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Where to Apply for a Passport in Benson, Az.

There are quite a few Benson passport facilities when you consider the three different types: application acceptance facilities, regional agency and private expediting services. Below is a list of places where you can apply for a passport in Benson, Arizona. For passport service as quickly as the same day, apply for passport expediting.

Benson Passport Application Acceptance Facilities
Applications for a new passport (Form DS-11) should be taken to a nearby passport application acceptance facility so that an agent can witness your signature. Applications for other passport services - renewals, added visa pages, name change, corrections, etc. - can be made by mail. For a list of acceptance facilities in cities other than Apache Junction, visit the Arizona passport office page.
Facility Name Benson Post Office Street Address 250 S Ocotillo Avenue City Benson State AZ ZIP Code 85602-9998 Public Phone (520) 586-3422

San Francisco Passport Agency
Benson residents can apply at the San Francisco Passport Agency if they need to travel within two weeks or less or if they need to get a travel visa within that same amount of time. The address is given below but for more information, including how to schedule an appointment and directions, click the link. San Francisco Passport Agency 95 Hawthorne Street, 5th Floor San Francisco, CA 94105-3901

Passport Expediter Service
When you are unable to travel from Benson to the San Francisco agency yourself but you require fast passport expediting, you can contract a private expediter and authorize them to submit your passport application for you. An expediter can obtain your travel document within 2 weeks to as quickly as the same day.

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