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Taxi Fleet Insurance By Jackie De Burca

Insurance Brokers who specialise in offering cover for individual taxi insurance are not necessarily the best placed to offer you expert advice and rates for your taxi fleet insurance. A lot more fleet insurance companies are now willing to look at taxi fleets which is great news as the old fashioned stigmas associated with taxi fleets are fast disappearing which can only be good news for all involved in the taxi trade and fleet insurance market. To find the best provider for your taxi fleet insurance it is advisable to source a company who specialise in any other type of fleet insurance, as this will be the important expertise which is applied to your taxi fleet insurance policy. Some of the aspects for taxi fleet insurance which need to be considered are: • The legal implications of carrying passengers for reward and hire • Policies should ideally provide cover including legal liability for death or bodily injury to any person, including passengers • Policies should also include damage to any other person’s property, including passengers • Accidental damage to the vehicle • Fire or theft of the vehicle • Malicious damage to the vehicle • Taxi fleet like other fleet insurance should cover when necessary a combination of vehicle types • In the same sense it should also be able to cover a mixture of types of cover – fully comprehensive, third party etc. • Ask about how much your excess is to avoid any nasty surprises at the time of a claim • How much taxi experience is naturally very relevant, and you will need proof of this with the length of time a taxi driver has held their taxi badge with the local authorities • Bear in mind that you can save a substantial amount of money by restricted driving on your taxi fleet insurance. The greatest savings are to be had if the taxi is restricted to one driver. What is considered a taxi fleet varies from broker to broker a little, but the rule of thumb is normally three to five taxis and in some cases two.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Obviously running a taxi firm is challenging, time consuming and difficult at times, and it is important to have as much peace of mind as possible with your taxi fleet insurance. This way its one less thing to think about! Ideally you will want to tick all the boxes and get yourself a cheap taxi fleet insurance, but be assured that all your requirements are covered. Taxi fleet insurance can include private hire, public hire and contract hire taxis. You will want to consider additional public liability cover also. One of the worst case scenarios will be in the case of an accident. You will need to feel reassured by your provider that the accident and claims procedure is on your side, and will be efficient and effective. Choose a company who has a vast experience in dealing with taxi fleet insurance and knows exactly what you will need from your chosen fleet insurance broker. A good firm of fleet insurance specialists are more likely to be able to offer you a more competitive rate for your taxi fleet insurance. Jackie de Burca is co-owner Creative Web Advertising, which is an International internet media consultancy. Creative Web Advertising specialise in Pay Per Click, SEO and web consulting. Here is a solution for customised and cheap taxi fleet insurance.

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Taxi Insurance Options By Stanley Headley

Operating a taxi or minicab, which is also know as a Private Hire Vehicle, legally will mean that you will need to have the correct type of valid insurance. There are many different taxi insurance options available to meet individual and company needs. For taxi companies who own multiple vehicles a taxi fleet insurance can offer huge savings in actual money and administration time. The number of vehicles required to constitute a fleet varies considerably between insurance companies. Even if you only have two or three taxis it is worth shopping around online to see if a fleet insurance is available. The great advantage with most taxi fleet insurance is that all different types of vehicles can be insured. For example a mixed fleet comprising of taxis, mini cabs or mini buses can all be included on the same policy. It is also possible to have your own private car included in some instances which includes cover for a spouse with no additional costs. Contact an insurance company who specialise in taxi fleet insurance to see whether this money saving option is available to you. Having a fleet of taxis will mean that you have a number of different people driving the vehicles. There are various taxi insurance options available. Insuring the fleet for any drivers is usually the most expensive options. However, this does mean that the drivers are not restricted to only being able to drive one vehicle. Any driver cover means that drivers are able to alternate between vehicles should one be in for repair or a specific size vehicle is requested by customers. By having named drivers on the policy will provide you with lower insurance premiums. Each driver will need to inform you of any driving convictions or penalty points they have on the license. If an individual person is seen as a high risk by the insurance company it may be more cost effective to have an individual policy for that specific person than include them on the fleet taxi insurance policy. This also applies if you have a young and inexperienced driver on your fleet. Women drivers are generally seen as a lower risk than men! As unfair as this may seem many insurance companies will look favourably on women drivers and offer lower premiums. So it is well worth reminding the insurance company if you have women driving your taxis. Informing the insurance company of all driver’s no claims history can also help reduce insurance premiums. Insurance companies reward driver’s with no claims by offering discounts of up to a massive 60%. Proof of no claims will be required before these sorts of savings can be offered. The number of no claims will also be taken into consideration by the insurance company.

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Many will be looking for a minimum four years no claims before they offer the large discounts. Experienced driver’s can also reduce the amount of the premiums. Taxi insurance companies will usually calculate their proof of experience by the number of years the driver has held their local authority taxi license. Staveley Head is an insurance company offering different types of financial cover such as taxi insurance to help run your business smoothly without any concern or worry. Real French Life ebook guide to schooling, insurance, day to day life and more in France. Page 4

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