SHS plants seed to reduce, reuse, recycle by zie20290


                                                                                SOLON HIGH SCHOOL

   OCTOBER 31, 2008                              33600 INWOOD ROAD                                         SOLON, OHIO 44139                                  VOL. 48 ISSUE 2

SHS plants seed to reduce, reuse, recycle
By VIOLET LI                           stituted the first plastic, metal and
News Reporter
                                       glass recycling program at SHS. Its
   No one can deny that a change       members have also volunteered at
has taken place in America. A          the Metro Parks and planted trees
word that had previously just          in the Solon Community Park
meant a color, or sometimes, in        this past Arbor Day, said senior
slang, money, has taken on a whole     Adam Miller, president of Lorax.
new connotation: the future.               “As [a] top school, we need to
       Green. By itself, the word      set examples for the rest of Ohio,”
evokes images of Mother Na-            Miller said. “One of our plans
ture. However, green these days        this year is to replace the [plastic
represents the environmental           foam] trays in our cafeteria. A lot
movement, a growing voice in           of people purchase lunch from
the political stage of America.        the school, and a lot of people use
    SHS can take many actions to       trays [that] can’t be recycled. I
help make the world a little more      want to replace the [plastic foam]
environmentally friendly and sus-      trays with something more envi-
tainable. Students should work for     ronmentally friendly [like] egg
environmentally friendly policies      carton trays, or even plastic trays,
because the environmental melt-        which are recyclable. [This]
down happening right now will          will save a lot of Styrofoam
really impact them the most. His-      from fermenting in landfills.”
torically, it’s been young people’s            While recycling certainly
role to pave new ground, said Mat-     presents an important topic to
tie Reitman, Ohio Student Envi-        think about, people often ne-
ronmental Coalition Coordinator.       glect the issue of the school’s
    “There are two ways [for stu-      food       purchasing        policies,
dents] to make change,” Reitman        said Cleveland Sustainabil-
said. “On one hand, people can         ity Manager Andrew Watterson.
make personal changes in their              “One thing that [SHS] could
day-to-day lives [by] turning out      do is have a local food chal-
lights, conserving water [and] not     lenge,” Watterson said. “Chal-
wasting food. However, it is also      lenge the food service provider
really important in our day-to-day     at [SHS] to [buy] 10 percent of
lives to make our voices heard at      the food from local sources; there
the larger level and let our admin-    is a health benefit from knowing
istrators and other people know        where your food comes from,
that we want to see sustainable        but there is also a significant en-
policies at the top as well, wheth-    vironmental impact because it            GREEN GROWTH. Students demonstrate their appreciation for the environment by working together
er it’s having a conversation          uses a lot less transportation.”         to plant a tree near the tennis courts in Solon. The members of Lorax have contributed much effort to
with your principal or sending a            In addition to environmental-       keep the city “going green.” Photos and artwork by Alexander Denker. Background photo courtesy of Adam Miller.
letter to your congressperson.”        ly-friendly actions like recycling
     Change has already begun at       and consuming locally-grown              simply require checking a differ-    have been getting policy changes      policies, not individuals,” he
SHS with Lorax, Solon’s resi-          food, SHS can also accomplish a          ent box when ordering electricity.   from the school, Reitman said.        said. “For example, if you’re sit-
dent student-run environmentalist      lot energy-wise. Renewable en-           Some of the most effective actions       “Most of the energy that we       ting in your classroom with a ter-
group that has taken the first steps   ergy sources, which should cost          taken in terms of making schools     consume in this country is actu-      rible energy efficiency rating, it
toward a cleaner future. Lorax in-     less than fossil fuels like coal,        more environmentally sustainable     ally consumed by [our energy]         SEE ‘GREEN’ PAGE 4

Economic downfall crashes into Solon
By LIZ GRAVIER                                   dential development project, was proposed        Park will bring nothing. The decision to call   whelming uncertainty of bank funding, the
Editor-in-Chief                                  to bring restaurants, shops, condos, hotels,                                                     only responsible decision, though incred-
                                                                                                  off Central Park was directly and immedi-
     From watching TV, listening to the ra-                    movie theaters, college class-     ately a consequence of the economic condi-      ibly difficult, was to call off the project.”
dio, reading the newspaper or sim-                                            rooms, medi-        tions we all face today, said Peter L. Rubin,      In addition to the Central Park develop-
ply overhearing each other’s                                                        cal and       The Coral Company President and CEO.            ment project, surrounding restaurants and
conversation,      many                                                                                “The nearly total collapse in the real     businesses in Solon have also felt the burn
Americans can eas-                                                                                estate credit markets, brought on by the de-    from the economy. Tony Roma’s Ribs,
ily observe a recent                                                                              cline in the economy, made it impossible        Seafood and Steak, as well as Shanghai
economic collapse                                                                                 for us to assure the city and community         Stir Fry & Grill were evicted after not pay-
in our world. But as stu-                                                            busi-        that funding would be available when it         ing months of rent; however, despite the
dents and staff at Solon, many                                                   ness offices     came time to start [the Central Park] con-      trouble that some companies have faced,
of us don’t even have to do these                                         and even an im-         struction,” Rubin said. “Though we re-          Solon has had a lot of new projects and
things in order to observe the effects of Photo by Alexander Denker. provement in the             mained committed to providing the fund-         businesses moving into the city to create
this economic downfall in our own city.                                   much-congested          ing to acquire the Central Park site, bank      investment, jobs and new construction
   Not nearly a month ago, a plan debat-                                  traffic on SOM          lending would be mandatory to proceed           projects, said Peggy Weil Dorfman, Solon
ed for almost two years in Solon was can- Center Road into Solon; however, because                with construction. We all know the state        City’s Economic Development Manager.
celled. Central Park, a 110-acre retail/resi- of the state of the national economy, Central       of the banking industry. With the over-         SEE ‘ECONOMY’ PAGE 4

           On the Inside 5 6 10 12 14        Mr. Woods brings excitement              Volleyball embraces season           Swimmers dive into pool of            CedarLeetheatrepresents“Rocky 15            for science students. pg 6               with new coaches . pg 12             extensive practices. pg 13            Horror Picture Show.” pg 15
2      OCT. 31, 2008                                                         EDITORIAL                                                                   SHS Courier

C            Students short of short-cut
        SOLON HIGH SCHOOL                                                                                                          have between the rigors of our academic

                                                                                                                                   schedules, should we entirely forget talk-
                                                                                                                                   ing to our friends and stopping at our
                                                                                                                                   lockers? We should probably just walk
                                           The once already crowded hallways of       rooms in-between periods, those class-       through the day in silence as we regret-
                                       SHS have now reached the level of unbear-      rooms aren’t large enough to house a         tably carry every single book we need on
Editors-in-Chief                       able. With only five precious minutes to       full-court game of basketball, either.       our backs without so much as a pause.
    Alex Forkosh                       spare between classes, many of our quick-      Most teachers also don’t have to deal              Students are not the only ones great-
    Liz Gravier                        ly-paced walks have now turned into full on    with kids coming into their classrooms       ly hindered by the gym doors remain-
News Editor                            sprints as we attempt to survive the battle    and interfering with their materials dur-    ing closed. The intervention teachers,
    Shaina Kass                        between the cafeteria and our English class.   ing the five-minute period, but that’s be-   who share the space with the gym teach-
Opinion Editor                         The old gym, a once popular cut-through        cause most of the teachers stay in their     ers, have had difficulty accessing their
    Rachael Camiener                   for many of us, has now been cut from the      classrooms during those five minutes and     rooms as the rooms are found above
People                                 halls and out of everyday paths to class.      rarely leave their rooms unsupervised.       the old gym. Maybe the gym teachers
    Jessica Mueller: Editor                The ridiculous notion that the auxiliary        Even when we could cut through the      should’ve consulted with the intervention-
    Savannah Kannberg: Asst.           gym serves as a classroom cannot be a rea-     gym, it was hard enough to get from the      ists to propose a solution all could tolerate.
In-Depth Editors                       son as to why students cannot stroll through   farthest upper end of the math wing to the          What must be understood is that the
    Martha Dittoe                      in-between class periods. If Mr. Yee taught    farthest lower end of the art wing when      majority of us who cut through the old
    Violet Li                          his Calculus Three class in an oversized,      we had to use the bathroom because we        gym do not mean to disrupt the equipment
Feature Editor                         poorly lit warehouse, then maybe we would      were attempting to drink the recommend-      set up in the gym; we just want to make
    Eden Pecha                         see the argument as valid. Students play       ed amount of daily fluids. (Didn’t the       it to class on time. Most teachers at SHS
Sports                                 pickle ball, floor hockey and hop-scotch       gym teachers recommend we drink eight        do not accept “I’m late because the hall-
    Brad Ansec: Editor                 in the gym—it’s not like they’re taking        glasses a day during freshman gym?)          ways are crowded” as a legitimate excuse
    Scott Kater: Columnist             Cornell notes on rational functions, solv-     And it’s not like we could just wait until   for tardiness. Maybe we should try “the
Entertainment Editors                  ing differential equations or writing essays   we got to class and asked our teachers to    gym teachers insisted that the adminis-
    Violet Li                          on static characters and literary devices.     go then because leaving class to use the     tration enforce a rule stating that no stu-
    Brandon Wasserman                       While yes, it is true that the majority   bathroom is another banned privilege. (Or    dent can walk through the old gym even
College/Career Editors                 of teachers at SHS do not have to worry        is using the bathroom a biological need?)    while gym class is not in session” instead.
    Liz Hawk                           about kids walking through their class-             So in the five-minute break that we     Now that our teachers may understand.
    Jayde Kee
Club Editor
    Carlyn Joseph
Copy Editor
    Eden Pecha
    Violet Li: Editor
    Martha Dittoe: Asst.
    Alexander Denker: Editor
    Lindsay Fertig: Editor
    Melissa Breeden: Asst.
    Violet Li: Editor
    Melissa Breeden: Asst.
Technology & Graphics Editor
    Savannah Kannberg
    Jessica Forkosh: Manager
    Martha Dittoe: Asst.
Public Relations
    Jayde Kee: Manager
    Jessica Forkosh: Manager
    Liz Hawk
    Carlyn Joseph
    Shaina Kass
    Jayde Kee
    Violet Li
    Lauren Sautter
    Brandon Wasserman
    Jen Wobser

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students.                              from school as possible. Field trips also create great memories
                                                                                                              Jason Rembrandt,
The opinions expressed in              that students can look back on and say, “Wow I really had a
individual articles do not represent   great time that day.” Recently I went on a field trip for AP En-
the views of the Courier nor the
                                       vironmental Science where I got to test the turbidity and tem-           Corrections
Solon City School District.
                                                                                                                Due to an editing error on page seven, the headline for the
                                       perature of the water myself and I’m sure that I will remember
                                                                                                                People should read “Rotblatt fights for breast cancer aware-
                                       that trip for many years to come because it was an awesome
Some material courtesy of Ameri-                                                                                ness one step at a time.” On page 10, the Feature headline
ca Society of Newspaper Editors/       learning experience.
KRT Campus High School News-                                                                                    should read “Fight for Mike.” On page 11, the college page
                                       Sam Glick,
paper Service.                                                                                                  layout was completed by Liz Hawk and Jayde Kee.
SHS Courier                                                           OPINION                                                                       OCT. 31, 2008                   3
Pressure to be per fect                                                                                                                                Wise Words
                                                                    learn that we cannot kill ourselves over trying to
                                                                    become someone else’s idea of “perfect.” All that                                             Alex Forkosh
                       Speak Up                                     matters is reaching that level of self-accomplishment.                                        Editor-in-Chief
                                                                    School holds extreme importance for our futures,
                                 Rachael Camiener                   but the expectation of always receiving perfect
                                 Opnion Editor
                                                                    tests and perfect papers isn’t realistic. We all have
                                                                    our off days because we are only human. After
                                                                    all, it’s each of our own imperfections that make           Election 2008:
                                                                    us unique. Our world would be way too boring
                                                                                                                                just days away
                                                                    if we all shared identical talents and qualities.
         ome of us may define perfection as receiving straight         In life, school impacts what seems like everything.
         A’s in school, getting into a highly selective college     It ultimately affects where we go to college, our              What else can be said about the election? We’ve
         or building an admirable resume. Some of us may            careers and even our salaries. However, there is            chewed it up and let it sit in our stomachs like
even define it as juggling 26 extracurricular activities, finding   so much more to life than the dollar amount on              that piece of gum we accidentally swallowed that
a cure for cancer and ending world hunger all at the same           our paychecks. Life is about living, which means            supposedly won’t digest for another seven years.
time (hey, SHS is home to many                                                              that we need to embrace the            With four days to go, most of us just want to know

                                       “ need to learn
overachievers). But regardless                                                              other aspects of life, such         the outcome. Many of us have seen the debates and
of what we may perceive                                                                     as our hobbies or activities        have heard the pundits analyzing each candidate’s
perfection to be, it is ultimately                                                          which we participate in for pure    every move, every facial expression and every
an ambiguous, unattainable
status. We need to learn that not
                                       We                                                   enjoyment, over the course
                                                                                            of our years. Most of us
                                                                                                                                word. Many have even taken notice to the SNL skits
                                                                                                                                where Tina Fey marvelously plays Sarah Palin. The
everyone can become the next
president of the United States
                                       that we cannot                                      only have a few years left
                                                                                           of living at home with our
                                                                                                                                majority of those planning to vote already know
                                                                                                                                whom they’re voting for. The majority of us not able
or Bill Gates’ successor. We
can only achieve our highest           kill ourselves over                                 families (and eating home-
                                                                                           cooked meals!) before going off
                                                                                                                                to participate in this election still have a sense of
                                                                                                                                which candidate we would vote for were we able.
personal potential, which means
that we may not be able to             trying to become                                    to college, so it is of the utmost
                                                                                           importance that we savor our
                                                                                                                                But have we really made our decisions based on
                                                                                                                                an intellectual, rational thought process? Or have
accomplish the same things as                                                              time with our parents, siblings
someone else. What many of             someone else’s                                     and friends. When we wrap
                                                                                                                                we instead based our decisions solely on emotion?
                                                                                                                                     We’ve always been taught to “go with our gut”
us need to focus on, however, is                                                          ourselves up in school work,
overcoming the pressure to reach       idea of ‘perfect.’                                 we sometimes forget about
                                                                                                                                and that our gut instinct is usually right. But this
                                                                                                                                isn’t like a multiple-choice test for history class

someone else’s idea of perfection.                                                        the significant people in our         where we should just bubble in the first answer
     Throughout my years at                                                               lives. Therefore, it is essential     that comes to mind, and it isn’t like the ACT where
SHS, I have stressed myself out                                                           to let go of “perfection” and         there is no penalty for a wrong guess. The penalty,
over trying to become a visionary “perfect student.” Now            enjoy the other parts of life that are important to us.     in fact, is immense, and unlike some generous SHS
as a senior, I realize that the sleepless nights and hours of             If we try our hardest, then we can live free          teachers, the U.S. government does not offer test
worrying were pointless because I cannot become someone             of regrets. This way, we hopefully won’t stand              corrections. Room for guessing does not exist on
whom I am not. I cannot be the president of eight different         on the stage at graduation and look back at our             the issue of whom we elect to run our country; in
clubs while receiving perfect test scores. I cannot train           high school years wishing we would have done                this case, our gut feeling just isn’t going to cut it.
myself to be a star soccer player when I am not an athlete          something differently. We should feel satisfied                  If we make a mistake in our pick for president
or get a lead role in a Broadway play when I cannot sing.           when we achieve our personal goals, not when                just because we weren’t completely knowledgable
While we never stop striving to reach our full potential, we        competing to accomplish the same tasks or standards         on the issues, we can’t beg for a retake and do
must learn that we can only give our all towards anything           as others. We can’t do any more than our best. If           it over. We’re stuck for four years, and as we’ve
that we encounter. No one is perfect, and therefore, there          we try out for a play or apply for a job and don’t          seen in the past, four years is more than enough
is no reason to pressure ourselves into reaching this ideal.        get the roll or the position, but we know that we           time for a president to contribute to causing quite
   Between balancing our classes, sports and extra-curricular       put forth our utmost effort, then we need to learn          a bit of damage. Decisions today impact not only
activities, many of us tend to get very overwhelmed during          from the experience and try again next time. We             the immediate future; they impact generations
the school year—and it doesn’t help that many of our coaches,       cannot penalize ourselves for simply being who we           to come, that being namely our generation.
teachers and parents monitor our every move to ensure our           are and trying our best. We should enjoy life and                 And so we must ask ourselves: are we merely
success. The persistent pressure continues to build and             live up to our own ideas of “perfection,” because           relying on emotion and perception when we pick
build and eventually, it gets to be too much. We need to            like we’ve always been told, nobody’s perfect.              McCain over Obama or Obama over McCain, or

From the Halls...
                                                                                                                                are we thoroughly and completely analyzing all
                                                                                                                                of the facts? Have we taken the time to research
                                                                                                                                each candidate’s position on the issues of today,
                                                                                                                                or have we just assumed that the ideology of
                                                                                                                                our chosen party is congruent with our own?
                                                                                                                                     When we decide whom to vote for or whom
What is the strangest item you’ve ever received while trick-or-treating?                                                        we would vote for, do we choose based on our
                                                                                                                                prejudices, or do we choose someone we truly
                                                                                                                                feel would do the job well? Will we decide who
                                                                                                                                is best fit to run our country based on five-
                                                                                                                                second mudslinging, libelous commercials, or
                               “A cookie with Brian                                                                             will we thoroughly examine each candidate’s
                                                                                                   “A wedgie.”
                               Ashkettle’s face on it.”                                                                         stance on the economy, education, health care,
                                                                                              -Kate McHugh, senior
                                  -Mr. Van Reeth,                                                                               abortion, the environment and foreign policy?
                                   history teacher                                                                                  Will we choose a president who claims to be
                                                                                                                                one of us—an “average Joe” who we can relate
                                                                                                                                to and have a Coke and fries with? Or will we
                                                                                                                                choose someone of great intelligence—a man of
                                                                                                                                promise, passion and the expectation of change?
                                                                                                                                    Come Nov. 4, a date rapidly approaching,
                                                                                                     “Car keys.”                are we going to vote for change, or are we
                                   “Doggie treats.”
                                                                                                   -Jack Krienen,               just going to vote for more of the same?
                                -Tiffany Li, freshman

                                                                                                                                   Please submit letters to the
                                                                                                                                   editor to courier@solonboe.
                                                                                                   “An old lady once                org or drop them in one of
                                  “A picture of Mr.                                               threw her dentures                 the two boxes located in
                                     Heinrich.”                                                      into my bag.”
                                 -Tyler Wien, junior                                              -Ms. Fitch, English              the main studyhall and me-
                                                                                                        teacher                              dia center.
4        OCT 31, 2008                                                                                            NEWS                                                                                       SHS Courier

   News Briefs Colleges weigh dropping SAT, ACT
    AFS will meet Wednesday, Nov. 12              By SHAINA KASS
    at 6:00 p.m. in the cafeteria to discuss      News Editor
    November’s activities. Listen to the              Standardized testing. The utterance of those
    announcements for further details.            two words causes eyes to roll and jaws to drop
                                                  throughout high schools across the country.
    DRAMA CLUB performs the                       Four hours on a Saturday morning spent taking
    fall play “Arsenic and Old Lace”              a test students are told will help determine
    Nov. 20 through 22 at 7:30 p.m. and           where one will attend college. With an
                                                  increasing number of colleges and universities
    Nov. 23 at 2:00 p.m. Call the box
                                                  changing where they hold standardized
    office at 349-6249 for ticket infor-
                                                  tests on the admission’s totem pole, student
    mation.                                       expectations have begun to change as well.
                                                      Colleges and universities have always
    FELLOWSHIP OF CHRIS-                          used standardized tests, SAT and/or ACT, for
    TIAN ATHLETES               will hold         acceptance during the admissions process,
    a meeting Friday, Nov. 7 with Jeff            said Peggy Toaz, SHS College Liaison.
    Leimgruber, President of Hillcrest                “[However], a year or two ago, some
    Hospital, in the old band room.               colleges began to make test scores optional,”
                                                  she said. “Recently, the dean of admissions
    SHOW CHOIR will perform                       from Harvard, William Fitzsimmons, TESTING OLD STANDARDS. Because colleges and universities are ques-
    Saturday, Nov. 1 at the Strongsville          stated that he is not sure SAT and/or ACT tioning whether standardized tests scores are an accurate indicator of intel-
    Festival at 7:30 p.m. and Friday,             scores should be used to make admissions ligence, students wonder if the scores will really determine where they are
    Nov. 7 at Casino Night at Terry               determinations. It will be very interesting in admitted. Photo by Lindsay Fertig.
                                                  the coming year(s) to see what ramifications his
    Macklin’s Event Centre from 7:30
                                                  words have. [Often times] if Harvard does something, others follow.”         students need to make themselves stand out, Yee McIntyre said.
    to 11:30 p.m.
                                                      While standardized tests are not the only representation of                 “Syracuse has seen at least a 10 percent increase in applications every
     News briefs by Journalism I students.        a student’s ability, the tests serve as a bench mark to see how              year for the past four years,” she said. “This allows us to pick and choose
                                                  competitive a school[’s] curriculum may be, said Bridgette Yee               the students who will benefit from being a student at the university while
                                                  McIntyre, Assistant Director of Admissions for Syracuse University.          also benefiting the rest of the student body. [There has been an] increase

 ‘Green’                                             “There is a bit of a double-edged sword concept when talking about
                                                  getting rid of standardized tests,” Yee McIntyre said. “For example,
                                                  a student who is earning a 4.0 with honors and AP courses who is not
                                                                                                                               in demand for a diverse campus―by diverse we include racial and ethnic
                                                                                                                               diversity, but also students who have interesting academic interests.”
                                                                                                                                    Because colleges and universities have had an increased
doesn’t matter how careful you are with
                                                  excel[ing] in or reach[ing] the middle 50 percent of average scores          number of applicants this past year, Edelman thinks that
your thermostat, it’s always going to be
                                                  on the standardized test may be an indicator of grade inflation or lack      institutions should look at a student’s extracurricular activities
more wasteful than if you were sitting in         of some basic critical thinking skills. So while the tests are biased at     and essay to get a better indication of the student’s personality.
an energy-efficient classroom. Changing           times and are not the best way to gauge a student’s success, the tests        “It is through [one’s] extracurricular activities that he or she has learned
those policies make it more possible to be        are all we [higher level institutions] have as a national benchmark.”        leadership, how to work in a group and who [he or she] really [is],” she
more sustainable on a day-to-day basis.”                Although standardized tests don’t indicate a student’s                 said. In [one’s] essays these activities can be explained in greater detail.”
     Policy-wise,      SHS      could      im-    full intelligence, they should not be entirely eliminated,                         Along with college essays, preparing and taking the
prove      by        implementing       small-    but instead, be optional, senior Rachel Edelman said.                        SAT and ACT’s cause students stress and anxiety, Toaz said.
scale     insulation,     Watterson       said.      “I think that [colleges and universities] should use these scores for        “Without a doubt I think students put pressure on
      “This could not only save the school        merit-based scholarships, but not necessarily only for that,” Edelman        themselves, I think parents put pressure on kids, I think
money, but could also teach the school a lot      said. “I think that these scores do still have a legitimate use in [college] any school environment puts pressure on kids,” she said.
about renewable energy,” he said. “Integrat-      acceptance, but that they [should be] more geared [towards] scholarships.”       Doing poorly on a test is not the end of the world, Yee McIntyre said.
ing renewable energy opportunities with               While standardized tests have not been completely                            “I think the important thing for students to understand is
education provides a great opportunity for        eliminated from the college admission’s process, students still              that for most schools, the standardized tests are not going
the student body to understand more about         need to make themselves more than just a number, Toaz said.                  to be the only thing that determines your success in the
renewable energy and the benefits of it.”             “[Students need to] be passionate about something and                    college selection process,” she said. “Students should focus
  On a more personal level, individuals could     follow that passion,” she said. “That passion will allow a                   on things they can control, like attending classes, doing
help the environment in many ways. The            student to be more than a number (GPA, test score, number                    homework and contributing to their community. Colleges
                                                  of honors/AP classes). That passion is something a student                   usually don’t want a bookworm who does well on bubble
U.S. uses over 5 million plastic bottles every
                                                  could be remembered for during the admission process.”                       tests. They want someone who will contribute positive
five minutes [and] cutting back on plastic
                                                    With selectiveness increasing at institutions like Syracuse,               energy to [their] campus and [who] will grow in college.”
use could greatly help the Earth, Miller said.
  “I encourage people to stop using the plastic

bags,” he said. “Buy some totes [from] Hein-                                                                     as I’ve seen it since I’ve started tracking [it] in 1999,”    and its counterparts that remain everlasting, Rubin said.
en’s or Wal-Mart; they’re very cheap if you                                                                      she said. “[As of October 6], the vacancy rate in the in-       “BycallingoffCentralPark,theresidentsofSolonare
think of how many times you’re going to use                                                                      dustrial district is below 6 percent, which is considered     certainlyaffected,mostlybywayofthelossoftheoppor-
them. Sixty thousand plastic bags are used in        “I’m kind of surprised that we’ve had as much activity      extremely healthy. At one point we were a little over 13      tunities that Central Park offered,” Rubin said. “[These
the U.S. every five seconds.You can really cut    going[on]inSolonaswehave,givenwhat’sgoingonin                  percent, just a few years ago. Even in the retail district,   were offerinngs such as] addressing traffic problems,
that number in half by using reusable totes.”     thegeneraleconomy,”Dorfmansaid.“We’vehadsome                   the overall vacancy rate in our various retail and com-       enhancing the city’s capacity to deal with storm water
       In retrospect, students have a great       really good projects come our way in 2008. For exam-           mercial districts is about 7 percent. We happen to have       management, strengthening the city’s sanitary sewer
impact on the movement for environ-               ple, L’Oreal USA, which is located in our industrial area,     some highly visible vacancies in the retail area which        treatment system, [and] adding significant income tax
mental sustainability. Personal changes           [is] doing kind of a face-lift to two of those three build-    gives the impression that we have a lot of vacancies, but     to the city budget and tax revenue for the schools. [Ad-
also factor into the movement for en-             ings that they own in town to modernize it and kind of         when you look at the numbers, that’s really not the case.     ditionally were] the new businesses, merchants, restau-
vironmental change, Reitman said.                 upgrade the image. Schwebel Baking Company is go-              [Another good sign is] the number indicator, which is         rants, residents and visitors that would [have] worked,
      “I’m really excited about the poten-        ing to be putting an addition onto their facility [of] about   the income tax [that] the city receives, and comparing        resided, shopped or visited Central Park. The state of
tial for a clean energy economy to re-            26,000 square feet. We have a company that will be             where we are so far in 2008 to where we were in 2007,         the economy has denied Solon and its residents what
energize not only our electric grid and           moving to Solon called SHI Heat, and their line of busi-       we’re doing just slightly better than we did last year.”      we believe [was] an incredible win-win opportunity.”
our schools, but also our economy with            ness is kind of high-end beauty salon tools. We’ve had               Although the
green jobs. It’s time that we started mak-        37 new businesses move into Solon so far in 2008. It sur-      economy             still
ing progress. Our schools need to be              prisesmethatbusinesseshavebeensobrisk[tomovein].               thrives in Solon, its
leaders [of environmental sustainabil-               “The other good indicator [of the poor economy’s lack       immediate down-
ity]. If nothing else comes across, it’s          of influence on the city of Solon] is the vacancy rate, and    fall has impacted
time for change. We can be that change.”          in our industrial area our vacancy rate is about as low        the city of Solon
SHS Courier                                                            CLUBS                                                              OCT. 31, 2008          5
GSA cur ves path for acceptance
By CARLYN JOSEPH                      “Diversity is not just about     can be involved, so those who      Dunmead or [myself] with        strength is planted and con-
Club Editor                        race, religion and color,”          do not fully understand can        personal issues because we      fidence blossoms, Kidd said.
                                   Gottfried-Smith said. “Sexual       join and ask questions.”           want to provide adult and        “I want people to know that
      According to a Lesbian,      orientation is also an assorted       Furthermore, students should     peer support. It is all about   by being true to yourself, it
Gay, Bisexual, Transgender         group that is a part of SHS, so     realize that their questions       trust and being able to have    doesn’t matter what others
and Questioning Youth Statis-      GSA’s motive circles around         serve to help make the topic       a place to go for that.”        think or believe because you
tics gathered from Case West-      uniting our school and help-        of sexuality more easily un-          Trusting others takes time   have accepted yourself and
ern Reserve University, 97         ing students feel more com-         derstandable to others present     but when a student lets his     that is what is most impor-
percent of all students reported   fortable in school and in their     during the discussion, Gott-       or her guard down, inner-       tant.”
regularly hearing homophobic       own skin.”                          fried-Smith said.
remarks from peers. The typi-         In turn, students who do not       “This group is going to meet
cal high school student hears      necessarily agree with homo-        to discuss general issues of
an anti-gay slur an average of     sexuality can at least under-       discrimination,     harassment,
25.5 times in a day. To help       stand more about the issue to       homophobia and orientation
decrease these numbers, SHS        help unite SHS even more,           more than conversing about
welcomes a newly created club      Kidd said.                          students’ own personal issues
called the Gay Straight Alli-           “It will broaden the hori-     or revelations of coming out
ance (GSA).                        zon so that the students in the     of the closet,” she said. “The
    No other club in SHS deals     school think outside of the box     focus will be on awareness,
with diversity in this light.      and become more open-mind-          education and acceptance. It
The specific purpose of GSA        ed,” he said. “People will learn    is important for students to
revolves around educating stu-     how to accept themselves and        know that if they have more
dents whether they understand      [others] around them. It will       personal things to share, there
and or agree with different        show that SHS accepts change        are resources in the building
sexual orientations, GSA Pres-     and can become even better          that they can go to for support,
ident Kyle Kidd said.              rounded in its ability to revo-     such as counselors, school psy-
  “GSA promotes awareness of       lutionize collectively.”            chologists or student assistance
issues presented in life, typi-         GSA takes a big chance in      facilitators.”
cally those that are not com-      SHS because it deals with a              For students who need to
monly practiced in everyday        subject that not many people        talk and vent about problems
society,” Kidd said. “GSA          can identify with personally        concerning their sexual ori-
wants to serve as an outlet for    and/or understand in general,       entation, GSA strives to point
students who may be dealing        Dunmead said.                       them in the direction of cer-
with orientation issues and           “We are the first club to deal   tain peers and staff members
[who are looking for] a safe       with the topic of homosexual-       who are available to help,
place for students to talk about   ity,” she said. “GSA wants to       Kidd said.
challenges and problems they       help make the student body as             “Mrs. Smith, the school
have faced.”                       a whole aware of this topic and     psychologist, calls her office
  GSA also aims to raise aware-    not just specific individuals       a safe place where students
ness regarding an often-ig-        who are already knowledge-          can come and talk about their      BRANCHING OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. GSA mem-
nored aspect of diversity, said    able about sexual orientation.      own personal issues and con-       bers hope to alter the sterotypical views of
GSA Adviser Valerie Gott-          It is important that GSA helps      flicts in confidence,” he said.    sexual orientation and promote change. Photo
fried-Smith.                       create a club where everyone        “Students can also see Jordan      used with permission by Lindsey Fer tig and Shaina Kass.
6   OCT. 31, 2008                                                         PEOPLE                                                                  SHS Courier

                  Codie Higer
     What is your weapon of choice? A nail file!
     What is the latest you’ve woken up? I’m awake?
     What is the last lame excuse that you made?
     “I think I’m naturally blonde−sorry!”
     How many times did you hit the snooze button on your
     alarm clock this morning?
       I just sleep through my alarm and wait to be dragged out of bed.
           Would you rather be rich or famous?
            Famous—I could just get a lot of free stuff!
            Do you always wish at 11:11?
              Nope, I’m always a minute late. I’ll look up at the clock and
                 see 11:12 and say, “Aw man!”
                       If you were invisible, where would you go?
                         Why does it matter? You can’t see me!
                         When you dance, you look like… Codie Higer
                       If you went to hell, what song would be playing        DONKEYS, ELEPHANTS, MODERATES, OH MY! The donkey and the elephant rep-
                      on a loop? “I Am the Walrus!”                           resent the Democratic Party and the Grand Old Party, respectively. Artwork by Violet Li.
                        What are you sick of hearing about?
                        The ugly-ahem, I mean JONAS Brothers.
                        What is the saddest movie you’ve ever                 Liberals, conservatives,
                   “ “A Walk to Remember,” I’ve seen it about a bajillion
                    times and I still sob.
                                                                              moderates, what?
                                                                                By SAVANNAH KANNBERG                            Liberal students may still agree with
                  Are you a grammar freak?                                      Asst. People Editor & Tech Editor
                                                                                                                             the war in Iraq, and it is possible for
                 I’m the sheriff of the grammar police.                           Empower the individual or use the          a conservative student to support the
               What song do you have caught in your head?                      government to solve problems? Should          choice of abortion.
              “I Am the Walrus!”                                               marriage only be between one man and              On figuring out one’s location on
             Are you really in love with the Jonas Brothers?                   one woman, or should it be legal for          the spectrum, government teachers Mr.
                                                                               all? Can a democracy succeed in Iraq?         Ashkettle and Mr. Nunney, both have
             UGH! EW!                                                          Should God be discussed in school,            excellent surveys that can serve as
              What’s a huge phobia that you have?                              or should all references be removed?          tools, DeFranco said.
                   Is there a phobia that I don’t have?                        Should healthcare remain privatized or          “They list different situations and re-
                      What sort of plastic surgery would you be                become free for all citizens?                 actions you might have towards [the
                      willing to get first?                                        In our world full of deceiving po-        situation],” she said. “All you have to
                                                                               litical ads, half-truths and manipulated      do is count up your responses and a
                        Two words: Michael Jackson.
                                                                               numbers, it is often very difficult to sort   graph tells you where you fall on the
                                                                               out where one falls on the great big po-      political spectrum-liberal, moderate or
                                                                               litical spectrum.                             conservative.”

              Raja Krishna
                                                                                    It is never easy to define what it          Students also need to ask themselves
                                                                               means to be a liberal or a conservative,      what they believe in, whether it is
                                                                               but it can be even tougher to differenti-     abortion, gay rights, wars, socialized

                                       SOPHOMORE                               ate the two ends of the spectrum.
                                                                                 The most convenient way to define a
                                                                                                                             health care, welfare and taxes, Thomas
     What makes you happiest? Factoring polynomials.                           liberal is by looking at his or her stance      “Voting comes down to basic beliefs
     Do you hate it when people call you “dear?”                               on the issues, said senior Rachel De-         and moral ideals,” he said.
                                                                               Franco, Young Liberals Club co-presi-           Now, on Nov. 4, the voting will begin
     If I say “no,” that’s weird. If I say “yes,” I offend Alex Arrabi.
                                                                               dent.                                         for the 2008 presidential election. Sen-
     Would you date your last ex again?                                         “We all differ [in] our [political] views.   ators John McCain and Barack Obama
     Would you jump out of a plane with no parachute?                          Not [all] liberals feel that gay marriage     have their own distinct views on the
     Are you over your most recent ex? Karun Pavithran?                        or abortion should be legal,” DeFranco        issues that have been splashed all over
     Kinda.                                                                    said.                                         magazine covers, newspaper headlines
                                                                                 Explaining the differences between          and TV ads.
     Do you know where “That’s What She Said” came
                                                                               conservatives and liberals does not nec-        Thomas supports Senator John Mc-
     from? Yes. What, you don’t?                                               essarily even come down to how people         Cain.
     Best cliché? Bros before…other girls.                                     feel about abortion or same-sex mar-             “I am a bit further right on the po-
     Who’s your role model? Tupac.                                             riage. It tends to refer more to the role     litical spectrum; however, [he is] very
     What is your life’s theme song?                                           of the government. For the most part,         conservative on social and moral is-
                                                                               conservatives believe that the role of        sues, much like I am,” he said.
     “Spoonman” by Soundgarden because of the line “All my
                                                                               the government should be to provide                DeFranco likes Senator Barack
       friends are Indians.”                                                   people the freedom necessary to pur-          Obama for the upcoming election.
            If you were on MTV’s “Made,” what would you                        sue their own goals, said junior Charlie       “Though we’re not identical on our
             want to be “made over” as?                                        Thomas, Young Conservatives Club co-          political views, we’re most definite-
              This is hypothetical, but could I say “male model”               president.                                    ly similar on the big issues such as
                                                                                 “Conservatives believe that less gov-       healthcare and our current situation in
              and still have my rights?
                                                                               ernment is better [and that] government       the Middle East,” she said.
             What reality show would you want to be on?                        should not cause problems, especially           Although liberals are not all the same,
            “From G’s to Gents.”                                               with respect to economics,” Thomas            the Young Liberals Club is being set
            What annoys you about some people?                                 said. “I feel that the people running         up to educate and foster understanding
              When I’m being sarcastic, they fail to laugh and/or              America’s companies know more about           of liberal viewpoints, DeFranco said.
                                                                               the small decisions that drive business            “We plan on delving into current
                get offended.
                                                                               [rather than the federal government].         political issues [that concern liberals]
                           Do you hold grudges?                                Liberals believe in more of a socialist       and encouraging students to vote [by
                             Oh, no, I don’t hold grudges. I treat             system; they believe the government           highlighting the importance of the po-
                                  those insolent little jerks the              should have more control [over many           litical process],” she said.
                                       same as I treat everyone.               things, including corporations].”               Young Conservatives Club, on the
                                                                                 Oftentimes, it is easy to get lost in the   other side of the spectrum, has speak-
                                        What is the funniest word
                                                                               claims of more or less government con-        ers coming in, as well as election time
                                              you have ever heard?             trol, which are made by both parties.         activities, Thomas said.
                                                     Kumquat.                  Sometimes it seems overwhelming to              “We hope that everyone comes out to
                                                                               sit down and watch CNN or MSNBC               a couple meetings [on Thursday morn-
                                                                               without first figuring out where one          ings at 7 a.m.] and sees what we’re
                                                                               stands on the issues.                         about,” he said.
SHS Courier                                                             PEOPLE                                                        OCT. 31, 2008       7
                                                                                                                Derek Belza
                                                                                                 What is your favorite day of the week?
                                                                                                 When Amanda comes to visit Kevin, Joe and me at lunch.
                                                                                                 What is the most played song on your iPod?
                                                                                                 Peanut Butter Jelly Time; Joe likes it a lot.
                                                                                                 Dream car?
                                                                                                 Nick Masterantoni’s AR.
                                                                                                 Where is your best place to think?
                                                                                                 Any where away from Brittany Merner.
                                                                                                 What is your most prized possession?
                                                                                                 My car Baxter.
                                                                                                 What is a question you have for SHS?
                                                                                                 Why do we have tenable staff?
                                                                                                 What’s under your bed?
                                                                                                 Joe Butkovic, except his feet.
                                                                                                 What is your favorite word in
                                                                                                 a different language and its
                                                                                                 meaning? Bop. It means soda pop.
                                                                                                 What is one fashion trend that
                                                                                                 you just don’t get?
                                                                                                 Drew Crow’s high-tops.
                                                                                                 What’s your favorite quote?
                                                                                                 “I love my cats.” — Dan Rosenberg
                                                                                                 If you had one wish, what would it
                                                                                                 be? That the Smokin’ Aces win it all.
                                                                                                 What is your favorite decade and
WELL-ROUNDED WOODS. As a teacher and pilot, Robert Woods uses his wit                            why?
to engage his science classes. This is only Woods’ second year of teaching at                    10,000 B.C. Stuff was easier then.
SHS, but he has adjusted very quickly to the different style of the classroom.                   What is your worst habit?
Photo by Lindsay Fertig.
                                                                                                 Always getting caught doing

Getting to know...
                                                                                                 something bad.
                                                                                                 Name three words that describe
                                                                                                 you as a person.

Mr. Woods
                                                                                                 You tell me?

People Editor
                                              taught you, especially if you tormented
                                              some of them. They still hold a grudge.
                                              Courier: What is one of your most
                                                                                                                Rachael Wood
     In room 218, science is not a typical
course. Frustrating lectures about mitosis
                                              memorable experiences teaching
                                              at SHS?
and meiosis and tedious equations solving     Woods: This is a tough one because I already       What is the biggest difference between you and someone
for the molarity of a solution somehow        have so many great memories in my short            you dated? I don’t cheat.
become less difficult. Robert Woods,          time here at Solon, but I have to say [that]       What would you want to bring back from the ‘80s?
a biology and chemistry teacher here          hearing Donnie Williams sing has given
                                                                                                 Borlin’s pucca shells and tie-dyed shirts.
at SHS, keeps his students wanting to         me a few nightmares. And you can always
learn. He institutes a relaxed learning       rely on Joe Piks for a good weekend story          If you could invent a sport, what would you call it?
environment and always adds humor to his      or [an] exciting answer to a class question.       J-Bird Catching.
everyday lessons. Upon request, Woods         Courier: What’s the best part about                Who is number 1 on your speed dial? CHA-CHA.
shared with us his experiences ever since     being a science teacher at this school?            What do you do when no one is watching?
he first became a Comet two years ago.        Woods: The best part of being a teacher here
                                                                                                 Go to Sheetz with the crew.
Courier: What made you choose to come         would have to be the students. They make
to SHS as a biology/chemistry teacher?        it enjoyable to come to work every day, and        What was the best moment of your life (so far)?
Woods: I graduated from college and           they play as integral a part as I do in teaching   Giterman’s 15th birthday.
was looking for a job. I got lucky when       great lessons. Every day is different and          What should be played in the five minutes between classes?
Solon offered me a position teaching          every student is unique, so getting to know        Dewey’s famous beats.
science. SHS is one of the top schools        them and building rapport with them is a
                                                                                                 What essential item do you use every day? Afrin.
in the state, so I of course wanted to        fun aspect of this job and makes it easier to
be a part of the great tradition here.        relate what we study to their lives. I won’t       What is your favorite TV show?
Courier: Why did you choose to study          lie, having the summer off is also a plus!         “True Life: My Boyfriend’s On the Team.”
the field of science?                         Courier: What’s one thing most students            What do people know you for? The wet dog.
Woods: I’ve always enjoyed science            don’t know about you?                              Who is your favorite teacher? Mrs. Kenzig.
and figuring out how things work. I           Woods: I text more than they do. Just
                                                                                                 What is your secret talent?
knew I either wanted to be a doctor or a      kidding! I can fly a single-engine plane and
teacher, and obviously education won.         I love to whenever I get the opportunity.          Splitting Michelle’s big toe open.
Courier: What are your thoughts about         Courier: What do your students                     What O.C. character are you most like?
SHS since you have been here?                 know you for?                                      Sanford Cohen.
Woods: It’s a great school, and I’m           Woods: I would say quick-witted humor.             What Facebook page did you visit last?
excited and honored to be a part of it!       Not everybody enjoys science, so we try to
                                                                                                 The “B-Day Dinner” thread.
Courier: What other teaching experience       make it fun and bring a light atmosphere to
do you have (other school districts, etc.)?   the cramped classroom that is room 218.            Who would star in a
Woods: After graduating from BGSU, I          Courier: What are your final thoughts              movie of your life?
taught half a year [the spring semester] at   that you would like to share with the                Seth Rogen.
Rocky River High School, my alma mater.       students at SHS?
Courier: How do these experiences             Woods: Thank you for making the beginning
compare to those at SHS?                      of my career here at Solon great and I look
Woods: Being at RRHS as a teacher             forward to watching you excel through your
showed me that it’s hard to go back           high school years and beyond. Just don’t
to where you went to high school as a         forget about your science teacher when
grown-up and teach with the people that       you’re millionaires in your future careers!
8   OCT. 31, 2008                                                                   IN-DE

         Many have heard the old wives’ tales about spilled salt and
         spider webs. But where exactly do these tales come from? Take a
         look at where some of the most popular superstitions originat-
          ed according to Claudia de Lys’s 8,414 Fascinating Superstitions.

                    The rabbit foot charm
                  makes itself quite prev-
                  alent among today’s
                 luck-seekers. Sadly, the
                 trinket provides only
                psychological support.                       Most people have knocked on wood to a
             According to the supersti-                    luck at some point in their lives. This o
                                                           in old folklore in which trees were detail
     tion, to be a surefire talisman, the
                                                           homes of gods. These gods were seen as t
     rabbit’s foot must be the hind left                   brought about seasonal changes in the t
     foot of a rabbit killed under the full                trees (or just wood) were touched when a
     moon by a cross-eyed person.                          vors of the gods, and touched again in app
                                                           of favors received.

         One will naturally keep
       his or her fingers crossed
       for good luck. Originally,
       the gesture was support-
       ed by the belief that the
       cross symbolized perfect
       unity, holding the wish where
       the lines met. When people first started
       crossing their fingers, it was done in pairs.                           In many cultures, sal
       The wish-maker and a supporter placed                             sents tears to be shed du
       their index fingers atop one another in                     ness of tears. In Norwegian cu
       hopes that the wish would come true. As
                                                                 tears must be shed as needed to d
       time elapsed, this was performed sin-
                                                                 spilled, while New Englanders thr
                                                                 grains on the stove to dry up any te
EPTH                                                                                                                 SHS Courier                                                         9
                                       Old tales suggest that spider webs have
                                     much meaning due to the natural talent of the
                                     arachnids that spin the webs. Supposedly, when
                                     one runs into a spider web, he or she may expect
                                     to meet a new friend. When a spider drops a single
                                     thread and returns upward, good news may be on
                                     the way, whereas if the spider continues downward, bad
                                     news could lie ahead.

           Those with manners will, without prompt, say “God bless you”
         in response to a sneeze. In older times, man believed that the ba-
                  sic essence of life resided in the head in the form of air.

                                                                                                                                                   Text and graphics by Martha Dittoe.
                    This air could be expelled by something as simple as
                     a sneeze. It was believed that to sneeze was to
                       stop living for a brief moment, which
                       created the polite phrase to hinder
                      any possible catastrophe.

                                                                                                       Artwork by Melissa Breeden and Violet Li.
 avoid bad
 led as the
those who
 trees. The                    On one’s wedding day, the throwing of
 asking fa-                 rice proves customary. In most Asian
preciation                  countries, rice symbolizes prosperity
                            and success. It is seen as a bestowal of
                            health, wealth and happiness upon the newlyweds.
                                                                                                                                                                                         Information provided by Claudia de Lys’s “8,414 Fascinating Superstitions.”

                                                                       Many people say that cats have nine lives.
                                                                      Originally, this was said by the ancient Egyp-
                                                                      tians, who endowed the feline with these
 lt spilled repre-                                                extra lives in reverence of its extraordinary abil-
ue to the salti-                                               ity to always land on its feet. The number nine
ulture, as many                                               stems from the Trinity, the sacred Egyptian symbol
dissolve the salt                                            of mother, father and son. A multiplication of three
 row the spilled                                             times three was a great expression of honor, which
 ears in advance.                                         the Egyptians granted the cat.
10             OCT. 31, 2008                              FEATURE                                                     SHS Courier

Does each
                                                                   For over 60 percent of Americans, the fact that they
                                                                elect the electors is not enough. A poll conducted by
                                                      , a human nature and behavior study

vote count?
                                                                site, in the year 2000 revealed that 61 percent of Ameri-
                                                                cans favored the elimination of the Electoral College.

                                                                Because of this favored elimination, there have been several
By EDEN PECHA                                                 attempts to abolish the Electoral College, although none have
Feature and Copy Editor
                                                               been successful. In order to abolish this historic process,
   Contrary to what some may believe, the Electoral             members of both the House and the Senate would have to
College is not a place; it’s actually a process formed         create a constitutional amendment, which is difficult to cre-
by our country’s founding fathers as a way to elect           ate without the majority of America supporting the eradica-
the president. This historical method was created as a         tion of this historical method of election. The most recent
compromise between the general public and Congress              attempt was in 1969 when the House passed an amendment
for the election of the president in 1787. For many             to remove it; however, the amendment failed when it only
years, people have questioned the aptitude of this pro-        received 54 out of the required 67 votes in the Senate. Be-
cess for picking the best candidate. This question was         cause of this lack of senatorial votes, on Nov. 4 Americans all
again brought up in the 2000 election when George              over the country will be electing the electors, not the presi-
W. Bush won the Electoral College vote, but lost the           dent himself.
popular vote to Al Gore by over 50,000. The re-oc-
curring question on every voter’s lips then becomes,
                                                                All information provided by and
“Does my vote really count?”

   Although the president is not elected directly by
the popular vote, and although the Constitution
states that “each popular vote has no legal signifi-
cance,” every vote goes towards determining which
candidate receives each state’s electoral
votes. One reason for Bush’s victory
over Gore in 2000 was because states
that were Democratic did not have as
many electoral votes as those that were
Republican states.
Artwork by Violet Li
  SHS Courier                                                      COLLEGE                                                                             OCT. 31, 2008              11
Dear SHS Students,                                                                                                                                 one of MSU’s most famous programs.
        Before you begin reading                                                                                                                   MSU’s leading public school Inter-
this, I want to let you know that                                                                                                                  national Study Abroad program gives
the school I am about to talk                                                                                                                      students the opportunity to study at 60
highly of is NOT the University                                                                                                                    different countries located on all seven
of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I at-                                                                                                                    continents. Spartans can study during
tend Michigan State University                                                                                                                     any time of the year, for anywhere from
in East Lansing, Michigan. Like                                                                                                                    two weeks to one semester at various lo-
many people, I thought the only                                                                                                                    cations pertaining to students’ majors or
large school in Michigan was The                                                                                                                   interests.
Ohio State University’s biggest ri-                                                                                                                   If Study Abroad doesn’t sound appeal-
val; the school I was conditioned                                                                                                                  ing, students may also stay on campus
to loathe strictly because of the                                                                                                                  and learn at some of the best specialty
state I lived. I proved myself quite                                                                                                               schools in the country. Known for one
wrong as I discovered the Michi-                                                                                                    of the best business hospitality schools in the nation,
gan State University Spartans while flipping through                                                                                as well as the James Madison College that pertains
pages of a “Top 500 Colleges in America” book.                                                               Photos used with       to majors in international relations, MSU students
                                                                                                             permission from
    As I applied to colleges last year, I knew I wanted a                                                     have 19 colleges with a diverse selection of majors to
Big Ten school, preferably out of state, that had multiple                                                                          choose from.
opportunities and connections for various internships                                                                                    To take a break from studying, students at MSU
and post-college work. I have already found contacts
through professors in my major of journalism who have
                                                                    Michigan State Univercity                                       enjoy their weekends by cheering on this year’s excel-
                                                                                                                                    lent football team, a hockey team that won the 2007
been editors at Newsweek magazine and revolutionaries                         Enrollment: 36,072                                    NCAA championships and a basketball team with its
in the web design industry. It has been said to my class-               Location: East Lansing, Michigan                            lively student cheering section known as the “Izzone.”
mates multiple times that many employers are eager to                                                                               The leader of all Spartan spirit, of course, is MSU’s
                                                                          Out of state tuition: $22,343
help out their fellow Spartans anywhere in the country.                                                                             three-time top collegiate mascot known as Sparty. I
    Being one of only two Solon alumnae who currently                    SAT Middle 50%: 1470-1870                                  find myself going to football games and buying season
attend MSU, I got the opportunity to start completely                      ACT Middle 50%: 23-27                                    basketball tickets even though I am not a sports buff.
over and meet tons of new people. Because MSU is such                     Campus Environment: Town                                      Michigan State University is the perfect school for
a large school with about 36,000 undergraduates, I have                       School Type: Public                                   those who want to leave the state of Ohio but still want
found that the best way to meet people is to become ac-                 Average High School G.P.A.: 3.6                             to have a three and a half hour drive away from home.
tive in clubs and organizations. Whether it is becoming a                                                                           I feel honored to be associated with the reputation and
part of Greek life by joining a fraternity or a sorority like             Student-Faculty Ratio: 17:1                               spirit that comes with being an MSU Spartan!
I have, joining clubs like the Salsa Club or playing an in-              School website for more facts:
tramural sport such as dodge ball, there are so many op-                                                                                                  Sparty on,
                                                                                                                                                                         Becca Stolarsky
portunities to meet people who share similar interests.                                                                                                               SHS Class of 2008
                                                                   Information courtesy of
     Students with interests in traveling may partake in                                                                                          Michigan State University Class of 2012

Layout and Stories by LIZ HAWK and JAYDE KEE                                                                                              noise. The pool is now used as a dance studio,
College Editors
                                                                                                                                          but that doesn’t mean that the ghost has gone.
                                                                                                                                          Dancers have seen wet footprints leading into
Ohio State University                                                                                                                     the old locker room, ghostly figures have stared
                                                                                                                                          at passers- by, showers have mysteriously turned
    Ever imagine getting stuck in an elevator all night long                                                                              on and off and splashes can still be heard from
and having no way out? That fear came true for a girl in Hop-                                                                             the bone-dry dance studio. Kenyon has haunted
kins Hall, the art building at Ohio State. She had a nervous                                                                              swimming pools, dance studios and even the
breakdown and started writing things all over the elevator                                                                                Gateway to Hell. What more could you fear?
wall. After a while, she got rescued from the elevator. (She
graduated shortly after. Tragically, she died in an unrelated
car accident after that.) Students today claim they see notes
or engraved writings of revenge all over the wall in that par-
                                                                                                                                         Bowling Green
                                                                                                                                         State University
ticular elevator in which she was trapped in. That isn’t the
only tragic story, though. Herbert Atkinson, a board trustee,
died in 1950 in Bricker Hall shortly after a board meeting.
For some reason, his ashes were buried in a plaque behind a                                                                                   Bowling Green State University’s Brown and
wall in Bricker Hall, a few buildings west of Hopkins Hall.                                                                               Saint Theater has its very own Phantom of the
The rumors continue to say that every once in a while you                                                                                 Opera, Alice. Alice, the ghost of a former Bowl-
can see him drinking punch in front of the plaque where the                                                                               ing Green actress, has a very picky attitude and
meeting took place, and the lights flicker on and off.                                                                                    has the students and faculty appeasing her. She
                                                                                                                                          wants them to leave the theater ghost lights on,
Ohio University                                                                                                  Photos used with
                                                                                                                                          and she must get a formal invitation to every
                                                                                                                                          show by the stage manager right after the final
    Harry Potter’s ghostly enemy Peeves has a reputation of                                                      permission from          dress rehearsal. If either one of these demands
disturbing the peace at Hogwarts. He is infamous for taunt-                                                      www.                     has not been completed, the supernatural events
ing students, throwing and sometimes dropping strange                                                           will destroy the show. Alice may haunt the the-
objects near students and teachers. If you think Peeves is                                                                                ater, but Amanda, a pledge accidentally killed
bad, you haven’t met the 1950 look-a-like ghost of Jefferson
Hall, a residence hall at Ohio University. This female ghost
                                                                   Kenyon College                                                         in a railroad initiation, haunts Chi Omega. The
                                                                                                                                          sisters at Chi Omega have labeled one room as
likes to sit in an unused room at a desk and frighten the          The “Hell Mouth” opening supposedly appeared at Ken-                   “Amanda’s Room,” which has had the most pol-
students in the building by making the lights flash on and         yon College’s main gates. Students now pass by to touch                tergeist activity. In “Amanda’s Room,” things
off and the toilets flush and tissue papers unravel by them-       this wall so in the future they won’t end up in Hell. But the          have disappeared and reappeared in the house
selves. Her favorite trick, though, is to go to the top floor in   Gates don’t represent the only supernatural occurrences at             utility room, and a closet locks on its own accord.
the wee hours of the night and make the “Marble Sound,”            Kenyon College. Shaffer Pool Building, now Bolton Dance                Every year, in order to avoid upsetting Amanda,
a sound of someone dropping hundreds of marbles onto the           Studio, has also experienced the paranormal. Apparently,               the sisters leave a blank space in their house
floor. Like the Jefferson Hall ghost, a poltergeist at Bush        a student using the indoor high diving board jumped too                photo to include her. Alice, Brown and Saint
Hall, a woman’s dormitory at Ohio University, likes to turn        high and cracked his neck on the glass ceiling, thus falling           Theater’s Phantom of the Opera, and Amanda,
the water faucets on and off at night, which makes the sound       into the pool and drowning. Lifeguards said that they heard            the dead sister of Chi Omega at Bowling Green
of dripping water. Nobody knows why these ghosts terrorize         noises and thrashing in the water, but when they went to               State University, have sent chills to students who
the campus, and nobody dares to find out.                          go save the student, “the sound” vanished without another              walk on the campus of BG.
12              OCT. 31, 2008                                            SPORTS                                                                                       SHS Courier

Real reasons to remember

                            Kater’s Column
                                               Scott Kater

         et the critics run their mouths on the radio. Let them
         write their words on the walls of their forums and
         Facebooks. Let them discuss their disappointment
in the bars, banks and burger joints, or wherever else they
feel intelligent and accepted. Let them. I hope they nev-
er attend another Solon football game again. They don’t
deserve it. Watching our Comets break the banner ev-
ery Friday night puts joy in the hearts of true fans, win or
lose; our Comets are our Comets and we love them for it.
       Yes, the football team missed the cut to feature in the
2008 playoffs. The post-season passage once anticipated by
Soloners no longer exists; Solon’s spoiled ride of expected
perfection has come to a close at the hands of young men
who never ceased to represent diligence, honor and pride
throughout the entire season. These men fell short, shattered       NEW LEADERSHIP. Girls volleyball team celebrates successes with new coaches at practice. Photo by Alexander Denker.

                                                                    New coaches continue tradition
the streak of Solon playoff appearances and yet made me
more proud to wear my blue and gold than any other Solon
team I have ever watched, played on or worshipped as a tot.
      In Solon, football begins when football ends. Lifting,
running and making your name starts when the last whistle           By ALEX FORKOSH                                         work, trust, mental toughness and ball control, will
shrieks—the off-season does not exist. Around the clock and         Editor-in-Chief                                         prove crucial to the success of the girls this sea-

around the calendar, the returning players, coaches and wide-                 ith the resignations of coach Fitzgerald, son. Every practice is geared towards preparing the
eyed rookies work toward the next grueling fall of hard hits                  coach Kestner and coach Tresko came three team for the level of play they need to reach in order
and rough conditioning. The tradition of Solon football re-                   new coaches and a continued dedication to to perform at their highest possible level, Guard said.
cruits by itself. As Rockets or Ducks, kids dream to give their               preserving the tradition of Solon volleyball.     “We work on every aspect of the game throughout
lives to the blue and gold gridiron gang. Every grade believes      Together, head coach Liz Guard, a former Eastern the weeks,” Guard said. “In trying to become a more de-
its own dominance and its own entitlement to the crown of           Kentucky University starter and All-American, as- fensive and ball-control minded team, we focus a lot on
“Best Solon Team Ever.” The players work from pee-wee to            sistant coach Katy Gentile, a former high school vol- defensive drills and serve receive. We also work on fight-
puberty to prove they deserve a spot on their high school squad.    leyball state champion and JV coach Vicky Gentile, a ing back and responding to another team. [This year’s
      Most athletes quit. Most don’t have the heart to grind it     former Clarion University starter and All-American, team is a different team] that requires a different focus.”
out. It is not easy to give everything to anything, even to a       comprise a new group                                                                                 The coaches’ com-
program such as ours that simply demands respect and effort         of hard-working, ac-                                                                              mitment to improv-
and makes you a local movie-star for doing so. The players          complished volley-                                                                                ing defensive play
of the 2008 team are no different. The 2009 graduates banded        ball players whose                                                                                has certainly not
together early, they bruised bodies, broke bones and bent over      goal is to continue                                                                               gone unnoticed, and
backwards for one another. They didn’t grow up to be a team;        at the level of ex-                                                                               many of the girls feel
instead, they grew up as a team. They developed as a unit—a         cellence that the                                                                                 that this new strat-
family any outsider wished to attend picnics with. No, they did     previous       coach-                                                                             egy has helped them
not make the playoffs, but to take anything away from these         ing staff has set.                                                                                to increasingly im-
men would be a crime no true fan would ever dare to commit.                The new So-                                                                                prove, Kuehner said.
     Look back. Gaze at the past, glance at the memories and        lon coaches are no                                                                                        “Individually,
decide on your favorite one. Pick out the play, game or player      strangers to one                                                                                  I’ve become a bet-
that brings chills down your spine and a smile on your face         another, as they all                                                                              ter defensive player
at every thought of this chance at ability, pride or tradition.     coached Beaumont’s                                                                                and have improved
        This year’s team does not lack the big names. Joe           team before coming                                                                                my serve receive,”
Janasek and Andy McGill seem to warp around the                     to Solon, Guard said.                                                                             she said. “I’ve also
field—their helmets find the ball almost every play.                “I love my assis-                                                                                 been more effec-
       The offensive line, anchored by returning starters Sam       tant coaches, and                                                                                 tive in the front row
Gaeth, Alex Littel and Justin Woo, works hard every day to          we work awesome                                                                                   by getting more
improve its protection and run blocking. The boys’ hearts           together,” she said.                                                                              kills and blocks.”
are huge, and they fight every down for their teammates.            “They are very smart                                                                                    Alyssa Harford,
    Matt Piscitello and Mark Ruby started two years on defense      when it comes to the                                                                              another member of
and both contributed to the game saving kick-off in Massillon.      game of volleyball,                                                                               the senior tri-captain-
Remember them for that play, recall them for their athletic abil-   experienced,and                                                                                   ship, is also grateful
ity, embrace them for their heart and their love of the game and    they give all they                                                                                for the new coaches’
bring them to mind when you reminisce about defensive speed.        have to Solon vol-                                                                                dedication to the team.
      The seniors as a group represent what these individuals       leyball. They always                                                                                      “The coaches
display. They also received help from underclassmen this sea-       have the girls’ best                                                                              are      approachable
son. Darryl Baldwin is a one-of-a-kind athlete; Ocho Cinco          interests in mind.”                                                                               and have given up a
will play college ball at the highest level and deserves to be             Senior Kelsey                                                                              lot of time and en-
remembered as a playmaker and superstar, not a contributor          Kuehner, a tri-cap-                                                                               ergy for our team,”
to a “losing effort.” Juan Lemus and Kyle Hammonds had              tain and Appalachian                                                                              Harford said. “The
outstanding seasons as ball carriers and special team elec-         State University re-                                                                              team as a whole,
trifiers. Jake Voigt took control of games as he was getting        cruit, can attest to                                                                              [coaches included],
used to and learning the job. His determination will go un-         the coaches’ knowl-                                                                               has put forth great
matched—too bad they don’t have a column for that in the            edge of the game.                                                                                  energy to succeed,
programs. Every player, named or unnamed, played or                            “The big- BREAK DOWN. Senior captains Jess Mueller and Kelsey Kuehner get               and we have all got-
benched, merit recognition for his hard work and contribu-          gest change this ready to return a kill from teammates in practice. Photo by Alex ander Denker.    ten along incredibly.
tion to another entertaining season of Solon football. None         year has been the                                                                                  I will miss each per-
of them deserve disrespect. Playoffs or not, these students         amount of time that’s been focused on defense,” son             so     much         [once]      the    season      ends.”
are entitled to the same respect they gave to the city this fall.   Kuehner said. “Our coaches are all about being de-                Harford’s feeling is one not only felt by
      So, if you don’t already know any of the 2009, 2010 or        fensive players first, so the first day of pre-season the players, but also shared by the coaches.
2011 players who gave their lives to the gridiron this foot-        was defensive drills only. [The coaches] have made          “There is something more important than winning
ball season, and if all you have to remember them by is             the team more disciplined and hardworking than that we all understand as coaches and that will reflect
their faces on the playoff milk carton, then I feel sorry           in years past. As a team, our coaches have given us on the volleyball team and make us very successful,”
for you. I pity you because for the last four years of high         all the tools we need to succeed. In games, we play Guard said. “I am very thankful for my great coaches.
school, you missed out on your chance to know some of               with more confidence and heart than in past years.” The team has been very cooperative; the girls on this
the best teammates, students or friends life has to offer.                An emphasis on defense, in addition to team- time are a great group. We [work] together as one unit.”
    SHS Courier                                                       SPORTS                                                                                      OCT. 31, 2008            13
SHS swimmers splash towards success
                                                                                                                                                     Girls Cross Countr y
                                                                                                                                                     The Solon Lady Comets Cross
                                                                                                                                                     Country team has continued to
                                                                                                                                                     run strong throughout the season.
                                                                                                                                                     They won the Gilmour Invitation-
                                                                                                                                                     al as well as the Tomahawk Run
                                                                                                                                                     at Walsh. The team also placed
                                                                                                                                                     third at the Medina Invitational.
                                                                                                                                                     Recently, junior Brooke Simpson
                                                                                                                                                     ran a personal best of 19:43 while
                                                                                                                                                     senior Rachel Kalayjian also ran a
                                                                                                                                                     personal best of 19:57.
WORKING HARD. Solon swimmers train during one of their morning practices. Photo by Alex Denker.
By BRAD ANSEC                                                        how to work hard and stay on task,” Gallagher said. “It has its pros            Wrestling
                                                                     and cons.”
Sports Editor
                                                                         Because of swimming’s extensive schedule and time, keeping
                                                                                                                                                     This month the wrestling team
     From waking up four days a week at five in the morning to       the team motivated can be difficult. You’re essentially committed               will have two scrimmages and
practicing a colossal 26 hours a week before and after school,       year-round, Davidson said.
swimmers often find themselves spending more time with their              “You get maybe two to five weeks off in [the] spring and a                 condition every Monday after
teammates than with their own family because of the very dedi-       week off in the fall,” he said. “Out of 52 weeks, you’re going about            school. The team will also need
cated Solon swimming program.                                        49 weeks throughout the whole year. During the year, kids get fa-
     There is a rich history of great swimmers in Solon. The first   tigued. I have removed kids for two to three days because they are              help with the Comet Classic on
NCAA woman’s player of the year in any sport was a Solon             so tired. ”
swimmer named Catherine Burns. She graduated in 1988 and                 During the year, the team splits up the season into four-week               Dec. 5 and 6. If interested, please
continued to swim at the University of Tennessee, said Head Var-     cycles with training emphasis in regards to general fitness, aero-              see Coach Digiovanni for details.
sity Swimming Coach Mike Davidson.                                   bic devolvement, anaerobic development and tapering, David-
     “When I came back [to coach] in 2002, I was pushing that I      son said.
would not tolerate anything less than greatness due to the fact          “We’ll probably spend four weeks in general fitness,” he said.              Boys Cross Countr y
that the title of Solon being dominant had almost disappeared,”      “We’ll spend a mass majority of the time in aerobic develop-
Davidson said.                                                       ment, probably 12 to 16 weeks. Then we get into anaerobic de-                   The Boys Cross Country team will
    The team’s practice system became implemented in Solon in        velopment, which is speed work and race-preparation; we are
2002, he said.                                                       probably in that phase for six to eight weeks. Then you have a                  travel to Columbus for States on
    “This system is something that we view as a valued system,”      taper phase, which is your resting or recovery period, that lasts               Nov. 1. The team will continue to
Davidson said. “It has been used at the collegiate level. Divi-      anywhere from two to three weeks long. From there, everything
sion one college programs cannot practice over 20 hours a week.      is developed into that plan.”                                                   defend their title as ninth in the
We practice 26 hours a week. So we train higher than a college           Morning practices are worked four times a week into this plan.
program; we have a strenuous regiment. The kids are very aware       These practices are strictly focused on power development strength
                                                                                                                                                     state. Keep an eye out for fresh-
of what is expected of them every day. The training is so strenu-    in the water, Davidson said.                                                    man Ethan Wise.
ous due to the fact that we have to uphold the title of being a          “[On] Monday mornings we work endurance,” he said. “Tues-
dominant team.”                                                      days we work on active rest, which is race preparation. [On]
       The system consists of practice starting at 5:30 a.m. Dur-    Wednesdays we do lactaid development, and on Saturdays we                       Football
ing the morning practices (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and          do something called lactaid endurance. In the mornings we use
Saturdays,) the team either works in the weight room or swims        weight belts, we do a lot of fin kicking and we have parachutes. We             The Comets capped off their sea-
the entire time. After the two hour and ten minute practice ends     [also] use paddles and buoys.”
at 7:10 a.m., the team then showers and goes to school, senior             The team practices from November until January because
                                                                                                                                                     son with a 24-0 loss in the down
swimmer Greg Lavins said.                                            swimming is a fitness component and humans are not designed to                  pouring rain against the Strongs-
     “Morning practices initially wake you up,” Lavins said. “It     swim, Davidson said.
feels good for everyone to exercise in the morning compared to          “We are not fish,” he said. “We swim from side to side instead [of]          ville Mustangs, finishing the sea-
the afternoons. It gives you a better chance of working on what      on our side. We rotate from the left side to the right side. It takes a lot
you want. And of course, working in the weight room is always        of time to teach the muscle memory what to learn, both in regards to
                                                                                                                                                     son with a 6-4 record. This loss
going to make you [a] better [swimmer]. You always need to get       technique and in regards to training capacities. It then takes a mas-           offically knocks the Comets out
bigger and stronger for swimming. But also, you’re very tired        sive amount of fitness to be the best swimmer you can be.”
first period, and it’s hard to stay awake in class.”                        In swimming, unlike almost all the other sports, the swim-               of the playoff race.
    During swim season, swimmers focus mainly on swimming.           mers are with each other for so much time. When you add it up, the
Because school is really the only other obligation the swimmers      swimmers are with the team more than they are with their family,
have, the swimmers really only do two things, they swim and go       Lavins said.
                                                                                                                                                     Sportsline information written by Journalism I
to school, he said.                                                     “You go to pasta parties together, you’re at meets all day togeth-
    “After swimming practice, you get home at around seven, do       er, you’re practicing all day together,” he said. “You’re all under             students Josh Schechter, Evan Swenson, Juliette
your homework, eat and go to bed,” Lavins said.                      the same physical strain and you all are under the same problems                Lowman and Jamie Lautenschleger.
    Swimming is a full-time commitment and takes away a lot of       whether you are the fastest one or [the] slowest one. Practice is
free time, sophomore swimmer Jamie Gallagher said.                   hard, [but] you get a bond of friendship out of this great experience
    “It teaches you time management, how to stay organized and       at the very least.”

                               Rising Star                                                                                          Peak Performer
                                     Ethan Wise started out the season by                                                                          Kelsey Kuehner has lead the Solon
                                     running a fantastic mid-19 minute 5k                                                                          Lady Comets Volleyball team to a 7-11
                                     race at Canton GlenOak and continued                                                                          record. As a starting middle, Kelsey
                                     to improve his time throughout the sea-                                                                       has lead her team offensively with an
                                     son. Wise recently ran his best time in                                                                       exorbitant amount of kills. Kelsey an-
                                     the 5k race of 18.27 minutes at the NOC                                                                       ticipates taking her team all the way
                                     Conference meet in Strongsville on Oct.                                                                       to the 2008 State Championships.
                                     11. Wise’s continued effort and determi-
      ETHAN WISE                     nation paid off as he earned the rare ac-                                KELSEY KUEHNER                       Rising Star and Peak Performer written by Journal-
        Freshman                     complishment of lettering as a freshman.                                      Senior                          ism I students Evan Swenson and Kaila Kushner.
      Cross Country                                                                                              Volleyball
14           OCT. 31, 2008                                     EVENTS                                                                                   SHS Courier

Reporter                 Entertainment Editor
                                                                                                                                         Relient K
                                                                                                                                         with Ludo
                                                                                                                                 at House of Blues.
                                                                                                                                 Doors open at 7
                                                                                                                                 p.m. Tickets on sale
                                                                                                                                 for $17.50.
                                                                                                                                                              The Smashing
                                                                                                                                                              Pumpkins per-
                                                                                                                                                              form at Play-
                                                                                                                                                        house Square at 7:30
                                                                                                                                                        p.m. Ticket prices

 2                        3                       4                          5                         6                        7                        8
        Cleveland               Sara Bareilles          The Academy                 Cleveland                Cleveland                Cleveland                  Free writ-
        Browns vs.              with      Marc          Is... with spe-             Cavaliers vs.            Browns vs.               Cavaliers vs.              ing work-
        Baltimore               Broussard and           cial guests We              Chicago Bulls            Denver Bron-             Indiana Pac-               shop     at
 Ravens at Cleveland     Raining Jane at House     the Kings at Bogarts     at Quicken Loans Are-     cos at Cleveland         ers at Quicken Loans      Barnes and Noble at
 Browns Stadium at       of Blues. Doors open      Theatre at 7 p.m.        na at 8 p.m. Tickets on   Brown Stadium at         Arena at 7:30 p.m.        2 p.m.
 1 p.m. Tickets start    at 7 p.m. Tickets on      Tickets on sale for      sale for $50.             8:15 p.m. Tickets on     Tickets on sale for
 at $32.                 sale.                     $21.                                               sale for $32.            $50.

 9                       10                       11                        12                        13                        14                       15
        “Kung Fu Pan-                                   David Archul-                                         Cleveland                  The Sisters              Down with
                                                                                     Dredg, Jug-
        da” with the                                    eta’s self-titled                                     Cavaliers vs.              of Mercy                 s p e c i a l
                                                                                     dement Day
        voices of Jack                                  CD is released                                        Denver Nug-                perform at               guests Dana-
                                                                                     and Tele-
Black, Jackie Chan                                for a list price of                                 gets at Quicken Loans     Bogarts Theatre at 8    va performs at Bogarts
                                                                            screen perform at
and Angelina Jolie is                             $18.98.                                             Arena at 7 p.m. Tick-     p.m. Tickets on sale    Theatre at 8 p.m. Tick-
                                                                            Agora Ballroom at
released on DVD for                                                                                   ets on sale for $50.      for $28.                ets on sale for $30.
                                                                            7:30 p.m. Tickets on
                                                                            sale for $13.

                          17                       18                        19                        20                      21
                                   “All Shook                                        All    Time

 16                                                                                                                                                      22
          Lake Erie                                        Second-                                             “Where                                              “All Shook
                                   Up” dinner              hand Ser-                 Low     with              The Side-
          Monsters                                                                                                                                                 Up” dinner
                                   and    show             enade and                 Mayday Pa-                walk Ends”
          vs. Hart-                                                                                                                                                and show
                         at Carousel Dinner       Cute is What We Aim       rade, The Maine and       is performed by SCA
 ford Wolf Pack at                                                                                                                                       at Carousel Dinner
                         Theatre. Times of per-   For at the House of       Every Avenue at Bo-       students at Solon
 Quicken Loans Are-                                                                                                                                      Theatre. Times of
                         formances and ticket     Blues. Doors open at      garts Theatre at 6:30     Center for the Arts at
 na at 3 p.m. Tickets                                                                                                                                    performances and
                         prices vary.             6 p.m. Ticket prices      p.m. Tickets on sale      7 p.m. Performance
 on sale.                                                                                                                                                ticket prices vary.
                                                  vary.                     for $17.                  is free.
SHS Courier                                               ENTERTAINMENT                                                                                                       OCT. 31, 2008                    15
Cedar Lee celebrates 20 years of ‘Rocky Horror’

LET’S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN. Cedar Lee’s 20th anniversery follows the tradition of midnight showings of the well-known cult classic, “The Rocky Horror
Picture Show.” Photo by Shaina Kass and Lindsay Fertig.
                                                          performance and audience participation, while           film until [this year],” Gould said. “I always         using props,” he said. “[Some] examples [are]
Entertainment Editor                                      incorporating humor, horror and a campy story           knew Cedar Lee showed the film and performed           throwing rice during the wedding scene when
                                                          line. It’s known for people arriving in costumes,       a show just below the screen, but I never really       they’re throwing rice in the film, dancing during
     While looking at the calendar of events for          dancing along with the cast and having a great time     got the chance to experience [it] in the past.         ‘The Time Warp,’standing up for Frank after ‘I’m
things to do in the Cleveland area, one always            all throughout, but if people prefer to sit the whole   Despite the film being very out of the ordinary,       Going Home,’and it has also become an audience
faces a tough decision. Some gatherings may               time, that’s perfectly welcomed as well, said Kev.      I found the entire experience very fun, different      tradition at the Cedar Lee to dance during ‘Hot
involve attending a sports game, a concert or             J. Boycik, Rocky Horror floorshow producer.             and festive.”                                          Patootie.’
just going out for coffee. But for those who                   “There is no dress code at our show,” Boycik            For those people who have missed out on                Because of the audience participation, Rocky
want to experience something out of this world,           said. “Some groupies love to dress up like their        the thrilling experience of seeing “The Rocky          Horror is a truly memorable, eye-opening
Cleveland’s very own Cedar Lee Movie theatre              favorite Rocky Horror character, and some people        Horror Picture Show” in a theatre, they are            experience. If people get a chance to do one thing
continues their 20-year tradition of showing the          will just put on whatever outrageous outfit they        considered what other viewers like to call a           in their lives, they should attend the Rocky Horror
most memorable cult classic film, “The Rocky              can put together. You don’t have to dress up            “virgin,” Boycik said.                                 Show, senior Adam Miller said.
Horror Picture Show.”                                     like a character, [but] we encourage you to wear              “Don’t be afraid; it’s nothing to be ashamed         “It’s a lot of fun; it gives everyone an excuse to
     The plot of the show begins when a newly             whatever you like as long as it’s within reason.”       of,” he said. “If you’ve never been to the show,       dress up and get a chance to let loose and dance
engaged couple’s car breaks down in the middle of            Boycik is also the founding member of “Simply        it’s very easy to learn most of the basic audience     around while the film is playing in the theatre,”
a rainstorm, and the closest shelter is in the isolated   His Servants,” the Rocky Horror floorshow cast          participation. ‘Virgin sacrificing/initiations’ have   Miller said. “I consider it to be one of the best times
castle down the street. Little does the couple            who has been together since late 1994. The cast         become a rite of passage over the past couple          I’ve ever had. It was crowded and full of life, and
know that the castle’s owner is Dr. Frank-N-              is unique in that it is Cleveland’s only regular, all   decades at Rocky Horror. We always take a              it’s a tradition we need to continue.”
Furter, a transvestite from the planet Transsexual,       year-round Rocky Horror floorshow cast.                 few moments before each show to initiate a                 General admission at the Cedar Lee theatre for
Transylvania, who hosts a convention at the castle           With help from the memorable floorshow cast,         few select “virgins.” There are several different      the Rocky Horror Show is $8.25, but if dressed up
where he holds the couple as prisoners. Frank-N-          “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” illustrates             “sacrifices,” but we don’t do anything intimidating    in a costume, the discount price is $5.50. Viewer
Furter then abandons the castle and returns to his        itself to be quite an experience that will stay         or terrifying.”                                        discretion is advised. There will be a showing of
home planet.                                              with many viewers for a long time, senior Kerry              We have the audience participate in a couple      “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” on Saturday,
     The Rocky Horror experience at Cedar Lee             Gould said.                                             different humorous ways, Boycik said.                  Nov. 1 at 12:00 a.m. Visit
presents a combination of the film with live                   “I honestly didn’t know anything about this            “One way the audience can participate [is by]      for more information.

Rapid review: Seasonal drinks
By VIOLET LI                                                                                                      Arabica’s Pumpkin Spice
Entertainment Editor                                                                                              Cost: $2.90 for a medium
                                                                                                                  Location: Arabica in Solon
Starbucks’ Hot Chocolate with Hazelnut
Cost: $3.40 for a small                                                                                               Frankly, the quality of Solon’s Arabica disappointed me. Its name and interior
Location: Target in Aurora                                                                                        suggests a funky and cozy coffeeshop where one could stop by to grab a decent coffee
                                                                                                                  and just relax, but while the atmosphere and design of the café charms the senses upon
  How much can one expect from a small kiosk near the entrance of the local Target?                               arrival, Arabica fails to live up to expectations in all other respects. A warm smell
Quite a lot, it seems, for despite its location (mere meters from a greasy pizzeria on                            and soft indie/rock music greeted me upon arrival, which should have indicated more
one side and customer service on the other), the Starbucks’ shop in the nearest Target                            goodness to come. However, identical bored looks from the two employees who made
superstore exudes all the warmth and comfort of a small coffeeshop. From the moment I                                                  up roughly a third of the people in the shop greeted me as I stepped
                  stepped foot onto the glossy red tile, an enticing aroma of hot coffee and                                               up to the counter. After much scrutiny of the menu, I settled
                     pastries welcomed me into the small shop. A large sign advertising                                                    on the Pumpkin Spice coffee, which cost a mere $2.90 for a
                     the Signature Hot Chocolates (now available in salted caramel and                                                     medium. After a small altercation about which giant metal tureen
                     hazelnut) drew my attention, and I proceeded to order the Hazelnut                                                   held the Pumpkin Spice coffee, the more bored of the two handed
                    Hot Chocolate. After making the drink before my very eyes, the                                                        me my drink. Upon first taste, the single shot of flavoring was
                   cashier handed me the savory hot chocolate. Generously topped with                                                    almost completely stifled by the overwhelming taste of bitter black
                  whipped cream and cinnamon, this flavorful drink presents a guilty                                                    coffee. The addition of half-and-half and sugar took the pumpkin
                  pleasure for dieters everywhere. However, its rich taste makes up for                                                taste from the coffee but made the regular cup-of-Joe more potable.
                 the unconventional location, making Starbucks’ Signature Hot Chocolate                                               Although the mood and atmosphere of Arabica is truly unique, the
                 with Hazelnut a treat truly worth the trek and the cost.                                                            coffee itself does not live up to the shop’s appearance and leaves
                                                                                                                                     drinkers with an unfulfilled taste in their mouths.
Caribou Coffee’s Wild Pumpkin
Cost: $3.95 for a small
Location: Caribou Coffee in Solon                                                                                 not-very-spicy drink I had tried a few days earlier. To my delight, Caribou Coffee’s
                                                                                                                  Wild Pumpkin Latte brought much more enjoyment than its Arabican counterpart,
                                  Out of the four coffeeshops I sampled, Caribou Coffee                           although I concede that it wasn’t the most scrumptious drink I’ve ever tasted. Crowned
                             definitely took gold atmosphere-wise. With a plentitude of sofas,                    with whipped cream and a generous amount of cinnamon, the pumpkin flavor was
                            wooden chairs and high stools, Caribou embodied the picture of                        apparent and delicious, but did not prove as “wild” as its name suggests. While better
                           old-time coffee comfort. The crammed but cozy room even holds                          than the average clichéd seasonal drink, this coffee did not stand out in the crowd of
a                          stone fireplace that, come December, will blaze merrily during the                     other flavored coffees. Due to its price, I am tentative to recommend this slightly
                          winter nights. Taking a chance with this last sample, I chose the                       better-than-average drink, but if one has the money to spare, the Wild Pumpkin Latte
                          Wild Pumpkin Latte and hoped that it would best tame the pumpkin                        is certainly a treat to try. Photos by Violet Li and Shaina Kass.
16   OCT. 31, 2008   WORKS   SHS Courier

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