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                                   Latest technology gadgets of 2008-Arghh! I know ‘em
                                                                 By Iulian Gabriel

   Curtains for 2008 are coming down in few days from now and if you see the developments the years
witnessed, for instance the latest technology gadgets of 2008, it had been all complex devices that
could perform intensive and incredible tasks. These latest gadgets 2008 are indeed with simple
designs and several of them even user friendly, iPhone is one for sure. Most of the so-called latest
technology gadgets are uni device multiple task performers. In fact the advent of nanotechnology
enabled to device smaller gadgets that perform several functions while being nano in size. So said, it
should be admitted that most of the latest electronic gadgets are designed for comfort, safety and
weekend entertainment area.

Iphone has revolutionized the communication and in fact changed its face and the latest technology
gadgets of 2008 has given us the Apple 3G which is the world’s first multi-touch screen gizmondo.
Other high-end gadgets include the tablet PCs, electronic medical equipment, Bluetooth calls, mobile
entertainment devices, voice commands and visual/audible traffic rerouting as well as complex car
systems with GPRSs.

And did I mention about the accelerometer sensor used in the iPhone technology and other high-end
handsets? The technology enables a phone to rotate its image automatically when it is turned
sideways. Another technological advancement is the ambient light sensor that detects changes in the
light conditions and adjusts the display brightness automatically and the proximity sensor senses
things that are larger than fingers when they come close and turns off the display in order to save
power and accidental key presses.

In the healthcare industry, one of the major developers of latest gadgets in technology in 2008 had
been Philips. Cliniscape is used to keep updates of each patient’s health condition by providing uses
information of blood containers, medication and others. It is from the Philips and is used as a mobile
point of care device in order to access medical applications such as iSite PACS medical image, clinical
information Portfolio and information management system.

And the latest computer gadgets in the field of education is the XO laptop which can be used at
anytime and any place. Another innovation is the TI graphing calculators that can be used to solve
complex math-related calculations. These calculators have large 3.5-inch display and more familiar

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mouse-like controls and spreadsheet capabilities, etc. The MacBook Air is the world’s thinnest laptop is
another innovative product and a run away hit during 2008. The laptop is again by the iPhone
manufacturers, Apple. The latest auto gadgets include car GPS, Bluetooth car starter, ozone air
purifier, Driv-e-mocion and LED rims, etc.

Numerous sites are there with the information on latest electronic gadgets that deal with computers,
technology and Internet. Check out for the authority information and a technology channel that is user
friendly with simple navigational tools and unbiased reviews. Latest mobile electronic gadgets is the
most widely searched subject on search engines and check out if the site has any worthwhile
information for you.

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                                 Swiss Watches: Most Trusted Brands in Watches
                                                         By Albert Connors

Many people buy signature gadgets for different reasons. People who greatly rely on technology and
gadgets look for quality gadgets from trusted names because of the usefulness of these gadgets to
their work. These people use branded gadgets to assure that they get the best quality partners in the
completion of their work. It’s not enough that you buy a signature gadget for social gratification. You
can choose a brand that is trendy, functional, and most importantly, of trusted quality.

 When it comes to watches, there’s one name that stands out, Swiss watch. They produce the highest
quality timepieces, establishing more brands with top-of-the-line models being endorsed by world-class
celebrity icons like Brad Pitt and Tiger Woods. Some of the very popular brands are TAG Heuer,
Rolex, Omega, and Oris. They are manufactured by different companies. However, they maintain the
high quality standards that the Swiss watch has been taking care over the decades.

In 2008, the Swiss watch show has spotted the latest trends in watches.

• Popular casings are those that are large or even larger.
• Dials that are exposed to reveal mechanical work are very in demand.
• Made with ceramic materials, strong, light, and highly scratch-free.
• Models with limited edition are popular.
• Gold colors are in demand (rose and white).

Seamaster Collection from Omega Watch

 If you are an ocean lover, take a look at the Seamaster collection courtesy of Omega Watch. It is
considered as one of the top manufacturers of Swiss watches. Nevertheless, these watches have
gained popularity after being endorsed by world-class icons and their functionality to answer every
ocean adventurer’s need, from diving to racing. The collection has four models for you to choose from.

 • Omega Seamaster 300 M. Perhaps the most famous choice of men, after being tagged as the official
“James Bond” watch. All models of this collection are guaranteed water-resistant up to 1,000 feet.
These are perfect for scuba divers and compression divers. Most of the models have cases and
bracelets made of stainless steel.

List of models available:
1.OS 300 M GT
2.OS 300 M Chrono Diver
3.OS 300 M Diver Chronometer
4.OS 300 M Quartz
5.OS 300 M Racing Chronometer

• Aqua Terra. This collection is perfect for people who love to go swimming, snorkeling or free diving
with a watch. It is not suitable for scuba diving because of its water resistance of up to 500 feet only.

List of available models:
1. OS Aqua Terra Chronometer

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2. OS Aqua Terra Quartz
3. OS Aqua Terra Chronograph

 • Planet Ocean. This is the latest addition to the collection of Omega watches endorsed by the great
U.S. Olympian, Michael Phelps, of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. This unique orange leather strap and
bezel has become an instant favorite.

 • Apnea. The model is one of the series of watches inspired from Michael Phelps. All models are built
with stainless steel cases and with four variations ranging from black dial, white dial, stainless steel
bracelet, and rubber bracelet.

 Swiss watches continue its legacy of quality timepieces as the people’s demands continue to evolve
over the years. These top caliber watches come from different manufacturers who have produced
thousands of collections over trusted brands. These watches are sold worldwide to provide the
consuming public with world-class timepieces.

This article about Swiss Watches was written by Albert Connors. Swiss watches are great but can be
very expensive. But if you purchase a Swiss replica watch from then you can
have all the same style and quality at a fraction of the cost.

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