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Repair Your Computer For Free


									                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                 Repair Your Computer For Free
                                                              By Brad Collins

   I just read an article about a woman whose notebook was deluged by adware. It was such a
problem that she spent thousands of dollars on computer restoration fees to try to clean up her
computer. The said point is that she may possibly have restored her system by herself in fewer than a
few hours and for free of charge.

Somewhere down the line, there will be problems with your computer (adware, spyware, viruses, good
software gone bad, etc,). Clearly, you should benefit from protection software to prevent as much as
likely. However, you will most likely eventually discover yourself in a fix. Relax! Don't agonize.

Don't waste thousands of dollars on a computer guy to repair your PC if it breaks down. The principal
rule of thumb is, don�t spend more than $300, which would buy you a another computer these days.
But don't toss away your computer yet -- here is a different solution.

If you are unable to access programs like MS Office and Quicken you could have a hardware glitch, or
your data could be so degraded that you might have to call in a computer expert to get to it � and he
might not be able to access it in a cost effectual way. Decide beforehand of time how much your data
is worth to you and find out how much you want pay the expert.

If you can still access your data, try the following:
Firstly, back up all the saved data from programs like MS Office and Quicken. Make certain you have
the original program discs since later you will need to reload these programs, and any backed up data.
Subsequently, just reload your Windows XP operating system (or upgrade to Windows XP). Bypass
any warnings it gives you about your existing data. It will wipe your computer clean and you can start
again. Get online and load the free of charge security programs listed underneath. Next load the
programs you want to re-install and after that their backed up data. Your computer will run like brand
new (or better!). Warning! You will lose everything on your system when you install Windows XP, and
all the programs have to be re-loaded.

At this time is the plan.

1) Starting now if it is not too late, you ought to be saving your valuable files and data to a CD-ROM or
better yet to an online file folder. The online file folder sign-up can be found inside the godaddy e-mail Training Videos
How to: Upgrade, Repair, Speed Up or Build a PC Computer.
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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

area. This way your files and data are safer. I enjoy accessing my files remotely from any computer as
well. You should also neatly save and organize your important software so it is easy to reload.
2) Reload or load for the first time Windows XP Home edition or Professional.
3) Now download for FREE Microsoft Defender Anti-Spyware from microsoft.Com.
4) Now download for FREE Avast Anti-virus.

These three work great collectively. You can discover abundant information on in the free stuff forum
by dealking.Com. They catalog many of the above solutions.

I even advise for older computers that are running slowly to load Windows XP right right now to clean it
up your system and make it work quicker � before problems occur. Your computer will run like
original. CAUTION: You will lose everything as soon as you re-load the Windows XP on you system,
but that is good if you have a bunch of garbage. SAVE YOUR valuable ITEMS FIRST.

I did the above on 2 older Dells. One was plagued by an overload of garbage and adware that popped
up constantly. The other was merely old and slow. I loaded the new Windows XP and started from
scratch, and they run even better than the brand new Dells at my place of work that are loaded with a
paid McAfee security package. McAfee seems to try to trick you into paying twice for the subscription,
but the above solution is free and does the same thing.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on any of the above. For hardware problems or to restore data, you may
need a computer guy (expert). Also, you may have a computer guy who is very cost effective and
efficient (they are around), but there are just as many that spend to much time and money (yours) to fix
something their way.

brad collins has been involved with small business since 1982 and is currentlly reserching internet
related businesses

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

           Can You Speed Up Your Computer By Fixing Windows Registry Problem Areas?
                                                              By Patrick Smith

Today, personal computers are more important than they have ever been in the past. Not only do we
use them at our places of business, we use them for a wide variety of purposes like going to school,
running a home ubsiness, keeping track of our finances, storing our photos and music, and much
more. So, what do you do when your computer starts running slow or freezing up?

Do you think that you would need to buy a new computer? Actually, the situation isn't that desperate.
There's a good chance that if you are experiencing these issues for no apparent reason, it is probably
time to look into fixing Windows Registry problem areas. The first step is to run a scan and see if you
computer has Windows registry problem areas.

Most Windows registry repair software comes with a program that can scan to see if you have a clean
PC registry. If the scanner program reports a clean PC registry (by showing no registry errors) then you
know to look elsewhere for the problem.

If, however, the scan does show a need for fixing Windows registry problem areas, you will need to
invest in Windows registry repair software. In other words, you can scan your system for free, and you
only need to spend money on software if there are problems to fix.

You may be wondering whether you really need Windows registry repair software for fixing Windows
registry problem areas, and the answer to that is yes, most definitely. That is because your Windows
registry is very sensitive and you in all likelihood do not have the expertise that you need to properly
remove any undesirable files from the registry. If you were to try this yourself, and accidentally change
or remove the wrong thing, you could damage your computer beyond repair.

Using Windows registry repair software to do the work for you will ensure that only the right things are
removed from your computer during the process and the computer will not be damaged. What's more,
once you have run the Windows registry repair software, you'll have a clean PC registry and your
machine should run much better than it did before you started the repairs.

As you can see, RegistryFix has a lot going for it. Click the following link to learn more about the
RegistryFix Windows Registry repair software.

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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