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									                                                                                                          PRSRT STD
                                                                                                        U.S. POSTAGE
Your Mayor and                                       City of Parma Heights
                                                     6281 Pearl Road
                                                                                                       CLEVELAND, OH
  City Council                                       Parma Heights, Ohio 44130                           PERMIT #647

                                                                                                         Dated Material
  urge you to                                                                                           Please Deliver by
                                                                                                          April 11, 2007

 YOU RECYCLE                         Grant funding provided by:

      Printed on Recycled Paper

                            A Message from Mayor Martin K. Zanotti

                                           PARMA HEIGHTS CITY COUNCIL
                                                   KELLY C. CZACK
                                                 LESLEY A. DeSOUZA
                                                  ALEX V. JOHNSON
                                                     JIM McCALL
                                              RICK SCHWACHENWALD
                                                  ROBERT P. SEPIK
            MARTIN K. ZANOTTI                                                      MICHAEL P. BYRNE
                    MAYOR                                                          COUNCIL PRESIDENT

  On behalf of my Administration and City Council we wish to express our continued support of the Cuyahoga
County Solid Waste Districts’ efforts in promoting recycling programs and awareness activities.

   We strongly encourage the residents of Parma Heights to participate in Solid Waste District Recycling Round-
Up events, as well as curbside recycling pick-up. Please remember that actively participating in recycling reduces
both wastes sent to landfills and your tax dollars that are paid as fees to use landfills.
  Funding for this newsletter was provided by a Community Recycling Awareness Grant Program created by the Cuyahoga
County Solid Waste District. A job well done by the District Director Pat Holland and his staff.

LET US HELP YOU RECYCLE!                             Parma Heights Service Department              440-884-9607

 For further information or questions,               Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District 216-443-3749
               please contact:                       Republic Waste Services                       216-741-8113
                                                        Alexandria Drive
                                                        Anita Drive
                                                        Anthony Lane
                                                        Beresford Avenue
                                                        Beverly Drive
                                                        Big Creek Parkway (between Mandalay & W. 130)
                                                        Brandywine Road
                                                        Concord Court
          REFUSE COLLECTION                             Eldridge Road
              GUIDELINES                                Fernhurst Avenue
                                                        Greenbriar Drive (between N. Church & Anthony)
City ordinances prohibit placing refuse on              Greenleaf Avenue
treelawns earlier than 4:00 p.m. the day prior to       Huffman Road
regularly scheduled pickup. All refuse and              Independence Boulevard
recyclables are to be placed on the treelawn by         Lantern Lane
7:00 a.m. of the scheduled pickup day. Empty            Lawnwood Avenue
trash cans should be removed from the treelawn          Mandalay Drive
within 12 hours after pick-up.                          Maplewood Road
                                                        Mariana Drive
                                                        Oakwood Road
                                                        Pearl Road (between W. 130 & Mandalay)
Place in standard rubbish containers or plastic bags    Reid Drive
with a capacity of 32-35 lbs., not to exceed 60 lbs.    Revere Road
in weight.                                              Rosslyn Road
                                                        Tobik Trail
Recyclables                                             Valley Forge Drive
Place in appropriate containers and placed 4 ft. to     West 130th Street
the left of your refuse. See the back of the brochure   York Road (South of Kingsdale/N. Church)
for further guidelines.
Appliances and Furniture                                Barrington Boulevard
Place on the treelawn on regularly scheduled pickup     Blossom Avenue
day a few feet away from refuse and recyclables.        Commonwealth Boulevard
                                                        Lafayette Drive
                                                        Lawndale Drive
Carpeting                                               Meadowbrook Drive
Bundled and securely tied. Not exceeding 4 ft. in       Newbury Lane
length and 35 lbs. in weight.                           Orchard Boulevard
                                                        Parma Park Boulevard
Hedge Clippings, Limbs and Branches                     Rosedale Avenue
Bundled and securely tied. Not exceeding 4 ft. in       Sutherland Avenue
length and 35 lbs. in weight.                           Woodview Boulevard

Paint                                                   Thursday
Latex: Lids removed and paint completely dry.           Alderwood Road (between Manorford & Ackley)
Oil-based: Lids removed and paint mixed with sand       Appleton Drive
or cat litter and paint completely dried.               Aylesworth Drive
                                                        Bennington Drive
                                                        Berkshire Road
Tires                                                   Brookmere Drive (South of Ackley)
Rims removed. No more than two per week.                Crenshaw Drive
                                                        Crestwood Road
Excluded items: Hazardous waste of any kind,            Dellrose Drive (between Manorford & Ackley)
large amounts of building materials, dirt, concrete,    Denison Boulevard (between Ackley & Ridgewood)
car batteries, and oils. Refuse not placed in proper    Elsetta Avenue
containers, bags or bundles.                            Fordwick Road
                                                        Glen Oval
                                                        Glendora Lane
Thursday (continued)                                        Friday (continued)
Greenbriar Drive (between N. Church & Stoney Creek)         Lucy Drive
Hamden Road                                                 Maplecliff Drive
Holliston Lane                                              Nelwood (North of Ackley)
Kenbridge Road                                              Notabene Drive
Kingsdale Boulevard                                         Old Virginia
Lynden Oval                                                 Parkhill Drive
Lynnhaven Road                                              Parma Heights
Mallo Place                                                 Pearl Road (between Snow & Stumph/York)
Manorford Drive                                             Private Drive
Maplecrest Avenue                                           Queens Highway
Nelwood Road (between Manorford & Ackley)                   Roxbury Road
Newkirk Drive                                               Royal Parkway
Newland Road                                                Snow Road
North Church Drive                                          Springwood Road (North of Ackley)
Olde York Road                                              Stoneham Road
Ridgewood Drive                                             Stonington Road
Rochelle Boulevard                                          Stratford Drive (between Ackley & Denison)
Sherborn Road                                               Stumph Road
Springwood Road (between Manorford & Ackley)                Twin Lakes
Stoney Creek                                                Vernondale Drive
Stratford Drive (between Manorford & Ackley)                Vicksburg Drive
Tiffany Lane                                                Westborough Drive
York Road (between Ridgewood/Kingsdale/N. Church)           Wickfield Drive
                                                            Wilderness Lane
Ackley Boulevard                                       Please Note: Collection will be delayed
Alderwood Road (North of Ackley)
Amrap Drive                                            by one day if a holiday falls on Monday
Antietam Road                                            thru Friday. Observed holidays are:
Beaconsfield Drive
Big Creek Parkway (between Mandalay & Snow)                                        Labor Day
Brookmere (North of Ackley)
                                                        New Year’s Day
Calamie Drive                                           Memorial Day               Thanksgiving
Chesterfield Drive                                      Fourth of July             Christmas
Clearview Drive
Colebrook Road
Creekside Drive
Deering Avenue                                        PARMA HEIGHTS 2007 ROUND-UP EVENTS
Dellrose Drive (North of Ackley)                        All Round-Up Events to be held at the
Denison Boulevard (between Ackley & Pearl)                 Service Garage 6184 Pearl Road
Dexter Drive
Doxmere Drive
                                                             Proof of Residency Required
Edgebrook Boulevard                                   Spring Computer Round-Up
Edgehill Drive                                        .........................Sat., April 14th 9AM-12PM
Edward Court
Eldon Drive                                           Spring Household Hazardous Waste
Elmore Drive                                          Round-Up
Emma Lane                                             .............................Sat. May 5th 9AM-12PM
Eureka Parkway
Flower Drive                                          Summer Computer Round-Up
Greenheath Drive                                      .....................Sat., August 25th 9AM-12PM
Halcyon Drive
Hodgman Drive                                         Fall Household Hazardous Waste
Jamestowne Drive                                      Round-Up
Keswick Drive                                         ..................Sat. September 8th 8AM-12PM
Kings Highway
                                                      Scrap Tire Round-Up
Layor Drive
Lotusdale Drive                                       ................Sat. September 29th 9AM-12PM

Place all recyclable glass, cans and plastics in the same “Blue Bag”. You may use a blue
supermarket bag or a container marked “Recyclables” in one inch letters.

Bottles and jars only. Rinse clean and remove lids and rings. No need to remove

              #1, #2 and #3 plastic container only. Look on the bottom for the symbol.

Tin and aluminum cans. Rinse clean. No need to remove labels.

Bundle newspaper, magazines and cardboard (each category) separately, either tied or
in paper bags.

Bundled and tied (preferred) or place in paper bag. No need to remove glossy

             All magazines and catalogs. No phone books. Bundled and tied (preferred)
             or placed in brown paper bags.

Clean corrugated cardboard. Maximum size is 3’ x 3’. Flatten all boxes.
Bundled and tied (preferred) or placed in brown paper bags.

                                                          Appliances and furniture can be
          No automotive batteries,                        placed on the curb. Freon will
          paints, pesticides or                           be removed by Republic Waste
          household chemicals.                            at no charge.

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