Ethnobotany Basket Weaving by luckboy


Ethnobotany & Basket Weaving

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									Ethnobotany & Basket Weaving
ANTH 485 • Spring 2008 CHeCkliST
All participants are required to bring the following items (May 18-20):

Camping Gear
p tent with rain fly p sleeping bag with pad p cooking stove p cooking utensils, hot pad p plate, bowl, cup, eating utensils p all food for your meals: 1 dinner 2 breakfasts 1 lunch p 1-2 dishes to share at the potluck p ice chest and ice p dish washing supplies p paper or cloth towels/napkins

Personal Gear
p warm clothes (extra socks) p rain gear and hat p hiking boots (no flip-flops) p water bottle and water p flashlight p sunscreen p insect repellent p sun glasses and sun hat p personal sundries p any desired first aid: aspirin, bee stings, etc. journal and pen/pencil p hand clippers p work gloves

The following items are strictly forbidden: Alcohol and/or illegal drugs Pets of any kind

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