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Sunday, July 19, 1998

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Curtailing the cat jungle
BY ISABEL MENDEZ Shelter Director Feline Fine: Kittens happen!! It seems the “normal” condition of an unspayed female cat is to be pregnant, nursing, or both. From just feeding one stray cat, your household suddenly mushrooms into the cat jungle, right? Curtailing a cat’s reproductive capacity is extremely important, and there is no better way to do this than by castration of males and spaying of females. Additional benefits of spaying include a marked reduction in the likelihood of mammary cancer which is a very aggressive and deadly type of cancer in cats. Neutering eliminates the possibility of serious uterine diseases such as pyometra, and it avoids the behavior of cats in estrus. The positive health benefits of neutering make the decision the best course of action for any responsible pet owner, or merely the neighborhood kind-hearted person that feeds every stray around. Pet Helpline: Q.: Bathing my Chow-Chow is a major project. Any suggestions on how to make bathtime easier? A.: Though bathing and brushing your pet seems easy for some people, following some simple procedures will greatly improve your results and make the job easier on you and more fun for your pet. n Brushing: Before you bathe your dog, you need to brush him. A thorough brushing beforehand removes loose hair and significantly improves the effectiveness of the shampoo in cleaning down to the skin. And it makes bathing much less of a “hairy” job. Different coats sometimes require different brushes. Prior to brushing, you may want to spray on a detangling grooming mist which will condition the hair and make brushing easier. Use a system. Start at the head and work toward the tail. Use firm but gentle strokes, with an emphasis on gently. Pulling or ripping through tangles and mats hurts your pet and quickly erodes trust. This should be a pleasurable experience so take your time. When the entire coat is brushed, you can use a comb to remove more of the loose hair. A handheld vacuum also does a good job if your pet will tol-

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SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED: The Laredo Administrators and Supervisors Organization (LASO) presented scholarships recently to high school graduates. LASO is composed of educators from the LISD. From left are Javier Campos of Nixon High School, Cristina Rodriguez of Nixon High School, Marissa Laurel of Nixon High School, Christina Guajardo of United High School, Robert Chapa of Alexander High School, Jose Salinas of United South High School and Luis M. Muñoz of Nixon High School. With the students is Blas Martinez, member of LASO and chairman of the scholarship committee.

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PET OF THE WEEK: If you bring children and puppies together, you see the answer to ‘happiness is....”. Jessie Marshel, a six-year-old student at Nye Elementary School was at the premiere showing of “Dr. Doolittle” and had an opportunity to play with “Twix” a two-month-old female Golden Retriever-Mix. “I couldn’t be happier” is one possible slogan for this photo. Everyone who comes by 2500 Gonzalez to visit the puppies and kittens will feel this same pleasure. What are you waiting for?? Adoption for dogs is only $50 and for cats just $30. The Devine Sisters Shelter for Animals is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We close all day on Sunday and close on Thursday afternoons. erate the noise. tioner. n Bathing: The first decin Drying Off: Squeeze sion to make is where the excess water from coat. bath will take place. Kitchen Then, using an absorbent sinks or laundry utility tubs chamois-type towel, rub hair work well for small pets, vigorously first with the while bathroom tubs or grain, then against, working portable pet tubs are obvi- from the head to tail. ously best for larger pets. Keep pets warm and away Outside hoses, while conve- from drafts while the hair nient, aren’t a very good dries and do not let your pet alternative. This would be outside until the hair is commuch too tempting opportu- pletely dry. A damp coat is a nity to run away from you! magnet for dirt. For a full, Apply an ophthalmic oint- fluffed appearance, blow dry ment to protect the eyes, longer-haired dogs (with and insert a cotton ball in warm air, never hot) while the ears to prevent water brushing the hair against from entering the canals. the grain. Direct air flow at Thoroughly soak your pet the undercoat and work out with water first, and apply to the end of the hair. only shampoos that are ph If you bathe your pet regubalanced for pets (human larly, you may even make it shampoos are damaging to a fun event for all! the hair and even the skin of A Wave of the Paw To: pets). Work from the neck to The great folks at Wal-Mart tail, and massage the sham- for allowing the “Gimme poo into the hair and down Shelter” event to take place to the skin. at their storefront last week. Use a towel saturated with Volunteers, headed by Olga water and shampoo to wash Lope, were on hand with the face, being careful not to several puppies and kittens get shampoo in the eyes. to adopt out the little critters Rinse completely, paying that were needing a new particular attention to the home. “Mil Gracias Y Un groin area, armpits, and Abrazo!” to everyone between toes. Apply a sec- involved. ond application of shampoo and rinse again. For the coat that is soft, manageable, and shiny, use a condi-

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The Laredo ISD Educational Foundation annually awards more than $50,000 in scholarships to LISD students. Foundation board member Janice Gonzalez is shown awarding a scholarship to J.W. Nixon 1998 graduate Mary Lou Rodriguez at the school’s commencement exercises. The Laredo ISD Educational Foundation annually awards more than $50,000 in scholarships to LISD students. Foundation board member Janice Gonzalez is shown awarding a scholarship to J.W. Nixon 1998 graduate Mary Lou Rodriguez at the school’s commencement exercises.

LCC Communications director leaves to pursue doctorate
BY RICK PAUZA Times staff writer Colleagues, friends and media gathered Thursday to toast Miranda Lopez, communications director of Laredo Community College, as she leaves to pursue a doctoral degree at Arizona State University. Lopez applied for and obtained a $60,000 Kellogg Foundation doctoral fellowship in education leadership and policy studies at ASU. The Hispanic Border Leadership Institute, an organization that promotes advancement of Hispanics in higher education administration, selected Lopez for the fellowship. Lopez, a native of Falfurrias, has served in LCC’s marketing and public information department for 12 years. “I’m overwhelmed by the response from my colleagues and friends,” Lopez said. “I’m looking forward with anticipation to begin doctoral studies and will keep in touch with people from Laredo.” Her colleagues, including Blas Castaneda and LCC President Ramon Dovalina praised her “in the trenches” work ethic and upfront approach but kidded her that Arizona is really just a big sandbox where she can put her cats. Once she earns her doctorate, Lopez said she plans to continue working in the college and university system in an administrative capacity. Lopez earned her undergraduate degree from University of Texas at Austin and completed her master’s degree at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

Students earn math recognition
Lucy Agredano and Freddy Agredano, students at United South Middle School have been named United States National Award winners and AllAmerican Scholars in mathematics. The USAA has established the All-American Scholar Award Program to offer deserved recognition to superior students who excel in the academic disciplines. The All-America Scholars must earn a 3.3, or higher grade point average. Lucy and Freddy will appear in the United States Achievement Academy

LUCY AGREDANO All American Scholar Official Yearbook, which is published nationally. This award is a prestigious honor and the student is selected by counselors and other qualified sponsors and upon the standards of selection set forth by the academy. Lucy and Freddy were

FREDDY AGREDANO All American Scholar nominated for this national award by E. Morales, a math teacher at the school. Lucy and Freddy parents are Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Agredano. Their grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Eliseo Valdez Sr. and Mr. and Mrs. Norberto Agredano, all of Laredo.

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