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                                                How to Improve Your Typing Skill
                                                             By Robert Snoog

   Are you a computer beginner or an experienced user with poor typing skill? Do you want to improve
your typing speed and efficiency easy and enjoyably with little effort? Absolutely, the typing tutor
software is the best choice of you. There are a lot of such utilities in the market today. Probably you will
ask which one I should select among them. No problem! Here I will commend some popular typing
tutor software to you. The most popular typing tutor software used today are: TypingTutor, GS Typing
Tutor, TypingMaster Pro, Letter Chase Typing Tutor, TypeFaster etc. Following are the detailed
functions presentation and features comparison of them.

 TypingTutor is a program that can help us learn touch typing by following a series of exercises while
monitoring our progress and tracking the results. It offers some basic instructions on finger placements
and starts with a simple set of lessons to practice the basic key combinations, expanding the number
of letters used as we progress through the exercises. TypingTutor offers a simple interface that
requires us to frequently use our mouse in order to switch or continue lessons. But the included
lessons are fairly short and lack the sophistication of other (commercial) typing products.

 GS Typing Tutor is a program that will help us to learn touch typing from scratch, or develop our typing
speed if we are already using the touch type method. As a beginner, no more hunt and peck and two
finger typing. GS Typing Tutor will help you memorize the keyboard layout and go on to develop typing
speed quickly. If we know touch typing, GS Typing Tutor can help us to acquire professional
touch-typing skills.

 TypingMaster Pro is an interactive typing trainer; that we can use to teach ourselves touch typing. It
offers an extensive array of exercise lessons that cover all the bases from ergonomics to step-by-step
lessons and interactive games to practice our skills. Unlike other products that simply provide us with a
set of training lessons, TypingMaster Pro adapts to our unique needs and customizes the learning
process based on our skills and progress. It keeps detailed statistics about our WPM rates, problem
keys and other details, and allows us to target and improve our weak areas.

 Letter Chase Typing Tutor enables us to learn touch typing with the help of on-screen instructions to
learn finger placement and step-by-step training lessons that will get us started. The program includes
a total of 11 lessons that cover all letters as well as numbers, symbols and punctuation. Letter Chase
Typing Tutor includes statistical charts that displays our progress and we can customize some of the

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

settings to adjust for our typing style.Other features include support for multiple users, typing games,
advanced drills, speed tests and more.

 TypeFaster is an Open Source typing tutor that offers a touch typing course in 15 lessons. The
program can keep track of our progress with statistical charts and create custom exercises based on
the errors we make during our lessons. An interactive keyboard display can assist us with finding the
keys without having to look at the keyboard. Type Faster also includes spaceship-shooter typing game.

 Overall, TypingTutor is the most compact typing tutor software with simple typing tutor functions, so it
suits for the beginners to use. GS Typing Tutor, TypingMaster Pro, Letter Chase Typing Tutor and
TypeFaster have more typing tutor functions, thus they were welcomed by the experienced users. In
addition, TypeFaster and TypingTutor are free for us! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced
user, these typing tutor software will help you to improve your typing skill and speed. What are you
waiting for? Download and experience what funny and effective they are at once!

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                                                   Typing Online to Make a Living
                                                              By Paul Ingersole

 If you like to use your computer for something else than playing games, there are several ways to
make a living from sitting in front of the computer. Most of the jobs now require basic computer skills
and there are classes at different levels that teach you what a computer is and how to use it.
Depending on your skill level when using a computer and of course depending on what you actually do
with the computer, you can make a decent living from home. If you are specialized in programming you
can get a job and type programs all day long. If you are an expert in the use of some programs you can
make money by using those programs for different project or you can make money by typing and
sharing tips and different articles related to your area of expertise. If you know how to use the
computer at a relatively basic level and you know how to use the internet you can find a typing job.

A typing job can be anything from data entry to rebate processing or transcriptions. You can join a data
entry company to start a typing job or you can do it on your own. If you decide to do it on your own you
are going to be a freelancer and if you join a data entry company you are going to have a work at home
typing position. Other way the income is directly proportional with the amount of hours you work. The
advantages of working from home in almost any type of work and especially in typing are that you can
have a flexible schedule and work only when you want. For example if you are a freelancer you can
have a week where you are typing day and night and then take a week of vacation. This is also valid
for the data entry work at home position. If you are used to making 2,000 dollars a month going to work
five days a week, four weeks a month, now you have the possibility of making the 2,000 in a week or
two and then either type some more or rest. There are so many typing jobs online and offline that it can
always be an option if you want to change your job or get a job. At first being able to work with
discipline and plan your day is a little difficult but once you get into a routine the feeling of freedom that
being your own boss brings is hard to discribe.

Paul Ingersole has had 20 years working as a consultant to business and has had success with both
his on and offline endeavors. Paul specializes in teaching people how to generate fully automated
income streams by using simple but clever methods. Learn more at

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