Al Gore and the Demonic Climate Change Conspiracy by cil51658


									Al Gore and the Demonic Climate Change Conspiracy
By Talessian El-Wikosian
November 23, 2009

2,000 words

After a surprising rise to fame under a banner of world pseudo-environmentalist, Al Gore has set
the population as a new threat against his demonic brotherhood and is prepping for his one-
child policy in order to save the world from carbon catastrophe. The former VP, newly anointed
champion of climate change, has even hooked up with David Suzuki, award-winning and real
environmentalist, to expand his climate empire and to achieve the rank of carbon billionaire.

The truth behind Mr. Gore’s satanic creed is historically evil. He proposes that excess carbon
dioxide plugs up the upper atmosphere, planet heats up, glaciers melt too fast, oceans rise, cities
will disappear underwater and humans will have to get gill implants to survive. There are two
immense problems with Herr Gore. First, the ubiquitous idea that humankind determines 100%
of humankind’s destiny is misguided. It is conditioning by the mind control masters.
Humankind is a managed race because its evolution is still unfinished. It is managed by the
planetary builders who observe and correct as and when necessary. Second, Mr. Gore and his
secret society flock have sabotaged some of the planet’s cooling systems to warm up the house.

Climate change, global warming, carbon taxes and the reduced birth rate have been forced upon
humanity, by magicians. It would dishearten the suckers of the world to know that the Green
Revolution is another giant crocodile sham. But that is a bold statement from a person who is
not a climate expert and hasn’t studied the effects of pollution on the world. On the other hand, I
am an expert on reality systems and the dimensional architecture of this planet earth is built on
a very specific platform. As I will discuss, it is this dimensional platform that has been purposely
sabotaged in order to produce some of the climate effects sold by crocodile messenger Al Gore.
“It is a true planetary emergency,” he stresses on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He launches
on David Letterman: “The scientific debate is over. There is a complete consensus that global
warming is real, we human beings are causing it, the results are very bad – headed towards
catastrophic – we need to fix it and it’s not too late.”

So what I’ll discuss then is my own discovery of the damage done to the reality architecture and
its connections to the magicians on the surface and the involvement of the newly embodied Mr.

In late 2006, about one year after my awakening I entered the reality architecture and
discovered purposeful damage done to the earth’s cooling systems. At the time, even I didn’t
care for any connection to the diabolical mind fuck film, An Inconvenient Truth, because I was
appalled at what they had done to the reality equipment. Just as your car has an engine
underneath the hood, hidden from your eyes so too does earth have an engine only that the
engine is housed inside another dimension. In the early building of the reality, a set of
maintenance workers were created to ensure the smooth operation of the reality parts. These
dimensional creatures have no physical form, they are energy programs. They usually appear as
a cross between a giant lizard and wolf. These are very nasty beings and they travel in packs, just
like wolves. These dimensional worker beasts can inhabit human bodies, can even possess
people temporarily, they can shape-shift and can affect human energy. They were created to
ensure the inner architecture worked properly, they are energy and the system is energy.
Reality Cooling Systems

When I reached the cooling systems of the earth, inside a hyper-dimension made up of energy,
like a virtual reality space inside your computer, I discovered extreme tampering. As I removed
the initial debris, I discovered damage done to the machinery. Purposeful sabotage. It can be
compared to ramming steel rods into the giant turbine of a jet engine and expecting it to fly
normally, or, shooting arrows into the lungs of a human and expecting them to breathe properly.
They had managed to really clog up the system. Of course, a Reality Cooling System is immense
and even the effects of these nasty children couldn’t cease the cosmic turbines from rotating.
They did, however, produce the necessary climate anomalies (ie global warming) needed to
convince Joe Public that it is “warmer” and that is because people can easily perceive warmth
and not so easily perceive other dimensions.

I don’t know how long they’ve been damaging the internal cooling systems because I only
discovered it in 2006, coincidentally the same year demonic Al Gore came out with his slick
documentary on humanity’s influence on the climate, An Inconvenient Truth. You see, Mr. Gore
blames humans for creating the pollution that has warmed the planet, and now wants to slap
people with a carbon tax in order to punish humanity for becoming industrialized by the very
same friends of crusader Gore. Problem is Mr. Gore is the front man of the very creatures and
magicians who have wreaked havoc on the internal systems in order to produce enough of the
physical effect to mindwash humanity.

Humans do not believe in other dimensions. An average person would not believe that Mr. Gore
is now inhabited by a demon, something he earned for fucking the masses into believing in a
“climate crisis.” It was his ascension prize: immortality (similar to his brethren Heinz Kissinger
and Dick Cheney et al). As water is shaped by energy, a person possessed by a particular type of
demon morphs into a physiological equivalent of the energy of the demon (or other alien
inhabitant). The same is true for an enlightened person whose physiology shines according to
their embodiment of angelic energy. Now because society doesn’t believe in this crocodile magic,
Mr. Gore, enhanced by a magical hand, has become a media darling. He, apparently, cares about
the planet despite the fact that he and his elite friends have purposely damaged it. All they
needed was to produce some science to back up their deception (eg 70 million tonnes of carbon
produced, temperature rising, ice caps shrinking) and society was sold. Because society has
always been sold by these infomercial threats, “Look everyone, this here planet is earth, it is hot,
you are sweating, the water is rising, it’s going to kill your children unless you buy this product.
If you buy my product today, climate change, then I will tell my demonic associates to cool this
place down, just after all my elitist brotherhood cashes in and sets up the new carbon tax. Oh,
yeah, and by the way, if you don’t buy this product, human civilization will be destroyed. And,
when you order, be prepared to stop bearing children because we are over-populated. We need
to reduce the population.”

I spent a lot of effort, along with others, to clear up the damage done to the Reality Cooling
Systems. That was about 3 years ago, and you’ll notice that since then winters have normalized.
But keep in mind, there are many nonhumans who actively maintain earth’s health without
public knowledge, prizes or gratitude. Anyway, you’ll have noticed a more properly functioning
seasonal variance since that time, and you’ll also notice that Mr. Gore’s credibility has faltered as
new evidence contradicted his original infomercial. His deception has become increasingly
clearer. But he had already influenced the decision makers, started the Green Movement and
paved the way for a carbon tax and a one-child policy. All of it a sham, sadly. All of this is from
an ultra-dimensional sabotage, along with other effects such as chemtrails and electromagnetic
influences, done by cooperating with dimensional reality creatures (or, demons) and using

Al Gore and the Demonic Climate Change Conspiracy                    2
advanced technological instruments behind closed doors. It is a deception. If humans paid more
attention to the dimensional nature of the earth they would not have allowed these magicians to
collaborate with the unearthly creatures and none of this could have happened. But the druids of
yesteryear are dead and the new humans only worship proven science and false speakers. Too

What I’m introducing is yet another deception from the camp of Al Gore, one of the brothers of a
magical clan who regularly work with demons and evil nonhumans. He himself now embodies a
very dark being, a silver-tongued devil and his influence is all that much more powerful. On the
surface, he’s a well-dressed social activist. Underneath, his soul is no longer human. This gives
him an unfair advantage to the nice humans around him. His friends are no different. I wish the
world would start believing in demons again because they are controlling society in many ways.
Because of the damage done to the Reality Cooling System, the climate indeed warmed for a
period. That situation is now normalizing and none of this interference will ever be allowed
again at this level. But humanity needs to get dimensionally involved or it’s over. People have to
drop the “prove it or I won’t believe you” brain implant and dig deeper into their psyche before
it’s really too late. It should also be noted that earth’s own ascension has produced some of the
climate effects which the global warming crowd manipulate to their advantage. It’s
disinformation at its best. Earth is changing because it is entering a new cosmic vibration. You’ll
have noticed yourself going through ascension unlike ever before these past few years. So there
is always more than one thing happening at a time.

If we combine modern science with reality science, we achieve a much more comprehensive
view of the true operation of a manufactured planetary vessel. We obtain a holistic concept of
the multidimensional earth. It is no different than your body that inhabits a soul, an energy
component. The earth, as well, inhabits an energy component. It is not a stretch of the
imagination. The stretch is having people accept that evil magicians have summoned demons
inside the earth and collaborated on a multidimensional demonic conspiracy to control this
dismal world and to make it more dismal.

Climate change is based on reality sabotage; the reality system is programmed to adjust and
adapt according to societal need. Climate change is a deception that is clearly beyond the
perception of humanity. To think that human consumption can alter global climate when the
globe is administered by a super-advanced reality engine only reinforces the need for humanity
to wake from its slumber. The reality architecture can be programmed to handle any demand,
and it can also be programmed to collapse. It depends on the solution required. In the past,
some civilizations needed to be collapsed. They themselves did not collapse themselves. The
administrators reprogrammed the system to collapse based on all the inputs and observations,
all done within the body of cosmic laws that any reality operates under.

Earth today can support billions more people. Billions more. The exact number I do not know
because that depends on the adoption of newer technologies and humanity’s adaptation to a
larger and more advanced population. Currently, humanity is held in fear and threat. It is not
free. It does not think free. It fails to realize that it is not free.

The system doesn’t like to be damaged. If someone sabotaged your air conditioner and you were
forced to sweat in the heat of summer, would you just sit down and forget about it? If someone
damaged the engine of your car, would you be angry? Well, earth’s inner machinery was
damaged and what does humanity do? Humanity gives Al Gore and Friends a Nobel Peace Prize
and supports his cause for a Carbon Tax. To find the truth, follow the demon called Al Gore.

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