Double Cartridge Mechanical Seal 200 DCH Double Cartridge

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Double Cartridge Mechanical Seal
                       200 DCH
                            Advanced Mechanical Seal
                                 Model 200 DCH

                                     Typical Applications
                        The 200DCH is a Heavy Duty seal designed for severe
                        applications such as abrasive, effluent, toxic and
                        environmentally hazardous liquids.The seal will fit all
                        ANSI sized pumps as well as agitators and mixers.

                                   Features and Benefits

                        -     DOUBLE BALANCED CARTRIDGE DESIGN-
                              Will operate with pressurized or non-
                              pressurized seal water. The cartridge design
                              makes installation much easier.

                        -     HEAT SHRUNK FACES - Assures that the faces
                              are secure when running in extreme conditions
                              or processes.

                        -     ISOLATED SPRINGS - One set of non-
                              rotating springs are isolated from the process
                              to prevent clogging and corrosion.

                        -     SLIDING PISTON DESIGN - Up to 5/32 inch
                              total allowable end-play allows the seal to float
                              with shaft during axial movement such as
                              during an impeller adjustment.

                        -     HELICAL STYLE NOSE - Helps to remove
                              process away from seal faces.

                        -     TEFLON SLOT RING - Prevents traditional
                              o-ring erosion.
              Operating Limits

Stuffing box pressure:                   290 PSI
Temperature:                               356 F
Speed:                     65.6 feet per second


Seal faces:     SIC vs. SIC inboard
                SIC vs. Carbon outboard
O rings:        Viton standard
Metallurgy:     Type 316 Stainless Steel standard.
                Also available in Titanium, Alloy 20,
                Hastalloy C.
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