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									Stelton Simply Espresso Pocket Espresso Machine

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Danish company Stelton is now offering the world’s smallest battery-powered espresso machine, dubbed Simply Espresso.

This little beauty was designed by French tech company Nielsen Innovation. It's easy to use and reaches a pressure of 16 bar, just like the full-size machines. And at just 23 x 8 centimeters (9 x 3 inches), the stainless steel espresso machine fits almost anywhere.

Stelton also makes the Simply Milk Frother. Even smaller than the espresso-maker, this Danishdesigned gizmo makes creamed froth for the drink of your choice in less than a minute. The Stelton simply Vacuum Flask completes the package. It's has three insulating layers of stainless steel and plastic, along with a magnetically-attaching top/cup. (

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