Ship Recycle Inventory Program

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    INVENTORY             Ship Recycle Inventory Program

                                                      Key Features
                                                      — Inventory development software compliant with the Ship
                                                        Recycling Convention* requirements
                                                      — Exchange Material Declaration (MD) data electronically
                                                         *The Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and
                                                          Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, 2009

                                                         PrimeShip-INVENTORY is an essential software tool
                                                         for the development of ship Inventories as required
                                                         for all ships greater than 500GT by the Ship
                                                         Recycling Convention adopted in May 2009.
                                                         PrimeShip-INVENTORY allows suppliers and
                                                         shipbuilders to exchange information electronically to
                                                         reduce paperwork related to Inventory development.

For Suppliers
An Excel based Material Declaration (MD) Tool enables suppliers to prepare accurate Material Declarations promptly,
and provides error-check capabilities for Material Declarations. (Macro activated Microsoft 2000/2002/2003 is required
for MD Tool).

For Shipbuilders
PrimeShip-INVENTORY allows shipbuilders to develop an Inventory (Excel format) by importing MD/SDoC data and
setting locations for MDs containing Hazardous Materials. PrimeShip-INVENTORY eliminates the need to mail MD
data and automatically calculates the amounts of Hazardous Materials at each location.
Ship Recycling Convention
The Ship Recycling Convention was adopted by the IMO in May 2009. Once the convention enters into force, all
500GT and greater, excluding those scrapped/recycled in their flag states, will be required to carry an Inventory of
Hazardous Materials on board the ship.

Inventory development for new ships
Shipbuilders can develop an Inventory by completing the following steps:
 Step1 Record submitted Material Declaration (MD) and Supplier’s
Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) for all procured products.
 Step2 Screen all products containing Hazardous Materials above the
threshold levels.
 Step3 Identify the location of these products and calculate the
amounts of Hazardous Materials at each location
 Step4 Prepare properly formatted Inventory.

PrimeShip-INVENTORY makes it easy for ship suppliers to electronically submit completed MDs and SDoCs, and makes
Inventory development a smooth and simple process for shipbuilders.

PrimeShip-INVENTORY system requirements
PrimeShip-INVENTORY is client/server application. Clients access the PrimeShip-INVENTORY database installed
on a local server.
                                              Hardware Requirements                   Software Requirements



Contact address:
Ship Recycling Project Team
Nippon Kaiji Kyokai Administration Center
4-7 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8567, Japan