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                                      Yellow Bikes,
                                       Blue Bikes,
                                   Community Bikes,
                            and Similar Programs and Projects
Here are a few, known bicycle re-use and loaning programs and projects in Georgia. If you
know of others please feel free to pass information along to GEORGIA BIKES! and we’ll update
this listing. Any additional or updated contact information is welcomed too. Be aware that there
are also a number of church and social organizations, as well as local children’s bike rodeos,
who do some form of kids bicycle repairing/tune-ups, and even giveaways, once a year or so.

1. Optimist Clubs Children’s Bike Roundups
- these are staged on a club-by-club basis
- one club, cited occasionally in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, is at AAFAB Inc, 6070
LaGrange Blvd, Fulton County, GA, 404-609-9400, Al Jorgenen

2. SoPo Bicycle Coop
- “mission is to create equitable access to cycling by providing no/low-cost bicycle
maintenance services and education.”
- also recycle bicycles through a program with REI stores

3. Dream Team
- a year-round cycling team for economically disadvantaged youth associated with KIPP
WAYS Academy that welcomes donated road/hybrid bicycles, helmets, and accessories
- contact Atiba Mbiwan at 404-273-6212 and/or

4. CycleWorks bike shops have accepted gently used bikes to be donated to the non-profit,
all-volunteer, Foster Care Support Foundation (FCSF) for several holiday seasons. “Gently
used” bikes are fixed up and delivered to FCSF for free distribution to children in foster care.
A 2005 press release is posted here:

5. BikeAthens Adult and Kids Bicycle Recycling Programs
- "A cooperative venture with local human resource agencies, will distribute bikes to
individuals in the Athens community who are underserved by private and public
transportation. The main role of BikeAthens in this project is to procure donated or
abandoned bikes and restore them to safe and reliable working order. BikeAthens will rely
exclusively on volunteers to recondition the bikes." "In cooperation with the Boys and Girls
Club, BikeAthens is also beginning a Kid's Bicycle Recycling Program. The goal of this
program is to teach kids how to repair bicycles in an after school environment. The program
will initially meet twice a month for two hours and focus on simple repairs (flat tires, brake
adjusting, etc.)."

6. DASANI Blue Bikes in Rockmart
- a bike loan program on the Silver Comet Trail in Rockmart that utilizes Trek cruiser bikes
housed in special bike storage lockers that can be access with “swipe” cards
- contact the Rockmart Public Library at 770-684-3022 about registering for a Blue Bikes Card
*Other options if you are looking to donate/pass along working bicycles, bike parts, and/or
children’s bicycling equipment, include:
        •   using your bike shop’s or bike club’s newsletter or online classifieds which are
            often free to members,
        •   posting the free stuff to your local bike group e-list,
        •   donating the items to a bike auction or yard sale,
        •   or even trying

** You could also donate some of the funds you may gain by selling your used bike on one of
the many on-line auction means (ebay, craig’s list, etceteras) or used bicycle merchants such
as and

1. Campaign for a Prosperous Georgia
- may be defunct and/or no longer run a kids recycle a bike program
- 1083 Austin Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307, James Chapman

2. Project Fix-a-Bike
- the Hands On Atlanta website mentions this program
- there is no contact information at this time

3. Recycle That Bike (East Point-Atlanta)
- is defunct... an 18-year long program that ended soon after its beloved leader, Clarence May,
passed away

4. Decatur Yellow Bikes
- is defunct...
- was an adult/transportation bike program
-, 130 New Street, Decatur, GA, 404-378-9479,, Mark Gray
"Reconditions bikes and provide free bikes to promote bicycle transportation. After initially
placing about 200 "free bikes", they went to a deposit program. A $25.00 refundable deposit
gets you a bike and free maintenance, including tire and tube replacement. The bikes are going to
those who will use them for transportation. The volunteers keep motivated. There is no limit on
how long the bikes can be used or what can be done with them. Many add lights and other
accessories. Almost all are taken home or left at a place of business locked. They have done
over 100 of these "deposit bikes" per year since Jan 1, 2002. Bikes are all painted yellow and
contain safe riding and liability limitation stickers."

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