How To Make Computer Faster In 3 Simple Steps

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      to computer performance. Running out of RAM too fast is not uncommon and users who have this problem
                                        should consider upgrading the memory
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                                    How To Make Computer Faster In 3 Simple Steps
                                                           By Logan Albright

   Slow and laggy computers have always been a major concern among computer users. Computers
have become an integral part of modern society. They have found their way into our homes, schools
and work places and have positioned themselves as necessities in our lives. As such, it has become
increasingly ideal to posses a stable computer that runs well. Computers that process data slowly can
be an enormous hindrance in our daily lives. If you are disappointed with your computer’s performance,
then check out these 3 easy steps that can help your computer’s performance.

#1 RAM check

 All computer geeks know what Random Access Memory (RAM) is. RAM is an important component in
the computer that helps to store your main data, so that they can be accessed immediately. It is
important that you perform a RAM upgrade once every few years. Newer programs and applications
require more memory to run. Your RAM should be one of the main components you upgrade to keep
pace with increasing software requirements. A small RAM has limited space and chances are you are
going to have troubles trying to run certain applications. This is also the reason why having a sizeable
RAM will help to keep your PC’s speed on par newer PCs. The only disadvantage with this method is
that good RAM can be costly. But it’s definitely worth the money!

#2 Registry clean up

 The ‘registry’ is an unfamiliar term with most computer users. The registry is also another part of the
PC, however, unlike RAM, the registry is an intangible piece of software. The registry stores all your
personal login details and software settings. But the problem with the registry is that it functions like a
one-way street; information can be stored, but cannot be deleted. Hence, files in the registry, also
known as the registry keys, will get accumulated over time. Over the years, the registry keys will be
overwritten many times, thus increasing the chances of the keys going missing or getting corrupted. If
this happens, your computer will take a much longer time to open applications. Your computer will
need to navigate a maze of redundant and corrupted keys, before getting to the right one. Remember
to do regular clean ups on your registry. This can be done by getting a registry cleaner such as
RegCure. You can also do this manually, but it is not advised.

#3 Defragmentation

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Every computer user should be familiar with defragmentation. If you are unfamiliar with this term, your
computer may be suffering needlessly. Defragmentation helps you sort out the files and programs that
might have gone missing or misplaced while you were using your computer. Doing defragmentation
once every few months is good and it acts as mini computer maintenance for you too. Fortunately,
defragmentation is free. It can be easily found on most Windows based computers.

 So the next time your computer starts slowing down, refer to these 3 simple steps to restore your
computer to its former glory.

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                         How to Make a Computer Run Faster in 3 Quick Steps
                                           By Logan Albright

Take a moment to think about your computer. Since you first bought it, have you noticed a slow down
of functioning, or a decrease in performance? You will find that it’s a natural inevitability for a computer
to lose its speed and efficiency over time, but it’s more often than not caused by the lack of or improper
maintenance. If you’re thinking about how to make a computer run faster, there are many solutions you
can turn to. This article will narrow down 3 quick steps that you can consider in order for you to regain
the performance your computer once had, or even improve it.

1. Think about your registry

 When you are thinking about how to make a computer run faster, your registry should be the first
place that you look into. Your registry is the place on your computer where all the commands for your
computer and the necessary information for those commands are stored. You will find that the registry
is the one place that your computer relies on every time that it needs to open a file or to run a program.
Hence, if this area gets corrupted, you are going to end up with a sluggish computer. Fortunately, you
will find that there are a number of registry cleaners out there; some are free, and the more reliable
ones may cost you, but they will all help you clean and reorganize your registry. As time goes on, your
registry will become cluttered and more difficult to deal with, so make sure that you take this basic step.

2. Uninstall unused programs

 The first time you notice your computer slowing down, take the time to stop and to see what you can
do to speed it up. You can do this by simply uninstalling applications you don’t really need. Free up
space by removing unnecessary programs from your computer. All you need to do is to open up your
control panel and to go to the icon that says “Add/Delete Programs”, and check all the programs you
want to uninstall. Then, after a restart, you will notice a significant improvement in your computer’s
speed, especially if you’ve defragmented your drive after the uninstallation to reorganize the data in
your computer. However, make sure you know a particular program before you uninstall it; uninstalling
the wrong thing can give your computer some serious operation issues.

3. Run your anti-virus/anti-adware programs

 If you are looking into how to make a computer run faster, remember that you need to think about how
your computer accesses the internet. You will find that even if you have a firewall up, there are ways
that adware, malware and viruses can get onto your computer. Most of these malicious programs run
in the background, and consume a considerable amount of RAM that affects the performance of your
computer. Take some time to keep your computer clean of these viruses.

 If you are thinking about how to make a computer run faster, remember that it can be quite easy. Take
a look at these three simple steps and think about how they can improve your computer’s speed and

Visit to speed up your computer in 3 steps. Logan
Albright helps thousands of people optimize their computers through a proper computer check up at He is an authority on troubleshooting computer problems at

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