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									                                                                                                      Blood Buddies
                                                                                                     2009 is the Year of the Blood
                                                                                                     Donor, and this great site has
                                                                                                     been developed by the Red
                                                                                                     Cross to provide young
Paint.NET is great for digital photo editing.
Paint.NET includes simple tools for drawing                                                    people with information about the
shapes, including an easy-to-use tool for                                                      science of blood, who needs blood,
drawing curves. Other powerful tools include                                                   myths about blood and a virtual
the ‘magic wand’ for selecting regions of                                                      blood donor tour. It also contains
similar colour, and the ‘clone stamp’ for                                                      teacher notes and explicit links to
copying or erasing portions of an image.                                                       VELS.
There is also a simple text editor, a tool for
zooming, and a ‘recolour’ tool.
There are lots of ways to use                       .
Paint.NET in your classrooms:                                                                  A place for children to play games,
•     Add perspective and tilting to images by                                                 compete in head-to-head
      using the unique 3D rotate/zoom effect                                                   competition, and communicate.
•     Create special effects such as blurring,
      sharpening, red-eye removal, and
      embossing, and                                                                           .

•     Create layers for image-rich compositions.                                               How Stuff Works
                                                                                                Want to find out about endangered
                                                                                               species of animals? Or how many
                                                                                               litres of blood are in your body? The
                                                                                               How Stuff Works will tell you. What
                                                                                               else can you and your students find
    Do you know that four schools in the Grampians region are linking up with some Ballarat    out?
    cultural organisations in an exciting new project called the Goldfields Diary Project?

    In the second half of 1855, with the echoes of the gunfire at Eureka barely fading, an
    anonymous digger wrote daily entries in his diary, capturing a taste of life on the
    diggings. Education Officers from Sovereign Hill, the Art Gallery of Ballarat and the      Global warming
    Eureka Centre are joining forces with staff and students from Cape Clear, Linton, Little
    Bendigo and Magpie Primary Schools to bring the diary back to life.
                                                                                               video clips
    Students are selecting an entry in the diary and recreating the day in a Photo Story.      on/environment/global-warming/
    Soundscapes and narration will then be added using Audacity, and students will also be     Studying climate change and global
    able to make use of the facilities of the partnering organisations to locate appropriate   warming? The Australian Screen
    images and information. The schools are using primary source documentation from the        website has some video clips from
    State Library of Victoria that is over 150 years old.                                      the ABC television program Eco
                                                                                               House Challenge. All clips can be
                                                                                               downloaded as MP4 files and come
    The project wiki includes a PDF copy of the Digger’s   with educational notes.
    Diary, podcasts of some journal readings by Sovereign Hill actor Barry Kay and support
    pages from the supporting institutions, as well as pages for reflection from the schools
    involved. With unfamiliar mining terminology and language, don’t forget to visit the
    glossary of terms! Please regularly visit the wiki to keep up-dated about the wonderful
    work of these four primary schools.                                                        Biz whiz unleashed:

      3in6 is on again in 2009                                                                 This learning object is one in a
                                                                                               series of seven objects It provides
                                                                                               students with an opportunity to run a
      3in6 is a film and animation competition that involves teams of students                 neighbourhood pet service. They
      producing three minutes of video in six hours. In 2009, the competition                  have to attract new customers, build
      theme is workplace safety. 3in6 is a fantastic opportunity for teachers                  a good reputation and earn more
      and students of all ages to explore new technologies, learn about                        money than their competitors.
      workplace safety, have fun and win prizes along the way!                                 Students also have to market their
                                                                                               business creatively and introduce
      3in6 will take place on 29 October 2009 so register now so you do not                    new services.
      miss out on information and updates.

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