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1. What are the three most important parts of Showmanship to be prepared for before the show? 2. After the judge has examined your dog in Showmanship and has turned away, be prepared for him to what? 3. In Showmanship are the 4-H’er and dog judged separately or as a team? 4. When the judge examines the rear quarters, you should move where? 5. You can lose points if your dog is ? or ? when examined by the judge? 6. After bathing the dog, in breeds where it is important for the coat to lie flat, what do you do? 7. What are the six items under ‘fitting of the dog’ on the score sheet in Showmanship? 8. These items are worth how many points apiece? 9. In Showmanship, when placing a dog to stack on the table, which way do you put the dog? 10. When training your dog to pose, let him know you mean ? and that it is not ? 11. On the Showmanship score sheet, what six items does the judge look for during the ‘Showmanship of the handler’? 12. On the Showmanship score sheet, name the four things that the judge is looking for between the dog and the handler. 13. In Showmanship the dog should be posed from ? to ? 14. What is gaiting? 15. With a large dog you may have to ? to put him at a showy trot. 16. How much consideration should a judge give to the dog’s confirmation? 17. What is the judge looking for (overall) during the exam? 18. What temperature should a dog’s bath water be? 19. What happens if you clip the toenails too short?


20. How much room should be between your dog and the dog ahead of you? 21. When moving around your dog, what should you not do? 22. When should dogs be bathed? 23. Keep you lead in which hand? 24. How much of the Showmanship ring do you use? 25. After some practice, you will be able to move around your dog very smoothly and ? 26. If the ring is matted, where is the dog placed? 27. You may verbally encourage your dog to gait with you but don’t do what? 28. The toenails should be clipped to a length which does not what? 29. When moving around the ring, your dog should be shown at his ? 30. Never position your dog’s feet with what? 31. If you have a fast or large dog, you should circle at the second corner of the triangle to give a what? 32. If you grasp the dog’s leg at the elbow, he is less likely to move if after you what? 33. If you bathe your dog too much, name two problems that could occur. 34. Posing your dog for individual exam is also called what? 35. What kind of shoes is best for Showmanship? 36. What is the judge looking for when he examines the front of your dog? 37. How do you ‘honor’ the judge in Showmanship? 38. What should the first person in line do before gaiting their dog? 39. What can you use to give a coat ‘bloom’ before a show? 40. How do you hold the dog’s head high in Showmanship? 41. When stacking your dog, what should you not do? 42. When does a handler stop showing his dog in the ring? 43. What do you do with the extra portion of the lead?


44. In Showmanship, if your dog is a mixed breed, by what standard do you show him? 45. If the judge moves around your dog, you should do what? 46. What is the goal of stacking the dog? 47. Showmanship is based on how many points? 48. At the end of the pattern in Showmanship, does a dog sit or stand? 49. Whose responsibility is it to groom the dog? 50. What is the position of the show leash on the dog and why? 51. What should you do after washing the dog’s coat? 52. How should the dog’s rear legs be positioned between the hock and the pastern? 53. Which direction do you move in the Showmanship ring? 54. What is unacceptable in Showmanship? 55. How do you find out if the judge wants to be honored in the Showmanship ring? 56. In Showmanship, most dogs have what done to their whiskers? 57. In the Showmanship ring, when should you pass another dog while gaiting? 58. Dogs and handlers are not allowed in the show ring when? 59. What should you put in your dog’s ears before you begin to bathe him and why? 60. Why should you keep your dog’s nails short? 61. What are the four main Showmanship patterns? 62. What is the first rule of Showmanship? 63. When posing your dog, which legs do you pose first? 64. What might happen to a white dog if it’s allowed to roll in the grass while wet? 65. When posed, the dog’s head is facing which direction? 66. When stacking the dog, which way should the dog’s toes point? 67. How do you show the dog’s teeth? 68. Keep your eyes on the judge so you can react with the least amount of what? 3

69. Where should a small dog be posed on a table? 70. How many turns are in the ‘I’ pattern? 71. Generally all dogs will be gaited in the same pattern but listen to the judge’s instructions carefully. Why? 72. What type of clothes do you wear in Showmanship? 73. In Showmanship, give full attention to showing your dog but always do what? 74. Why do you wet the dog completely from the neck to the back? 75. Do not wear what type of clothes in Showmanship? 76. Learning to show your dog to his best advantage takes ? and ? 77. In Showmanship, how do you encourage your dog to move with animation? 78. Do not wear what type of clothes in Showmanship? 79. In the ‘L’ pattern, what kind of turn should be made at the corner? 80. What determines if a dog is shown on a table? 81. What color dress clothes should you wear? 82. In Showmanship, the judge may purposely cause your dog to move one of its legs. What should you do? 83. Why should you trim hair away from the dog’s ears? 84. In Showmanship, how can you learn the correct pose for your breed? 85. After cutting the dog’s nails, you should do what? 86. In Showmanship, the judge may purposely ruffle the dog’s fur. What should you do? 87. What should you use to rid the inner ear of excess wax and dirt? 88. What is a blue ribbon placing in Showmanship? 89. When setting up your dog, where do you grasp the rear legs when putting them in place? 90. What type of equipment do you use to trim a dog’s whiskers with? 91. What is the purpose of Showmanship?


92. When bathing your dog, how do you keep soap out of its eyes?


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