Brief Information about the MIPLC Alumni PayPal option by homers


									            Brief Information about the MIPLC Alumni PayPal option
-) For Non-European Citizens applies:
When you attempt to transfer money form overseas to Germany you will probably experience
that the transfer-costs via Foreign Money Transfer IMT can be relatively high (up to 20 €)
compared to the 25 € Membership fee.

-) For this purpose the MIPLC Alumni Association offers the possibility of Micro Payment
via PayPal:

PayPal is a fully- and commercially accepted means for international low-cost money transfer
(and not only restricted to Ebay purposes).

-) It is very easy to become a PayPal member.
You can choose either to charge your home Bank Account or your Credit Card*.

PayPal registration will ask you for one of these options.
The system works on the so-called "secure-socket-layer" encryption technology SSL and is
considered very secure.

-) It is also very easy to transfer money via PayPal:
You only have to log onto your PayPal Account**.
Then you click on "Sending Money".
Here you simply type in as recipient: ""
If possible use "€" as currency and do mention the transfer purpose/use of money.

Hence: If you should chose to use PayPal instead of IMT please transfer 25 € PLUS 1,50€
(TRANSFER FEES) = 26,50 €.

PayPal is very save, very fast and very easy. But the choice of transaction means is of course
yours. The MIPLC Alumni Association only offers the possibility of international Micro
Payment but is not liable in case of any losses, which are highly unlikely but cannot be
excluded from our side.


* The credit Card Option (instead of the bank account PayPal-transfer) is preferable for NON-
US citizens because of financial (non-) cooperation agreements with PayPal and some
national finance institutes. Major Credit Cards are, however, always accepted also for smaller

** Little initial inconvenience: for the very first use, PayPal will carry out a verification
procedure: they will possibly transfer two small money sums - like 7 Cent + 13 Cent - to your
benefit on your account and you will have to confirm the receipt of the exact amount of the
sum transferred - and therefore authenticate yourself. This procedure can take a week or so.

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