perimeter security effectiveness with Vulnerability Assessments that let you
         respond to vulnerabilities on your network.
     AxiaSecure protects your data integrity by:
      • Shielding your network and corporate assets from outside threats
      • Protecting your data as it travels on the Internet between your offices and remote locations.
      • Managing, monitoring and responding to network perimeter threats
      • Keeping you up to date on your network security performance
     AxiaSecure simplifies the management of your network security solution and reduces cost by:
      •   Helping you articulate your needs and recommending a solution that will address them
      •   Letting you offload security tasks that are not core to your business
      •   Improving the productivity of your IT department
      •   Including all critical components of a security solution in every Perimeter Protection package
      •   Letting you leverage AxiaSecure’s security expertise and resources, including our experienced
          24/7 Security Operations Centre and our team of Customer Care experts
      •   Producing tangible network performance results that justify your investment in meaningful terms

  Q: How does Axia’s solution help me to cope with threats, attacks, vulnerability and losses?
  A: AxiaSecure allows you to be proactive about your network security, and helps you understand and
     guard against threats, attempted attacks and vulnerabilities. For example, AxiaSecure uses “proactive
     collective protection” which makes use of the data from all sensors to allow for early indications and
     warnings of malicious activity. Through the collection, correlation and analysis of all security events
     from all sensors, malicious trends are utilized to provide a proactive protection posture versus
     simplistic reactive defense.

  Q: I hear a lot about compliance and government legislation. How does AxiaSecure address
  A: Government legislation varies by industry and organizations must be aware of the compliance issues
     that apply to their business. Because AxiaSecure cannot tell a customer how to run their business, it is
     up to the customer to determine their compliance and legislation goals, and relay this information to
     AxiaSecure Sales or Engineering for device configuration. Axia will be able to recommend vendors for
     consultation services if required.

  Q: What is a Vulnerability Assessment, and what will that cover / entail?
  A: A vulnerability assessment is a technical scan of the devices on your perimeter. The assessment
     analyzes the functionality of the devices and ensures that your network is performing as it should in
     accordance with its established rule sets.

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Q:Is AxiaSecure a network-based solution or a customer-premise equipment solution?
A: AxiaSecure is a customer-premise equipment solution. This means that a device is installed at the
   customer’s site. Once installed, Axia manages and supports the device.

Q: What equipment do you install at a customer’s site(s)?
A: Axia is partnering with Cisco and Fortinet. Both vendors provide the most trusted technology on the
   market. The equipment that we install at the sites is the latest in security technology. Axia leverages
   these to bring you reporting on actual security threats, security activity trends and Vulnerability

Q: How many services will I need?
A: Axia recommends that a service be implemented at every entry point to the customer’s network. The
   class of service will be a function of variables that drive each point’s security needs.

Q: I have a firewall in place. How do I switch to AxiaSecure?
A: Call Axia or email

Q: I already have a security device, will Axia manage it for me?
A: Yes, Axia will publish a list of devices that it will manage. Management will be in accordance with an
   AxiaSecure contract and pricing schedule. Hardware life cycling is not included.

Q: Do SuperNet customers need AxiaSecure?
A: The SN is a secure physical network in that it is a private network. Customer communications that
   travel over the SN are secure because they do so over VPN dedicated to the customer. Thus, nobody -
   on or off the SN - can access communications as they are transported on the SN. The SN is very
   secure in this regard. HOWEVER, this is not to say that a SN customer’s internal network is
   necessarily immune to outside threats. SN customers still receive communications (data) from other
   SN customers, and also from the Internet. When this communication is received, it may contain
   viruses or may be in some other way malicious. AxiaSecure catches the malicious traffic and prevents
   it from entering the customer’s network. Because data that reaches the SuperNet originates from the
   Internet, SuperNet customers should consider AxiaSecure. Again, AxiaSecure is a measure of security
   for the customer’s internal network, not the SN.

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