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                                     Prepaid Cell Phones Are the Wave of the Future
                                                            By Tim Whiston

   For a variety of reasons consumers are shifting their focus from monthly contract plans to prepaid
cell phone service. This shift seems to be about control and freedom first, and saving money second.

It’s true that prepaid wireless service is typically less expensive than postpaid monthly plan rates.
Especially when you consider the fact that 20% of all minutes on contract plans go unused month to

 Also, the average contract plan’s monthly bill is at least 20% higher than what customers were told
point of sale. With prepaid cell phone service there are no surprises and no hidden charges.

 Prepaid cell phone services allow the user to pay only for the airtime minutes and text messages that
are actually used. And it’s easy to load an account with exactly what you need, rather than having to
pick between multiple plans that may not cater to your exact usage habits.

 Some advocates of privacy also point out that GPS tracking systems in cell phones are an invasion of
personal freedom. With prepaid service a user is not tied down to the same handset and can easily
switch phones for free.

 Also today prepaid cell phone users can choose from a wide range of brand name handset models.
Motorolla, Nokia, and other top-of-the-line phones are available through many prepaid wireless
providers and in many cases for free!

In recent years prepaid cell phone services was reserved for people with bad credit and low financial
means. No longer is this the case at all.

 The plain and simple truth is people are getting tired of being pushed around by the major wireless
companies. Consumers have had it with unfair contract terms, hidden costs, and outrageous monthly

 Over 60% of the world’s cell phone users are on some form of prepaid plan. So quite officially, most
people on this planet who use wireless phones have walked away from postpaid contract plans.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

 It’s actually reasonable to speculate that contract plans could go away altogether over the course of
the next five years. Or perhaps they’ll become an eccentric novelty service that caters to the affluent
consumer with so much disposable income he or she isn’t even worried about losing money.

Who can say for sure? But one thing is absolutely certain:

 More people every day are dumping their contracts and turning to prepaid cell phone services. At the
current rate of growth it’s reasonable to expect the prepaid wireless industry to have 75% of the world
wireless market share in less than a decade.

 Even now almost all traditional wireless services are bringing pay as you go plans to the forefront of
their marketing efforts. Companies like Alltel, Verizon, and AT&T all offer prepaid service at the time of
this writing.

 However the majority of consumers who use prepaid service prefer companies that specialize in pay
as you go. Net 10, Tracfone, and Virgin Mobile all rate extremely high on consumer Websites and
these companies normally offer rates and plans that are much more affordable than any of the prepaid
offers made by standard contract wireless services.

 The next five years will be interesting to watch. With Verizon already buying Alltel and Cingular
becoming AT&T, what big changes will come next and how much of what lies ahead will be shaped by
the migration toward prepaid service?

Visit the author’s site to learn more about prepaid cell phone service and to find out how you can get a
free phone with 300 minutes of airtime.

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                                       Here's How Cell Phones Make Your Life Easier...
                                                      By Mike Yeager

Here's How Cell Phones Make Your Life Easier...
 by: Mike Yeager

Cell phones, the prepaid ones, are the great way to stay within your budget restraints. You will either
make an adjustment to how many minutes the prepaid cellular covers, or discipline yourself to use less
minutes. Purchasing prepaid cell phones is made very simple, regardless of what their credit situation
is. You can purchase a prepaid cell phone without a credit card, without any contract, and without any
deposit required.

Cell phones are a great way to get connected even if you are far away. If you continue a regular
schedule to purchase prepaid cellular service with a company, they will eventually approve you for
regular monthly service. Remember that prepaid cell phones do have a higher per-minute cost. A
prepaid cellular is a great gift. You are giving a gift of a functional cellular that can be used right away
instead of the hassle to activate and register before using. With this gift, the receiver has the choice of
continuing with prepaid cell phone service once the airtime runs out or switching to a monthly service

Cell phones have some sort of entertainment programs on most new digital, ranging from simple
dice-throwing games to memory and logic puzzles. Whether you want to communicate regularly with
your family and friends or the cellular phone is a valuable tool for your business, makes little difference
to your choice of phones.

Mike Yeager

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