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					                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

        Niche marketing means focusing your business on a targeted segment of the population, whether it is a
      specific geographic region, a particular demographic group, a select industry or some other group of people
                                                  with shared interests.
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                                                  Pay Per Click - The Disadvantages
                                                                By Derek Rogers

    Pay per Click, PPC search engine advertising is considered by many to be one of the most
affordable forms of marketing on the Internet. PPC advertising is used to generate leads by directing
target traffic to a marketer's website landing page, so the marketer can convert this target traffic into
immediate sales; or future sales at a later time. To date, this marketing is a billion pound industry.

There are some pitfalls and disadvantages to using Pay per Click advertising companies. If there were
no disadvantages to this advertising, then everyone would be using this method; yet, many Internet
marketers do not use it.

In brief, marketers will bid on keywords to use in small ads they create, that the PPC Company will
display for search engine users when they use the marketers' chosen keywords they selected to use in
the ads. Within these ads is a link to the marketers' unique website, for interested parties to click on.

When the search engine user, uses a particular marketer's keyword in the search engine, that ad
shows up alongside the other results for the user to choose from. If the user clicks on the marketer's
ad, they are taken to the marketer's website. The marketer then pays the PPC Company for that
unique click. If the user sees the ad, but does not click, the marketer does not pay.

Some of the disadvantages to using Pay per Click advertising have to do with the company being
chosen for the marketing campaign. Many companies have much bigger advantages over other
smaller companies.

A smaller PPC company might not be "connected", in the sense of having the ability to display your ad
for good exposure when your keywords are being targeted by people looking for your type product.
Also, some PPC companies simply do not have the skills to operate their companies as well as a lot of
the larger ones. To date, Google's AdWords is the top runner of PPC companies on the Internet.

Many people have lost thousands of pounds on PPC advertising by simply not having a clear
understanding of the complexity involved. It takes a while to learn how to bid properly, create
compelling ads that are relevant and using these methods effectively in a marketing campaign.
Prudence is the key when new to any marketing method.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

One main disadvantage to using this advertising has a lot to do with your market. If you are not trying
to appeal to a niche group, this could have you in direct competition with a few hundred other
marketers for select keywords.

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to bid for keywords, that many other PPC marketers already
have top positions for themselves. At best, you may end up at the bottom of the page's search results;
unless you want to spend a lot more money, trying to out-bid your competition.

Although you can generate a lot of target traffic to your landing page, recent studies have shown that
the conversion rate of PPC marketing techniques, to be lower than other marketing methods, like
article marketing.

If you get 100 hits on your landing page from PPC advertising, but only one sale, then that says
something. Especially if you were using article marketing before, and this method was converting 8 hits
into sales, per 100 hits for you.

Overall, the main disadvantage to PPC advertising is taking the time to learn all the complexities
involved with it. Too many people have jumped right into it with their eyes closed and ended up wiping
out their marketing budgets in short time. They tried, they died.

PPC advertising is something everyone should test the water on, before jumping in, head first.

Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For Pay Per Click, he
recommends Impact Media Ltd, one of the UK's leading specialists of Pay per Click:

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

                    Try Using Long Tail Keywords For Your Website Marketing Campaign
                                                              By Tom Niehoff

 Like many website marketers, I use long tail keywords in many popular pay per click programs to drive
targeted traffic to my websites. For those new to long tail keywords, a ‘long tail’ is simply a keyword
phrase that is very specific, and longer than your average keyword.

Let’s say you have a website about credit repair. Here are a couple example keywords for that:

Credit repair Credit repair online Credit repair program How do I repair my bad credit How do I repair
my bad credit score Help with repairing my credit score

The first three keyword sets would probably be considered normal keywords, and the last three would
be considered long tail keywords. Long tail keywords have several advantages, and some


- Highly targeted traffic. If the user searched for that particular phrase, they are ready to buy, and know
what they want.

-A LOT cheaper bid prices. Not much competition on that keyword from other PPC users.


- Less traffic coming from those keywords.

- You have to come up with quite a few of these long tails to get much traffic on them.

Considering that you have a chance to drive highly targeted traffic to your website, while save a lot of
money on your pay per click program, I would highly suggest getting started on long tail keywords.

The best tool I have found to start your long tail keyword list is Google Adword’s Keyword Tool. Simply
log into your Google Adsense account and click on Tools. This tool takes a given keyword, and gives
you results that often contain many valuable long tail keywords. The results can show you how much
search volume there is for that given keyword, and what the average cost per click will run.

Of course, you can also export this list, and use the same keywords in other pay per click campaigns

Tom Niehoff has been marketing websites full time since February 2006. You can learn how to market
your website too, visit

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