Noise Pollution Effects on Water Life Effects on Whales by nwi10265


									 Noise Pollution                                                 Effects on Water Life
                                                  •   Motorboats, exploration,
                                                      extraction of minerals, sonar and
                                                      coastal jet ski traffic all contribute
                                                      to underwater noise
                                                  •   Sound travels four times faster in
                                                      water (1,230 meters/sec.) than in
                                                      air (340 meters/sec.)
                                                  •   This results in sound that will also
                                                      travel farther under water
                                                  •   High intensity sound in the oceans
                                                      can travel for thousands of miles
                                                  •   Since water has a much greater
                                                      density than does air, sound
                                                      waves travel though water at
                                                      much higher energy levels
                                                      making it louder.

Effects on Whales                                            Effects on Land Animals
         •   Whales communicate at very low       •   Loud environments interfere with
             frequencies, this is the same            bird communications, this
             frequency that resonates from            reduces pairing by almost 15
             many human-caused activities.            percent.
         •    Man-made sounds are drowning
             out the calls of mates, calves and   •   In large cities, the lack of
             other pods that these mammals            communication makes birds
             depend on.                               migrate away to smaller less
         •   High sound levels cause whales to        populated areas.
             deviate from their migration         •   Others are beginning to change
             paths.                                   the way they communicate.
         •   During March of 2000, at least 17    •   If noise levels continue to rise, its
             whales stranded themselves in the        possible that urban bird life will
             Bahamas and the population of
             beaked whales in this region             change dramatically.

Effects on Humans                                           Effects in Urban Settings
         •   Moderately high levels of noise      •   Noise gets in the way of people
             for an eight hour period can             lives, it prevents us from doing
             increase blood pressure and cause        everyday things.
             other cardiac issues.
                                                  •   The noise emitted from airplanes,
         •   Exposure to excessively loud
             noise over long periods can also         cars, trains, leaf blowers,
             lead to partial deafness.                motorcycles, etc are all unwanted
         •   Approximately 10 percent of              nuisances that intrude are
             people living in industrialized          everyday life.
             areas have substantial hearing       •   Noise from all this prevents us
             loss.                                    from talking to people,
         •   Noise also prevents people from          concentrating, watching
             sleeping, noise-induced sleep loss       television, sleeping, learning, and
             has been found to impair task            etc.
             performance the next day.
         •   This could make it more difficult
             for people to pay attention or
             concentrate the next day, possibly
             putting them at greater risk for


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