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                               Make 2009 Even Easier With 5 of the Best From Powerstar
                                                   By Diane Baker

   The 21st Century has seen the development of a plethora of new gadgets designed to make our
lives even easier and more fulfilling. Entertainment systems and laptops are virtually indispensable
pieces of equipment, offering convenience for both work and play. However, no matter how astonishing
these products become they will always rely on electricity to power them and in turn will always require
a power source, which may not always be so simple to access. Powerstar products are designed to
ensure that you always get the most from your equipment, wherever you are.

 Among the latest Powerstar products to be released is the Powerstar Global Travel Plug Set.
Travelling, whether for business or pleasure, invariably means that you pack a few electrical items.
Portable DVD players, digital camcorders and cameras are often essential to family holidays, while a
business trip would not be complete without a laptop. This travel plug set ensures that you can power
these gadgets - and more - in a variety of countries where UK plugs are not compatible with the
standard electrical supply. Interchangeable plugs mean that you can charge and power your items in
countries such as Australia, Argentina, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Europe. With the Global
Travel Plug Set power need never be an issue again, no matter how far from home you are.

 The Multipurpose Portable Charger is one of the most popular Powerstar products. Using a charger
cable and a variety of connectors, you need never worry about your portable gadgets running out of
power again. The connectors can be used for iPods, Sony PSPs, Samsung Digital cameras, Nintendo
DS and many more devices. You can charge from a domestic mains supply or use the in-car charger
to power up while you’re on the move.

 The Powerstar 90W Universal Laptop Adapter offers the facility to power your laptop, no matter where
you are. This Laptop Adapter works with worldwide inputs of 100 to 240V making it suitable for use
anywhere in the world and provides output voltages of 15-24Vdc and a range of connector options for
the majority of laptops. It also boasts surge protection circuitry to protect your computer against
unfamiliar currents.

 The Powerstar 120w Universal Laptop Adapter allows you to draw power from the mains supply, as
well as from aeroplanes and cars. Using your laptop’s USB port, it can also be used to charge and
power gadgets such as mobile phones, PDA’s and SatNavs. Similar to the 90w model, it offers
protection against surging and overheating. A variety of connectors make this essential device

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compatible with most laptops.

 Powerstar’s Universal Laptop Adapter and USB also allows you to charge and power electrical items
from the mains, cars or aeroplanes, making it an invaluable business tool. Simply connect the
appropriate connector, set your desired laptop voltage and you’re ready to work, play or simply charge
your laptop for later. For total flexibility, you can even run and charge your 5V USB devices using the
built-in USB port and power your laptop at the same time.
 While gadgets may develop in new directions, a constant will always be the power source. Powerstar
products allow you to tap into a variety of power sources safely and conveniently.a

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                        More Power! Why Powerstar Have a Product For Every Occasion
                                                                 By Sandy Lee

With the current economic climate, many people are trying to focus on Xmas gifts that will provide
great value for money, as well as offering practical solutions for everyday problems. Gadgets, laptops
and mobile phones are increasingly popular gifts, but they have a tendency to run out of power at the
most inconvenient moments and at the time when you most need them to be working. If you are giving
or are likely to receive an electronic gift for Xmas, there’s one range of gifts you should look at as part
of your Xmas product focus: the PowerStar product range.

 While many gadgets and gizmos will be unwrapped on Xmas day, the likelihood is that they will be
used all year round. To prevent inconvenient power failure, the PowerStar product range is well worth
investigating, offering solutions to power problems for all types of product.

 For example, going on holiday can mean packing electrical devices of all kinds – especially if you are
taking children; laptops, children’s DVD players, camcorders and digital cameras are commonly found
in suitcases these days. PowerStar have created a Global Plug Set that consists of a power lead with
four interchangeable plugs, offering power for your devices almost anywhere in the world.

 For people on the go, the PowerStar Multi-Purpose Portable charger offers instant power, wherever
you need it. This palm-sized device can be charged from the mains, from a USB port or in the car and
is compatible with the majority of mobile phone models, digital cameras, portable gaming consoles,
iPods, MP3 and MP4 players, SatNavs and PDAs. This essential gift holds its charge for up to one
year, providing a charge at any time.

 Some of the PowerStar product range items do not just offer power for your electronic device; they
offer protection as well. PowerStar have a selection of intelligent AC adaptors on the market, which
automatically change to the right output voltage for a variety of laptops when you add the right
connector tip. These adaptors work with worldwide inputs of between 100 to 240 Volts AC and provide
output voltages of between 15 to 24 Volts DC. The range of connector options mean that the user can
operate their laptop almost anywhere in the world and have their laptop protected against power
surges resulting from different electricity supplies.

 Many gifts that you will either give or receive have uses far beyond Xmas Day. These gadgets may
well be taken abroad or across the country for work purposes. It can be incredibly frustrating to find
that your new laptop or mobile phone is useless as it has run out of power and, thanks to
circumstances beyond your control, there is no way to recharge it. Using the PowerStar product range,
you can ensure that your electronic gift never runs out of power unnecessarily. Giving one of these
products as a gift offers a thoughtful and practical solution to the problems that often accompany
electronic devices. Remember: whilst a gadget may not be for life, it’s certainly not just for Xmas!

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