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									                                  Diocese of Tucson

Job Title: Director, Stewardship and Development

Exemption Status: Exempt

Department/Location: Bishop Moreno Pastoral Center, Tucson, Arizona

Primary Function: Under the direction of the Bishop of the Diocese of Tucson and the
Charity and Ministry Executive Board, is responsible for working with the diocesan
community to build and sustain a strong bond of support, including the development of
resources and financial contributions to continue and enhance the growth of the Diocese
of Tucson including its parishes and schools. The director organizes, directs, builds and
coordinates the activity of the office and executes all work in accord with the philosophy
and goals of the Diocese of Tucson.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities, Fund Raising:
           The Development Director performs in support of the Church’s Spiritual and
           Pastoral mission.
           Oversees and works with the Bishop, Pastors, School Principals, and
           parishioners, and plans, coordinates and directs the annual Catholic Appeal
           and other fundraising activities for the benefit of the diocese
           Responsible for creating and updating methods of funding for the various
           diocesan projects.
           Responsible for means of communication with and recognition of annual
           donors including follow-up programs, pledge reminders, thank you letters and
           individual and group recognition.
           Oversees the preparation and production of brochures and media releases
           regarding programs of the diocese and the Office of Stewardship and
           Assist the various diocesan organizations with grant proposals and follow-up
           Coordinates and assists in seeking available special grant funds from
           foundations and similar organizations
           Develops an annual budget for stewardship and development; maintains
           records of financial contributions and acknowledges and records gifts of
           donors; maintain the Office of Stewardship and Development in an audit-
           ready condition ensuring the integrity and security of any fund-raising efforts.
           Prepares reports on fund raising programs for the executive board and the
           Bishop of the Diocese of Tucson
           Manage and evaluate the performance of employees as required; implement
           personal development plans for employees under your responsibility
           Maintain confidentiality on all diocesan matters including sensitive personnel
           and diocesan business information
           Perform other duties as assigned by the executive board or the Bishop of

Physical/Mental Requirements: Requires coordination and manual dexterity, normal
mental and visual ability; ability to lift in a normal office environment

Required Activities: Walking, sitting standing, kneeling, stooping, reaching, talking,
handling, hearing and carrying.

Basic Qualifications:
         Proficiency with information technology; must be able to type and have word
         processing capability.
         Excellent communications skills including written, verbal, and public
         speaking and presentation skills; Professional bearing and clean and neat
         personal appearance
         Must have excellent leadership, human relations, and interpersonal skills;
         must be a self-starter, be well-organized, and must be a team player
         Travel and weekend and evening work may be required
         The ability to successfully complete a criminal history and background check

Education and Experience:
      Bachelor’s degree in Business or Public Administration or equivalent
      Successful prior experience in fund raising for non-profit organizations
      A minimum of 2-3 years successful prior management experience

Preferred Skills and Abilities:
       Bi-lingual (English, Spanish)

                                     To Apply:
   Download and fill out Employment Application and send with letter of interest and
                                    resume to:-
                                        - --
                               Mr. Richard Serrano-
                            Human Resources Director-
                                Diocese of Tucson-
                                   P.O. Box 31-
                                Tucson, AZ 85702


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