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Spices’ Basket Five
Core Career Development Competencies
Career Planning Self-Assessment Team Building Efficacy Boasting traits

Sunday December 27th, 2009 - Thursday December 31st, 2009 Five-Star Hotel, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

INTRODUCTION From the organizations and individual perspective, career development is a critical issue. Effective career development is essential to retain the most talented employees available and is useful in helping employees avoid career plateaus and obsolescence. At a much broader level, career management helps organizations achieve a high quality of work life for employees and fosters positive attitudes and corporate loyalty among workers Career Development is essential if employees are to maintain some selfdetermination with regard to their own careers. Career development helps employees to discover what they want to achieve in life and to balance the demands of family, friends, recreation, and work. It also helps employees make better decisions about their careers: when to seek more challenging job assignments and when to escape from ones that are too stressful. Most importantly, career development assists employees in adjusting to the changing personal needs and job demands they face as they pass from one career stage to another OBJECTIVES At the end of this course trainees will be able to: • • • • • Explore career planning from individual and organizational perspectives. Fathom the broad spectrum of individual career-planning approaches, Get career development advice to systematic career-planning strategies Identify the elements that are critical in setting up an effective organizational career-development program. Consider both the individual and the organizational perspectives which, will help make better decisions about career goals Guide human resource development (HRD) professionals make better decisions about how to assist employees in achieving these goals.



The selected instrument and assessment tools used belong to the American Caliber in Management and according to the most recognized bodies Exist
TRAINING METHODOLOGY Our workshop the spices basket takes you in a workshop tour in the most essential career development core competences each day of the five days of the workshop will have a different taste and aroma, taking each day a different workshop for a different competency, the day will be spent in a Varity of learning activities. We will listen as a group to brief Presentations about each competency, discuss central issues and immediately apply the new information in group, role-plays, case study and Individual questionnaire. We will also have ample opportunity to network and exchange ideas on topics that are of Special concern to us as professionals INSTRUCTOR Eng. Hanan Hussein is an Egyptian expert and a consultant of OD, HR and HSSE. She concluded several major projects in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East for

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petroleum and Construction industries. Eng. Hanan Hussein is M.Sc. in Architectural Engineering from the University of Cairo- and a non resident faculty member of Cairo University .She delivered many courses and workshops in her field of specialization in Middle East, Africa and Gulf region. She is a Holder of several international and national professional certificates as RoSPA (the Royal Society of Prevention of Accidents) and OSHA. Rated as class (A) in leadership. She Held the position of a senior Manager in Many Global and international organization latest of which National Operation Audit Manager at group 4 Securicore with 17 years of experience, eleven of which as a trainer and Mentor. CONTENTS

Central Issues in Career Planning Individual Career Planning • Practical Advice on Career Advancement • Self-Assessment and Career Planning • Critical Issues and Choice Points Organizational Career Planning • Future Issues in Organizational Career Planning Employee Career Development Plan

MBI: A General Tool in How to Assess Your Self the Career Dimension Survey: Asking the Right Career-Development Questions 1. Future Perspective − Organizational Mission and Strategy − Future Prospects − Support for Long-Range Planning and Results − Core Processes and Competences − Preparedness for Technological Change − Preparedness for Organizational Change 2. Organizational Systems & Practices − Job Posting − Career Information − Mentoring − Compensation − Training and Development − Developmental Assignments 3. Work Design − Participation − Empowerment − Meaning − Teamwork − Feedback from Customers 4. Managerial Support − Feedback and Career Discussions − Visibility Opportunities − Stretch Assignments − Advice on Career Options − Rewards for Developing People

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5. Individual Career-Management Concerns − Control and Plateauing − Mobility and Variety of Options − Career Progression Career-Development Systems

The Career-Dimension Survey • Introduction • How to Administer the Survey • Presentation of Theory • Prediction of Scores and Scoring • Interpretation • Posting Assessing Styles of Career Management

The Team Orientation and Behavior Inventory (TOBI) • A Theoretically Based Definition of Team Building • Description of The Instrument • Uses of The Instrument Organization and Self Tendency: The Clock Inventory Networking Skills Inventory • Introduction • Review of Research − Relationship to Leadership, Power, and Influence − Networking Effectiveness • Developing The Model • The Instrument • Interpretation of Scores

Role Efficacy Scale • Dimensions of Role Efficacy − Centrality vs. Peripherality − Integration vs. Distance − Pro-activity vs. Reactivity − Creativity vs. Routinism − Linkage vs. Isolation − Helping vs. Hostility − Super-ordination vs. Deprivation − Influence vs. Powerlessness − Growth vs. Stagnation − Confrontation vs. Avoidance • Using the Data Generated − Role Redefinition − Action Planning • Uses of The Role Efficacy Scale

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The Big Five Locator • Description of the Instrument • Suggested Uses • Limitations • Administration • Scoring • Interpretation Expanded Definitions of the Five Domains − Negative Emotionality − Extraversion − Openness − Agreeableness − Conscientiousness
LANGUAGE • • The language of instruction will be in English/Arabic The materials for the trainees will be in English

PROMOTION • • FEES • • Companies operating in Egypt: EGP 6,000 Companies operating outside Egypt: EURO 3,000 Booking Accommodation & Airline Tickets are upon request 25 % discount for registration and full payment before Thursday December 3rd, 2009 Groups of four participants or more will get 25% discount each

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