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									Ocean Pollution
     Dakota B.
6th grade Synectics
                                   One scientist
Solid/Chemical Wastes              found all of this.

• Washed onshore in just one day
• 6 light bulbs
• 7 aerosol cans
• 25 shoes
• 71 plastic bottles
• 171 glass bottles
• 268 plastic pieces
Solid/Chemical Wastes part 2

• Only 12 percent of pollution comes from
• But it causes the worst damage
What kind of ocean pollution is
• Vehicle pollution
• Industrial pollution
• Agricultural pollution   All of this is

• Sewage pollution
                           ocean pollution

• Oil pollution
       Vehicle Pollution

• Ok you know that cars pollute the air but
 did you know that they pollute the ocean
 too? Not directly, the smoke that comes
 out of the car becomes acid rain. Then it
 rains in the ocean and pollutes it.
Industrial Pollution

• When we make anything there are nasty
 things left over. Those nasty things get
 into the ocean.
Agucultural Pollution

• On farms they use herbicides and
 pesticides , they become rain and it goes
 into the ocean.
Sewage Pollution

• 860 BILLION gallons of sewage are
  dumped annually.
• Our waste water is being dumped in the
  ocean. This is harming our oceans.
What is being done about it ?

The EPA [Environment Protection Agency]
 has an emergency response team. They
 will respond to oil spills and anything else
 that will harm the environment.
To clean it up they use PRP [ Petroleum
 Remediation Product] It is safe to use.
  Petroleum Remediation Product.
PRP is basically a bee’s wax microsphere.
 The hollow spheres do not absorb water,
 they absorb hydrocarbons. The bee’s wax
 encourages micro-organisms to feast.
 They eat the wax until all of the oil is
 gone. It bio-degrades the oil and the PRP
 itself. It was developed by NASA.

          Now I’m safer
If I could invent something to help
with solid waste pollution in the
ocean it would be…
• I would invent a net so solid wastes could
 not go any where but ocean animals could
 not get hurt. I would only put it in bays
 and places that fish can’t go. Either every
 day or every other day a special cleaning
 crew would come and clean it. I would
 also have boats be checked before they
 can leave.
• As you can see our oceans are always
 being polluted. Think about this, if the
 ocean gets too polluted all the fish will die.
 And we all know about the water cycle, if
 the ocean gets polluted our drinking water
 will to.

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    • http://library.thinkquest.org/CR0215471/o
• I hope you liked my slideshow

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