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					                                                    Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                     Keeping Your Text Links Natural
                                                             By John Lessnau

   After the latest Google Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) update, many websites that
focused too heavily on one keyword lost ground in the SERPs. When it comes to Google’s latest
search engine algorithm, if you are buying or trading text links it is becoming more important than ever
to mix up your preferred anchor text.

I have always recommended focusing on 4 or 5 “money” keyword phrases you would like to target.
Now, to take things a step further, I recommend you consider breaking down each of those keyword
phrases into an additional 3 or 4 semantically similar keyword phrases. If you have a Pay-Per-Click
account, an excellent way to determine what keywords are your most potent is to study ROI patterns
within your account.

The main rule of thumb is to keep your anchor text as natural as possible. This means a wide variety of
links to your site from sites in your general category, with a scattering of links from unrelated sites.
Run-of-Site (ROS) links are fine as long as they are not overused. After all, one or two ROS links could
be something that could occur naturally if you have a great site with valuable content.

Most importantly, increase the incoming links to your site gradually – don’t go from 5 inbound links to
50,000 links overnight. Use common sense and don’t do anything that could raise a red flag with the
search engines. For new sites, we recommend that you increase your total backlink count by no more
than 25% to 50% each month.

As it stands now, MSN and Yahoo lag behind Google in their ability to identify natural linking patterns.
So if you are focusing on non-Google search engines, the more links with the same exact anchor text
the better. In fact, many webmasters have actually set up a second site to sell their product through
MSN and Yahoo searches while keeping their Google centric site running at the same time.

John Lessnau, is the CEO and founder of LinkAdage, the first market driven text link advertising
center. We invite you to visit our website at to learn how you can make extra
money buying and selling text links on your websites.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                 Five Killer Ways To Build Your MLM Website Links
                                                          By Jon Roussel

 Link exchanges and campaigns can do wonders to build your MLM website links and increase your
page rank. Network marketers can increase their website traffic by doing much more than just placing
advertisements. This article discusses five ways to build your MLM website links.

So what are the best links?

A popular and common answer might be "the ones that deliver lots of relevant traffic". However links
can mean different things to different people. Natural linking is a great reward, but it is also important to
make sure you have some links from quality sites in your industry. Do a search with a good key phrase
on and you will quickly see which websites are the 'authority' sites. Set about trying to
get listed on as many of the best ones as you can.

There are mainly four general ways to build your MLM website links to increase the value of your site in
the eyes of the search engines. They are reciprocal linking, one-way linking,multi-site linking and
directory linking. It is wise to not put all of your SEO eggs in one basket.

The most effective strategy to build your MLM website links is to employ all four techniques naturally.

Here are five killer ways to naturally build your MLM website links.

1. The first is the rate at which links are created. Be careful to not add too many links too quickly.

2. The second is that having a link to every site that links to you will likely reduce the value of the links.
If all you ever obtain is Reciprocal Linking, you will likely move up the SERP's (Search Engine Results
Page's) but you won't reach your sites full potential.

3 Increase the context of your links by developing them naturally using articles, forums, blogs and a
Squidoo lens. The higher you can drive this context percentage,the better your website will perform.
Although this may take a while to get going, it will build your MLM website links in a way the search
engines will recognize as relevant.

4. The fourth is to have links inbound from all different ranking sites.

5. The fifth is to vary the text of your inbound links. It is not natural to have every website that links to
you to have the same text on the link description.

It would be best for a good number of your inbound links to appear within the text of a page that
appears natural for the reader of that site. And for those links to not all lead back to the home page of
your website.

When you continue to use a variety of organic methods to optimize and promote your site, you can
effectively build your MLM website links. The network marketer with the most quality links wins the

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

Jon Roussel is a successful internet marketer in Beverly, MA He helps people succeed with a home
based business that will generate a long term reliable leveraged residual income. Learn more at

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