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                                                          Myspace And Online Safety
                                                                By Todd Dickerson

   The safety of children on Myspace and other social networks is of growing concern in today’s online
society. The press continually talks to issues regarding child stalkers and perverts waiting around every
corner of Myspace. But how much truth and risk is really involved with Myspace or its social network
counter parts, and what can you do to reduce any risk that might be involved with your children using

In reality there is a concern for younger children who use Myspace, if they have no been properly
warned. Children can easily stumble upon people posing as other children. It’s very simple for
someone to create a false Myspace profile, from a false email address and connect from an
anonymous or false IP address. This means they’re essentially untraceable… even by the FBI, despite
what they may claim.

Myspace has had a lot of bad publicity recently over sexual assaults that may have originated from
connections on myspace’s network. But can you blame for these actions of
others? I lean away from thinking you can. The blame should lie more with parents then the connecting
network. Myspace is only one of hundreds or thousands of networks and chat tools kids can use and
sexual predators can take advantage of… Myspace is simply the largest and the best news story for
media outlets to cover.

Parents should play an active role in monitoring their child’s internet usage, not just Myspace usage.
There are monitoring tools to help keep an eye on what your kids are doing even while you’re away.
Some of these programs will keep logs of every website your child visits and every chat session he or
she has with friends. If your child is old enough to tell though you may want to warn him before hand as
it can be a very sensitive subject for a parent to be monitoring a teenager who feels they can take care
of themselves. Also these programs claim to be undetectable but keep in mind many teenagers today
know more about computers than you could imagine and may be able to remove this software.

Keep an eye out on your kids and keep them safe!

Todd Dickerson is a full-time Web Developer and an authority in social networks. He has a large
number of myspace resource sites such as

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                            The Myspace Craze – Info For Parents
                                                             By Gabriel Adams

 Everyone has a Myspace account these days. You can find almost anything on myspace, from love,
games, books, movies, music, and even friends. One of the most intriguing things about myspace to
me is the web templates that the web site provides to its users. These templates can be modified in
many different ways to produce millions of different myspace web pages. Also biographical information
along with quotes and other miscellaneous information are easily entered into this template. It seems
to me that many of the users on myspace are just trying to keep in touch with old friends, but some
users are looking for a “good time”. Also it seems that some users are just on myspace to try to get as
many “friends” to add them to their lists as they can. The only thing that worries me about myspace is
the amount of younger children that have pages on the site.

I have seen many different news shows lately about sexual predators that try to lure young children
into a meeting with them for sex. I am afraid that myspace makes this much easier for these sexual
predators to find children, because it basically gives them a direct link to them. I guess as with all
things, parents need to keep an eye on their children, and make sure that they are not getting
themselves into anything that they should not be getting into.

My wife and I recently had a son, so now I am really taking an interest into anything that I think can
harm him. I think that the information that is provided on myspace can really do some harm if it falls
into the wrong hands. I do not think that I will ever allow my son to be online in a room by himself
without myself or my wife with him, because I am afraid that a sexual predator might lure him into a
meeting. Just remember that myspace is like many other things in life – most people use its power for
good, but a few use it for evil. So just be sure that you supervise your kids and keep them safe.

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