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Just How Important Are Technorati Tags And Wordpress Categories - PDF


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									                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                       Just How Important Are Technorati Tags And Wordpress Categories
                                                          By Danny Wirken

    Taking into account that search engines are currently the principal means for accessing blogs in the
Internet, having one’s blog listed among the top result of a search query is paramount in order to drive
traffic to one’s blog. To help boost your blog’s ranking for search engine, here is a tip that any
webmaster worth his salt can tell you: Think of the most probable keywords or tags that will be used to
search for your blog and then make sure to include these words in your blog post. Make them part of
your title. If you are a WordPress user, make them your Technorati tag or WordPress category. Doing
so would give you a better chance of being crawled by the search engines.

About Technorati Tags

Technorati is a popular real-time search engine that monitors what is happening in the world of
weblogs – the blogosphere. Adhering to the idea that the relevance of a blog is determined by the
number of other blogs that link to it, Technorati traces the number of links, the perceived importance of
blogs, as well as the actual time of blogging. Technorati automatically receives advice from blogs as
soon as they are updated. Technorati tracks down all activities in the blogosphere and indexes them
immediately after posting.

As bloggers have probably realized by now, Technorati is an authority in keeping up with the blogging
community. Technorati is one of the best traffic sources. Blog posts organized by Technorati tags are
its main feature. Technorati makes your blog much easier to find when Internet users search by
utilizing Technorati tags.

A Technorati tag is a keyword or a category used to briefly describe the subject matter of a blog post. It
can be one or more words. Bloggers categorize or classify their blog posts using tags. The process of
assigning tags to blog posts is known as tagging.

For instance, you have a post about cooking, you can use tags like healthy cooking, culinary delights,
kitchen gadgets, regional cuisine, food trips, etc. as your tags. You can tag your post with anything you
wish. Technorati will still index it and display it on their tag pages.

Technorati tags are like the tags bloggers add to pictures or images on Flickr, the photo sharing site
(e.g. using the tag ”culinary delights” for a photo of a sumptuous parmesan chicken with quick salsa
verde dish). Technorati tags are also like the tags used to bookmark blog posts in http://del.icio.us.

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Bloggers assign tags and share all the links with other users through the tags. In fact, Technorati works
with these two sites. When you go to Technorati and view a particular post for a specific tag, you will
also see images and links to blogs given the same tags by bloggers on http://del.icio.us and Flickr.

Technorati tags offer another way of finding information and interacting on the Internet. Technorati tags
usher you to a collection of posts tagged with the same tag. Technorati tags can link to related tag
categories not just on Technorati but the other tag sites as well showing a compilation of posts from
around the web all related to the tag. Tags can also link to a generated blog post enumerating all the
posts on your blog associated with that specific tag. Technorati tags can also be linked from within the
text thru a list anywhere on your blog that will take you to the Technorati site for more posts related to
the same tag.

Technorati uses WordPress categories as tags. Technorati will automatically recognize your
WordPress category names as tags. You can add more tags by just adding a rel=”tag” to any link on
your blog. You can also avail of the numerous WordPress plug-ins for maximizing Technorati tags
which can be found on the Plug-ins/Technorati list in the WordPress site.

About WordPress Categories

Bloggers using WordPress as their blogging platform can maximize the Categories feature. Categories
come with WordPress. You have full rein to add as many categories or subcategories as you like to
make it easy for users to find information they need. As mentioned earlier Technorati uses WordPress
categories as tags.

Each post in WordPress is entered under one or more categories. This allows posts with related
content to be compiled together. Each category may be assigned to a Category Parent. Categories are
displayed in hierarchy and alphabetically. Subcategories are displayed after the Parent Category.
There are some basic information associated with a category – a unique name, category parent,
description (optional) and the number of posts which are members of the category.

Links to categories are shown in different places on the blog. WordPress lists category links in the
sidebar. WordPress also shows all the categories to which a given post belongs. When a user views a
blog and clicks on one of the category links, a page with all the posts belonging to that category will be

Just like traditional website marketing, organizing content into categories, in this case WordPress
categories, helps both visitors and search engines to easily understand what your blog posts are about
and find other posts related to the same category.

Optimizing Technorati Tags and WordPress for Search Engines

Tags are categories that organize the blog system. Given that WordPress categories translate to
Technorati tags, it follows that by tagging a blog post, you connect it with a unique category. Technorati
provides a tag search that allows web surfers to browse for posts in a particular category. If your posts
are properly tagged, this can bring significant traffic.

Google, Yahoo and MSN incorporate Technorati’s tag pages into their search results. This is the
reason why Technorati receives much traffic. The longer your post stays at the top of a Technorati tag,
the more traffic you will receive. To stay on top, you can continue posting new content related posts to

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

a specific tag.

How high the Technorati tag ranks in the search engine results depend on certain factors. It depends in
part on how relevant and unique your Technorati tags are. The more relevant they are, the more likely
your blog post will appear in search results. The better you match your Technorati tags (WordPress
categories) with the actual content of your blog post, the higher your post will rank in search engines. It
will also be effortless for web surfers to navigate within your site. To put it simply, the higher your
search engine ranking, the more traffic you receive.

Another factor to consider in attaining a high page rank in search engine results is the number of
bloggers that have tagged their posts by linking back to Technorati. In fact all blog posts that tag
directly to Technorati have received a boost in link popularity. Based on the number of links to your
blog from other sites, your blog is given a Google PageRank (a system for ranking web pages and blog
posts). The higher the rank, the easier it will be for web users to find your blog when they search for
related data. A high Google PageRank will definitely increase your search engine optimization as
Google PageRank serves as the basis for the entire web search tools.


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                                          What Can Wordpress Plugins Do For You?
                                                            By Michael Paetzold

 The function of WordPress has opened up endless possibilities recently, taking it to a new level no
longer limited to a blog site. With a huge range of WordPress plugins already available, and many
more being added constantly, website owners can put up custom designed pages in a few minutes
with a little help.

WordPress plugins are scripts developed by various programmers to give users more options for their
blog pages. For example, a WordPress plugin can be used to display recent comments, or as a spam
prevention tool. WordPress templates are proving to be extremely popular for externally hosted
websites, so having the ability to add more features makes the WordPress plugins a very handy source
of free programming!

While many people set up WordPress blog pages to share personal and social stories, blogging has
become an essential part of the marketing and promotion sector. With a separately hosted website,
WordPress users can include advertising links or Adsense, and promote affiliate products. WordPress
plugins provide excellent tools for customizing these types of sites, with add-ons in a wide range of
categories including:

§Adsense management §Advertisement rotators §Search engine optimization §User restrictions and
password options §Visitor and click statistics §Search boxes §Tracking tools §Social bookmark tags
(e.g. Technorati, Del.icio.us, Digg)

Since there are a large variety of WordPress plugins to suit all sorts of users, the level of expertise
required to install some of these varies. You'll need an understanding of FTP, and Zip files, and some
knowledge of HTML. More advanced website owners can even develop their own plugins. A degree
of PHP programming is required, and some WordPress plugins also use Javascript or CHMOD to
function properly.

A note about WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Although these two sites sound the same, the services offered by each one are different and this often
causes confusion for people. The difference lies mainly in the hosting side of things. While a free
WordPress blog will be hosted on WordPress.com, the themes and templates are limited and users are
not allowed to include advertising or affiliate links. WordPress.org on the other hand requires you to
have your own domain and hosting in place, but is a much better option for advertising and marketing
purposes, and this is where the WordPress plugins come into the equation!

Self-hosting website owners can make light work of designing their sites with WordPress plugins,
creating unique personalized pages to attract their visitors!

Mike Paetzold is the creator of WordPress Made Easy a multi-media course to allow you to install and
customize a WordPress blog on your domain. Get more information at http://WordPressMadeEasy.net
and grab your free blogging traffic tips.

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