; Laptop Computers - Upgrade Or Replace
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Laptop Computers - Upgrade Or Replace


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									                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                            Laptop Computers – Upgrade Or Replace?
                                                                   By Bruce Orr

   Laptop computers are great. They offer convenience and flexibility to anyone who depends on a
computer for their livelihood. They are also prone to annoying problems like the ones I’ve experienced
lately. Here are just a few examples from the ongoing saga of my laptop:

 • I had two instances of my Web browser open, along with a couple of other applications. As I
ALT-Tabbed between apps, the ALT-Tab window – the one that displays all the open applications for
you to move to – froze, front and center, on my screen. As I tried valiantly to work, the little window
obstructed my view. When I happened to shut down one instance of my browser, the thing went away.

 • I had one thin line on my monitor. It’s like some pixels went missing or something. A few weeks later,
another line appeared. If this keeps going, I imagine I’ll lose a good portion of my screen by the end of
the year.

• The battery conks out after less than 2 hours.

So, the question I’m left with is: should I upgrade my laptop or replace it?

Upgrading Laptop Computers – Pros and Potential Cons

 The main benefit of upgrading is cost. Instead of paying for a brand new machine, I could just by a
memory stick for a fraction of the price and hope that solves my problem. Memory is cheap.
Refurbished memory is even cheaper. I know because my machine is ancient and, needing to look
around for the right kind of memory, I checked a reseller.

 For most people, memory upgrades are enough to boost performance, if performance is the real

 The potential con of an upgrade is that it may not fix the problem. So I could end up spending money
on memory and lots of time trying to figure out how to install it, only to discover that my problem isn’t

Buying a New Laptop – Pros and Potential Cons

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Money is also the main concern with buying a new laptop, but in this case, money is a “con”, not a
“pro”. The costs of replacing technology can be significant for any business, big or small. Yes, it would
be nice to have a new computer, and one that could actually handle running more than one application
at a time, but is it better to take my chances on a memory upgrade? Is a new laptop affordable?

 If you are in a similar situation to mine and you want an answer to that last question, here’s some
advice. Look closely at your current and future needs. Make sure you consider a laptop that has room
for expansion, in case you find yourself in this same situation a few years from now.

 Laptop computers come in a wide range of sizes, from tiny netbooks to huge desktop replacements.
Take a look at the price ranges for the specs you need. It can’t hurt to take a peek at the secondary
market too. Used and refurbished laptop computers work as well as new ones – albeit with fewer bells
and whistles due to their age.

 Like all technology, laptop computers are a blessing and a curse. They make life easier, but they also
make it a lot more expensive. Before you jump into a new purchase for your old laptop, be sure to
research the possibility of upgrading. If you decide to buy, do your homework. Study the laptop
computers on offer and choose the one that suits your work style and your budget.

For more information about laptop computers http://www.itxchange.com/itxchange/find_specials.asp

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                    Features Found While Laptop Computers Shopping
                                                            By James Brown

 Some of the features found while laptop computer shopping focus on size and portability. Other
features that people consider beneficial is whether the laptop computer is thin enough to carry with
them when they are traveling through airports. The lightweight features found in laptop computers are
what made laptop computers popular to begin with, and business travelers really need this feature
when they work away from the office.

Other features found while laptop computer shopping are pretty basic and to be expected, but people
consider them anyway when buying a laptop computer. The number of cells in a battery will determine
how long it will provide power to their laptop computer system, and they want the longest time they can

The most beneficial features found while laptop computer shopping are the extended warranties that
are offered on laptop computers. These are insurances that will protect their investment, and people
prefer this warranty feature to have a few years offered in the deal. Most laptop computers start out
with a 90 day warranty but some feature offers of as much as 3 years.

Some of the fun features found while laptop computers shopping are high-end graphics and touch
screens. These are luxurious features that many people feel are not necessary, but high-tech computer
users love them. For a person that does video editing for a living, they pay particular attention to the
video editing features that are built-in to some computer systems.

There are people that look at features found while laptop computer shopping, and think about all of the
musical CDs they can copy, and how they can download music from the Internet, and transfer it to their
cell phone. They look at the built-in compact disk burners and think of all the money they will save
when they make copies of their own style of music that they can play in their car.

One of the most important features found while laptop computers shopping is the speed of the
computer processing unit. Since this is the one piece of equipment that is not upgradeable on a laptop
computer, the one that is purchased with the laptop computer model will have to suffice for the life of
the product. This feature will also reduce the wear and tear on the core of the system and may extend
the life cycle of the laptop computer, and affect the speed in which images appear on your laptop
computer screen.

One of the features found while laptop computer shopping will determine how much memory you can
upgrade some time down the road. People routinely ask what the upgrade capabilities are on a laptop
computer before they ask what the operation system is that is installed on the computer system. When
they ask about upgrade capabilities they are actually asking about a feature called the memory slots.

The connectivity features found while laptop computer shopping is very important for people that like to
browse the Internet occasionally, and very important to those that telecommute for a living. A
broadband internet connection plug-in is one way people to choose to connect to the Internet. A dial-up
connection can be used, but another feature will be needed to do that, and that feature is the dial-up
phone plug-in device.

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                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

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