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                                      Runtime Error 76 - What is Runtime Error 76?
                                                          By Logan Albright

   Computers have greatly benefited facets of our daily lives. They allow us to work more efficiently,
provide us with entertainment and even enable us to communicate quickly with people on the other
side of the world. Despite all of these benefits, computers can still puzzle us with their seemingly
cryptic error messages. In most cases, knowing a little bit about the error and its causes will help us
find a fairly straight forward solution to the problem so that we can return to enjoying the use of the

 Runtime Error 76 is a common message users see. The question then is, what does it mean and how
can you correct this error?

 This particular runtime error means “path not found.” In simple terms, it means that the program
cannot identify the correct location for writing its data. When that happens, the program does not know
where to look, so it usually crashes or freezes.

 Let us look at the error in more detail. When you install software onto your computer, you have to
select a directory for that program’s data to be stored. Each time you access that software, it will need
to write new data into those files. For example, if you have installed a PC game and tried to save your
progress, the program will find that directory and write the information in that location on your hard

 Generally, the process works very smoothly and quickly. However, sometimes there are problems
with the directory. For example, the program may not have been installed correctly, so it cannot
identify the location it needs. Another possibility is that the directory has been moved. If you have
copied the folder containing the program to another part of your hard drive, for instance, the software
will not be able to locate it. If you have a song file on your desktop that you add to your music player
and then move that file into another folder, then the song will no longer play because the directory has
been changed without notifying the software.

 The good news is that solving Runtime Error 76 is fairly easy. First, you should look for available
patches and fixes for the program. These are generally available through the software manufacturer’s
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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

 You may also want to run a check for viruses and spyware. In some cases, these invaders can alter
directories or make other changes which could generate this type of error.

 If you are still having troubles and you have already completed the other two steps, you may need to
reinstall the program that is causing the error to appear. Remember to back up any files associated
with the original installation so they do not get overwritten during the new installation. In most cases,
the new installation works fine.

 Sometimes the error does not come from the program but from the operating system itself. If this is
the case, then you need to re-install the operating system. Although this can be time-consuming, it
should alleviate the problems.

 While Runtime Error 76 is not usually a serious problem, reinstalling a program or your entire
operating system can be a nuisance. However, having way to correct the problems is better than not
knowing what has gone wrong in the first place.

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                              Runtime Errors Solving Problems Help!
                                           By Kelly Purden

Many people usually get intimidated with runtime errors and try to delay solving the problem. Once you
encounter runtime errors, the first thing you must do is to face it. Runtime errors are usually easy to
solve and all you need is the right information on runtime errors solving problems.

 There are different kinds of runtime errors such as runtime error 226 and runtime errors 7 among
others. Every runtime error messages may contain different numbers but the cause of these troubles is
just the same. Incomplete installation may be a cause of runtime errors wherein particular folders and
files that are needed to run a certain program were not found or lost. If you have this problem at hand,
you need to uninstall the program and then reinstall because it is not possible to find or restore the
missing folders or files manually. It is important that you keep a back up copy of all your documents
and the files; if ever something unanticipated happens during the program reinstallation.

 There are times when bug fixes or patches are needed for some downloaded programs from the
Internet in order to function accurately. Always focus on patches and updates whenever you encounter
such problems. You can go to the website of the program manufacturer to gather information. You can
search for runtime errors solving problems and then install these patches and updates consequently.
Another option for runtime errors solving problems is automating the computer's software updates
system. By doing this, the computer will be able to look for the most recent version of the software
which is in your computer.

 An easy way of runtime errors solving problem is using the Ctrl-Alt-Del technique, wherein each
program is closed one at a time by means of the Windows Task Manager. In this way, you can
distinguish the program causing the runtime error. When you distinguish the particular program, you
can repair the problem by clicking the 'end task' button on the said program.

 Virus attacks can also be a cause of runtime errors. Certain viruses can remove or delete a particular
file from the system and the best method of runtime error solving problem for this is using anti-virus
software. There are different choices of free computer checkups in the internet and you can try these.
Computer checkups are best to identify the problems or errors as well as eliminating them from your
personal computer.

 There are many ways of runtime error solving problems and one of them is by doing an update to the
program causing the error. Program developers oftentimes give out new updates and patches for their
software so it is a good idea to go to the website of the program developer.

 Rebooting your computer is one way in runtime error solving problems. It can clear the computer
memory and do a temporary fix. However, you must check if your computer has enough memory for
the programs because it may cause your hard drive space to run out of memory promptly.

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