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                                 Is Your Web2.0 Marketing A Goldmine Or Black Hole
                                                            By Stacie James

   As an Online Business Owner, I regularly subscribe to and read many ezine newsletters. Some of
them I find rather silly, some hyped and some just plain annoying. As a internet business owner,
however, it takes a lot to get me to unsubscribe because there is usually something to learn no matter
how small from most newsletters.

My favorite newsletters of late are those that lead me on a trail to places where others who share my
interest and are on the same path as I am. Whether it be a community of dieters, hair style fanatics , a
mom friendly place or internet marketing communities.

These newsletters have their finger on the pulse of what Web 2.0 Marketing is and how to make the
most of it.

Just recently, I got an email from one of my favorite affiliate programs which led me to his blog. Once I
arrived to the blog, I found lively discussion initiated by the owner about his most recent opt in test
results along with comments from other members. Unfortunately my two cents was not on topic but I
felt my comments would still need to be seriously considered. Before I placed my comment, being the
good netizen that I am, I prefaced my post by saying just that - "my comment may not be on topic."

Unsure, if my comments would end up in a big black hole or deleted, I forged ahead with my comments
that I felt would help his affiliate members.

Believe me, the suggestion I gave for his membership program was a Win- Win for everyone. I did not
say this in my post but any smart business owner could for him or herself conclude that on their own.

Imagine my delight when I received his regularly scheduled newsletter one week later announcing
changes to the basic membership program which included a change that actually used my suggestion.
Mind you, the membership program I had was for his free program at the time. The suggestion had to
do with making changes within the free basic membership program.

Needless to say, I was delighted to see someone take action. This owner not only has Web 2.0
marketing in his business but he is actually using it smartly. As a result of this, I have since upgraded
to a paid membership.

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                                           Presented by Daniel Toriola

Trust me when I say this owner will see his sales continue to increase because he has a few of the
Web2.0 Marketing principles at work for him that I've noticed.

 1. A Business System - He has a pretty good Web 2.0 Marketing system in place for both front end
and back end sales for his business .

2. Integrated Blog - There is nothing like having a blog out there all by itself and no one to visit it. He
has a good system in place to generate traffic to his blog.

3. Engaging - How many of your clients and prospects have you engaged in communication with
lately? The biggest turn off to people online is when they are unable to interact with you. Don't be
afraid to put your thoughts out there and allow your subscribers or website visitors a chance to talk

Are you a control freak? Well if you are, it's time to Move on and Let that go.

Stop talking to yourself and allow others to enter the conversation whenever you send out
communications to your subscribers.

If you do, You just might talk yourself into a Web 2.0 Marketing business Goldmine.

If you would like to see positive results from Web 2.0 Marketing in your business, I would encourage
you to download a free report written together with the help of my friend and mentor Henry Gold.

This report will help you as it did me to clearly understand Web 2.0 and how it will affect your business.

I encourage you to go ahead and download the rest of the report not for me or Henry but for yourself. It
changed my life and I am confident it will change yours.

Henry Gold is known as a pioneer of Web 2.0 marketing revolution. He has helped hundreds of
marketers build thousands of hungry buyers with his secret marketing strategies. To learn more about
the web 2.0 and how it can help your business visit:

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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Designed for medium scale enterprises, GoldMine Premium delivers a CRM solution that is effective in
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GoldMine Premium combines usability with compatibility. Use Outlook with GoldMine Premium to allow
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Synchronize information and user data in the GoldMine network together with GoldMine Sync. With
synchronization, real time information updates is made possible for alerts distribution, FYI sending and
direct instructions to users in the field.

Accessing GoldMine through the internet using a browser is now possible, thanks to GoldMine's push
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Analyzing leads for sales and marketing is just a snap with GoldMine. Generate reports by creating,
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With GoldMine Premium, automating routine tasks is now made possible to reduce wastage of
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administration, generate and send pre-composed messages such as emails, faxes and letters.

With an overall view of customer histories and information, companies are afforded the luxury of
catering to each detail of a customer's needs and preferences. Being able to do so will increase
customer satisfaction levels. Increased customer satisfaction greatly translates to customer retention
and an increased customer base. With all these increases going on, it will not be too much of a
surprise if a company's bottom line increases as well. How can 10 people handle one thousand
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All this is made possible by GoldMine CRM software. In addition to GoldMine Corporate edition and
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