Runtime Error and the Trojan Virus Explained

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					                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

     Problems with the Windows registry are a common cause of Windows crashes and error messages. Without a
    regular maintenance, your system registry is no longer valid and gradually becomes fragmented and cluttered.
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                                       Runtime Error and the Trojan Virus Explained
                                                                  By GiselleS

    Many computer threats specialize in performing one task-displaying pop-up ads, collecting user
data, changing browser settings and can be easily categorized - they are spyware. However there are
still a large number of other common threats that cripple your PC differently and perform a variety of
different actions and are therefore harder to label.

Runtime errors are one of them. They are the most common Windows error message and infect the
majority of computer users.

 Their purpose is to serve as a reminder that there are serious problems occurring in your system while
a particular program is being "run". This is most often due to the fact that there is a lot of software
present on your computer registry the computer cannot work at optimum levels because these
programs are conflicting with each other resulting in runtime errors.

A few very common signs that runtime errors are infecting your computer are:

1. Constant error messages

2. A lack of memory

3. Extremely slow startup and

4. Sluggish PC performance

 Another serious computer threat is the Trojan virus. These "Trojan horse" programs take their name
from the mythical wooden horse that hauled hidden Greek soldiers into the city of Troy. These nasty
computer programs carry hidden functionality, often posing as useful applications yet in actual fact,
perform Spyware or Adware functions, and/or allow remote access to your PC.

The Trojan Problem Explained

 If you are reading this then there is a really good chance that your PC is already infected with a Trojan
virus. Trojan viruses can be installed on your machine simply by visiting a website that is carefully
crafted by an attacker. When you visit the website, the attacker will send to your PC, code that is

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

designed to be executed by your machine using existing vulnerabilities in software installed on your
machine or by vulnerabilities in the operating system itself.

 If your PC becomes infected, it can be used by the attacker to send out unsolicited emails to email
lists the hacker has targeted. These spam emails can't be traced back to the attacker because they
originate on your machine. This is making your PC slow, and the attacker is using your internet
bandwidth for free. If you think your internet usage is excessive then this may a contributing factor.

How Did I Get It?

 Trojan viruses can be installed on your machine simply by visiting a website that is carefully crafted by
an attacker. When you visit the website, the attacker will send to your PC, code that is designed to be
executed by your machine using existing vulnerabilities in software installed on your machine or by
vulnerabilities in the operating system itself. Many pirate/torrent sites and pornographic sites often
infect your PC with viruses, registry errors and malware. DON'T VISIT THEM or they'll keep visiting

How Do I Remove It From My Computer

 Many of these types of Trojan viruses once installed on your system will keep reinstalling themselves
on startup unless you have completely removed the virus from your system including the system
registry. Often these viruses will connect to the a server on the internet without your knowledge, notify
the attacker and reinstall on the system.

 You need to remove all parts of the Trojan virus for a complete virus removal. A good anti-virus
program will do the trick.

 For Runtime errors, a good registry cleaner will fix your problem and simultaneously increase the
speed of your PC and return it to its original performance.

Giselle Sanchez - Learn how to fix runtime error and improve the speed and performance of your
Windows machine.

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                         How to Troubleshoot Runtime Error 13
                                                        By Logan Albright

Again, we come to the arena of Microsoft Visual Basics and just another one of the many runtime
errors that can occur due to program and system conflicts within the operating system environment.
The Runtime Error 13 is a type mismatch or program error that can happen when running all sorts of
programs that utilises the Visual Basics Environment as part of its launch matrix. This can range from
financial software all the way to antivirus software, all of which, in some way or the other, make use of
the VB environment. Solving this error is quite similar to the way everyone solves other runtime errors,
which is identifying the break in the chain.

 A runtime error occurs when there is a hiccup within the sequence of launches or system components
that run in a specific order to launch a software. For example, when launching a game, Windows needs
to load the appropriate data files, system files, game data files and many others before the shell of the
game can be launched. Normally, these files are run in a sequence (which is where the term ‘runtime’
comes from) and when this happens, the problems will rear their heads when there is either a missing
file, an inert file, a file with a wrong file name or any other conflict. When it comes to the VB
environment, there are usually conflicts and system errors.

 What you need to do is try to identify the files (used by the program itself) that have caused the error.
Check for possible reported conflicts online by the specific developers and they usually will have
instructions on how to avoid these conflicts. They might even have posted a software patch for you to
install that will solve the problem, and this is the easiest way to resolve runtime errors. Another way is
to reinstall the software, as a bad install might be one of the cases where run time errors can occur,
especially when it comes to critical drivers and system files needed by Windows and VB to run the
specific program. Reinstallation usually solves this problem.

 Another option is to get a PC or Registry Cleaner, which is one of the best ways to get rid of program
conflicts (said to be the major cause of runtime errors). It might even be just a problem with the
integrity of the registry, all of which a registry cleaner can fix and sort out within a few minutes. These
are some of the ways that you can adopt to solve the problem, but if it goes beyond that, then there
might be an issue of a Trojan or even a virus that has infected the operating system. They have been
known to cause runtime errors by changing the code of random files and even the VB environment.
Scan your computer with a good anti virus software and you might be able to find and weed out a
pesky Trojan or worm hiding in your system memory.

 So you see, troubleshooting runtime error 13 is not necessarily all that hard to do. It shares a common
solution as other runtime errors, and once you’ve weeded out the problem within the registry, runtime
error 13 should no longer be a problem to you.

Logan Albright is an authority on troubleshooting computer problems at .
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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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