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                                        Marketing Your Online Business
                                              By Zachary Thompson

   One of the biggest challenges that face new and established business owners is marketing their
enterprise. Surprisingly enough, this is something that many new entrepreneurs do not take into
consideration before they start their business. This one fact alone spells disaster for a new business.

Understanding how to market your online small business:

Understand your market: First, you will need to understand the market you are promoting to. Analyze
your visitors. Find out where they go, (which websites they visit,) and what publications they are
interested in- this will give you an idea of where to advertise. It will also help you to understand your
market's specific wants and needs so that you will be offering them the right products and services.

Basic promotions to begin with:

Website promotions-search engines: Build an optimized website: when you do this you will be able to
take advantage of many cheap website promotions. Make sure you have good optimized content so
that you can submit your site to the search engines. You will get good quality ready to buy visitors from
search engine traffic.

Article distribution: You should write or have written a variety of articles about your industry. Submit at
least 2 per week for article distribution. You will get valuable back links from article distribution. Plus,
you will get highly targeted traffic who will convert well to sales.

Free newsletter: Use some articles for your newsletter: build your business list by offering a free
newsletter on your website. This is a very valuable list in that you will be able to build up a good
relationship with your subscribers so that over time, they will convert to your life long loyal customers.

Start a Google Awards campaign: This is a little tricky, so do some keyword research and read all the
tutorials at Google before you begin. Keep a close watch on your campaigns and remember not to bid
too high. Understand how many clicks through are converting to sales and adjust your bidding on this

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These few marketing methods will help you to get a good start on your promotions and allow you to
drive good quality traffic to your website. It is very important to plan your promotions carefully and
always be testing them.

Budget your promotions: Make sure you have a special budget for your promotions. The most common
mistake in small business owners is not taking care of the marketing budget. Keep a certain amount of
money aside from your regular business budget to take care of your promotions. Do not expect to
make any real money your first 3 months, so budget for this. The above marketing methods are very
cost effective, but most will still cost money. Therefore, start with a small amount of money, test, and
when you know there is good sales conversion with a promotion, then channel some more money into

Do not forget to keep good records. Test and record each promotion and be sure to have multiple
streams of marketing in place. Keep records of everything that is spent and the money that comes in.
You can use a software program like `quicken' to help you keep the budget straight.

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                                           How to Get Started in Internet Marketing
                                                            By Shannon Herod

Internet marketing is a fantastic way to start your very own business from home. You can very easily
start an information marketing business that you can scale to be very profitable very quickly.

Internet marketing is simply a new media for marketing. It differs very little from off-line marketing,
other than it is a brand-new media that has not been completely explored. The potential is limitless.
Considering that you are marketing to a worldwide crowd you can start to imagine how beneficial this
media is.

How to Get Started

In order to get started online you really need four things. You need a domain name, hosting, a website
and an autoresponder. These four things are essential to running an online business and for obvious

You cannot have a presence online unless you have a presence online. I hope it makes sense.
Basically, what I'm trying to say is it is impossible for you to establish a real business online without a
website. In order to have a website you need hosting and a domain name.

Next, I added that you need an autoresponder so you can build a permission-based opt in list. Building
a permission-based opt in list will help you drive your business to the next level. So, you should be
aware of this from the very beginning. As you start your research and get more into how to start your
online business you will start to understand how important this is.

So, in this article I've given you a glimpse of how to start an online business. Unfortunately, I cannot
teach you everything there is to know about starting an Internet marketing business in this article. But,
do not let that discourage you from continuing your search. There is plenty of information out there that
you can use in order to start your very own successful Internet marketing business.

Next, discover the secrets to building your very own successful online business. Imagine being able to
work from your very own

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