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                                                RSS Basics- Basics Of Using RSS
                                                                By Sean Milea

    RSS Tips- Important Issues For Setting Up RSS Feeds

Here are six tips for creating successful RSS or Rich Site Summary. It is also called Real Simple
Syndication. RSS allows internet users to receive current updates from your site without having to log
in. Incorporating these tips into your RSS strategy will lead to increased profits now and in the future.

1. Profitable RSS feeds require extensive planning. You will need to plan not just for one feed, but for
each feed that follows. Subscribers depend upon you to be consistent with quality information one a
regular basis.

2. To consistently produce reliable RSS feeds, it is imperative that your technological assets are
suitable for the task.

3. It is imperative that you have constant access to the appropriate technical support systems at all
times. Your RSS system needs to be properly maintained in order to assure continuous feed functions.
If the RSS feed system goes down, you risk loosing clients.

4. Continuous promotion of your RSS feeds is necessary to sustain success. Placing your feeds in
every location possible is sure to increase subscribership and draw readers to your site. Maximizing
your coverage is essential to increasing profitable RSS feeds.

5. When developing your RSS feed it is important to consult with the experts. When deciding whom to
depend upon, it is necessary to consider their availability as well as their expertise. The most brilliant of
experts is of little help to you if their availability is extremely limited; just as the most readily available
expert is of little help if they lack the knowledge or ability to consistently meet your needs.

6. While putting your RSS feed into action, it is also necessary to have a plan to assess the success of
the program. Because the Internet is a fluid environment, constantly evolving and recreating itself, it is
necessary to keep a close watch on your feed and make sure that you are keeping up with the

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                                      How To Add RSS Feed Content To Your Blog
                                                          By Melissa Brewer

For those of you who don't know, RSS today stands for "Really Simple Syndication." It's a type of web
feed that's used to publish updates.

 The basics of RSS date back 14 years ago – and the concept didn't even barely catch on until 1999 or
so when Netscape created their "RDF Site Summary" (RSS 0.9) – which lasted only four months until
they updated and tweaked it into a: "Rich Site Summary." (RSS 0.91) In a bit of oddness, one year
later an independent and non-commercial working group updated RSS again, calling it... "RDF Site
Summary" (RSS 1.0) The world moved on, and time flowed. Two whole years later a breakthrough
came and the RSS that we know today--"Really Simple Syndication" (RSS 2.0) was born – and it's the
RSS the web 2.0-savvy generation knows and loves.

 You can start the process of adding RSS feeds to your blog by looking for something called an RSS
feed aggregator or reader. Adding RSS feeds to your blog is pretty simple, even for those unfamiliar
with XML. The feed aggregator will collect RSS feeds collectrf and create a code that you can use to
display these feeds on your blog. When these feeds are updated, your blog feed willself-update to fit
the latest site or blog update.

 The easiest way to get started is by trying out a trial version of an RSS feed reader or using a free
version. Once you have your feed reader installed, you will want to begin looking for related feeds for
when you begin adding RSS feeds to your blog. Try Yahoo News, Google News, and blog search
engines to find topics that match your audience's interests. RSS feeds can add fresh content
successfully to any type of blog – you can add freelance projects, jobs, industry-related news, advice
columns, horoscopes, press releases, and other up-to-the-minute content without doing any
researching at all. The only researching you'll need to do is find the websites that have an RSS
newsfeed. How can you find out if the content is feed-ready? You need to look for the RSS newsfeed
symbol, or find the link that says “syndicate this”.

 When you select a given feed, choose for the website to send you to a page with XML code.
Copy-and-paste the URL of this page into your aggregator. Your aggregator will then create a small
piece of code that you can paste into your blog. Your blog will now always contain a new set of
summaries and links will be generated by the RSS feed you added.

 Adding content to your blog doesn't have to be complicated, as you can see. You just need a little
Web 2.0 know-how, some search skills, and a little help from some online friends. Don't be afraid to get
creative with your blog and choose some interesting topics that really stand out – blogs are meant to
be unique. And remember, blogging is a publication that is always a work in progress – and the more
focused it is, the more you cake it shine.

Melissa Brewer is the author of the Little White Ebook of Virtual Assistant Jobs, available at She has worked as a freelance writer for the past 9 years and currently
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