What is the Step Up to Writing Workshop Intern Grant Program and by homers


									What is the Step Up to Writing Workshop?
The Step Up to Writing Workshop is an in-depth training seminar that helps teachers develop a
successful system for the instruction of writing. In order to better train and assist new teachers, growing
numbers of school districts have begun to require teachers to participate in a Step Up to Writing
Workshop. The workshop is designed to help teachers break down the instructional process into a simple,
step-by-step approach. The workshop also helps teachers develop lesson plans, locate lesson tools and
resources, and improve personal writing skills.

Intern Grant Program and the Step Up to Writing Workshop
The Intern Grant Program is pleased to sponsor the Step Up to Writing Workshop for our credential
students at Azusa Pacific University. These workshops are free of charge to students that are enrolled in
one of the following classes: TEP 515, 516, 517, 518, or SPED 515, 516. For students not enrolled in the
above classes, the fee to attend the workshop is $300.

For more information about the Step Up To Writing Workshop, workshop dates,
or to register, please Contact Mike Vogt at (626)387-5744 or mvogt@apu.edu.

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