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                                           Men’s Fitness Magazine Subscriptions
                                                         By Linda Polansky

    An astounding percentage of adult men and women around the world are found to obese at this
point in time. Indeed, in a growing number of countries around the globe, obesity is becoming a far
more serious health concern than is malnutrition. As a result, a growing amount of focus is being paid
to nutrition education and fitness programming. Perhaps you are a man who is interested in bettering
his health. (Or, perhaps you do have a family member who you feel should become more interested in
his personal health and fitness.) In either case, a solid resource when it comes to health and fitness
issues is a men’s fitness magazine subscription. When it comes to obtaining a men’s fitness magazine
subscription, there are some factors and pointers that you should bear in mind.

First of all, when it comes to looking for men’s fitness magazine subscription, you should look at a
magazine that is more comprehensive. By this it is meant that when it comes to a men’s fitness
magazine subscription, a subscriber is best served by ordering up a magazine that provides
information and articles both and nutrition and diet as well as on exercise and fitness. In the end, if you
(or a loved one) truly is interested in a healthy lifestyle, you need to appreciate and understand the
relationship between food and exercise. Thus, a magazine that appropriately addresses both elements
will be your best bet.

A good way to do some comparison shopping in regard to one men’s fitness magazine subscription
versus another, you will want to spend some time on the Internet and the World Wide Web. There are
some helpful websites on the Net that provide to you side by side comparisons of different magazines.
By making these side by side comparisons, you will be able to determine which of these magazines will
best serve your overall health and fitness needs and requirements -- both today as well as into the

Keep in mind that there are times when you make the purchase of a particular product or service
related to health and fitness, you oftentimes can obtain men’s fitness magazine subscription
opportunities at a reduced cost. Certain manufacturers offer a subscription as a complimentary gift
when you make the purchase of a fitness product. This can be a wonderful way to introduce you to a
particular men’s fitness magazine subscription.

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                               Fitness Magazine Subscriptions: Cheaper Than The Gym
                                                                By James Brown

 If you are looking for a way to keep up with the latest fitness trends, find new workout routines, gear,
and techniques, and get advice on eating healthy to maintain your weight and performance, a
subscription to a fitness magazine may be a better bet than a gym membership.

There are several different types of fitness magazines, from the general to those that focus on specific
types of exercise, like weightlifting or yoga. There are also different magazines depending on whether
you are looking to use fitness as a part of a healthy lifestyle, a weight loss tool, or to reach a high
performance level or certain body type.

For women, there are a few magazines in the general fitness area that cater to you. They include Self,
Shape, and Fitness Magazine. If you’re pregnant, there’s Fit Pregnancy. For men, there’s Men’s
Fitness and Men’s Health. There are also magazines for everyone, like Fit and Health and Fitness
Sports Magazine. These publications cover a wide range of health and wellness issues, from healthy
eating, to beauty and hygiene products, to the latest medical news.

If weight loss is your fitness goal, check out Weight Watchers magazine. Yoga is growing in popularity,
try Yoga, Yoga Journal, or Yoga International Magazine. Pilates is another current fitness craze, and
there’s a magazine for that, too, Pilates Style.

Bodybuilders have a myriad of choices, including Flex, Muscle and Fitness, and Iron Man. And of
course there are magazines for just about every sport imaginable, such as Golf Magazine and Golf
Digest for folks who like to hit the links. Runner’s World and Running Times are devoted mostly to
distance runners. Tennis players have Tennis Life and Tennis Magazine. If you prefer to get your
workout in the water, try Swim or Swimming World (they are by the same publisher, you may be able to
get both for the price of one). Skiers have their own magazines, too, like Skiing and Ski.

If fitness is your job, subscribing to a magazine in your field could help your business. Personal training
is a highly entrepreneurial field, and keeping up with the latest trends could give you that extra edge to
get more clients. Check out Personal Trainer Today or Personal Training magazine. If you run your
own club, try Health Club Management. Whether you are staying fit, helping others stay fit, or both,
there’s a magazine out there for you.

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