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Pets can be like a part of the family, and sometimes even a cherished part of every aspect of life. Pets like dogs and cats serve as loyal companions to people and are rewarded with tender loving care by their owners. Click here to know more

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Start a Pet Photography Business By Lisa Paredes

Everyone seems to have a snapshot of his or her favorite pet. Take a look through the family photo album and you will likely find a pet in more than one shot. Face it, pets often become extended family members and are well loved and equally cherished. This is why many pet owners today are taking the initiative to get their pet professionally photographed. Why not become the premier pet photographer in your region? The Plan You may not need to develop a photographic studio to start. You may look instead at the idea of making house calls. The pet may be more relaxed due to the familiarity of the home and the common backdrops of the home may provide a stronger family link to the resulting photograph. Be sure to include props whenever possible. This could be something as simple as their favorite squeaky toy or as elaborate as a pet sweater and umbrella. Find out as much as you can about the personality of the pet - and the pet owner. Where one owner may not mind a tutu on their pet it may be an incredible offense to another pet owner. Offer to take photos of the pet with the owner as part of the package. Constantly add to your portfolio even if that means taking a few photos for free in order to get that portfolio started. You might also consider developing an online website that shows some of your stars in all their glory. Remember a pet photographer will not simply take pictures of dogs and cats. You might find yourself up close and personal with a horse, a guinea pig or monkey. You might even find exotic pets or fish that require your special photographic skills. You may begin the process with exceptional photographic skills or you might be a novice who is dedicated to further education on the subject. Your fees will largely depend on your skills, available equipment and how comfortable you are around animals. The Funds Every business will require startup funds. In the case of pet photography you might consider
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purchasing the best possible camera your budget will allow. Ask around or conduct research. Try to make sure your camera choice can expand based on growth potential. In other words make sure you can affix the camera to a tri-pod and make sure the camera will work well for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Work at acquiring additional equipment as funds allow. Take advantage of synergy - work with companies that can provide additional sales tools like key rings, magnets, calendars, shirts and even puzzles that include the pets your photograph. You may find there are many customers who want more than just a framed 8x10. By using the expertise of others you can provide services you could not otherwise offer. The Market Take your idea to pet owners. This could be accomplished through a kennel club, an association of a particular breed of animal or even a 4-H show or fair. Volunteer to take photos at a pet show and then make your prints available for sale. This can be a great first step in introducing yourself and your skills to the general public. Use both online and offline marketing strategies. Develop a website, but get out and meet people face to face. Visit local veterinarians and leave your business card. If they have a bulletin board and allow it, place a small poster outlining what you do and include photos. Your website should include multiple photographs as well as testimonials that help others envision what it would be like to have photos of their pet to remember and share for years to come. is dedicated to helping work at home moms succeed with their home business. Be sure to check us out on the Web for additional information on starting a pet photography business and other home business topics!

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4 Easy Steps To Starting A Home Based Photography Business By Jeff Snyder

To get started in a home based photography business you need to first think of the area you want to focus on. To start in this lucrative business, it is important to pick an area to specialize in. Once you establish your business and have a few clients then it is easier to branch out into other areas. This way you can quickly get to a point of bring in revenue (money!) by seeing what works and what does not in this specific area. If you are spread out in a lot of different places you will not be able to determine what improvements are needed. 1) Start off by focusing on one or two areas: Develop competency in one area then move on to others. To decide on which area to focus on I recommend it be something you are passionate about. For example if you are an animal lover and maybe more specifically dogs and/or cats, then begin here. Your passion will show through the lens and this will make the photos you generate more marketable. Some of the other areas for you to consider are commercial photography, wedding photography, portraiture, and as mentioned, pet photography. Some of the differences in these areas are the level of anxiety that might come with the business. As you can probably guess wedding photography can have its benefits with the fun of the wedding and that it is pretty much a party after the ceremony. But with this comes some pressure to perform well and produce terrific photos. There are not many people more critical then a brand new bride and groom looking at their wedding photos. On the other hand if you love animals the pet photography might be your passion. The obvious benefits are that the demand for pet photos (cute pictures of dogs, cats, birds, hamsters….) are always in high demand and most animals can be quite photogenic. However, the pitfalls are that animals can be tough to work with. 2) Decide on Your Overall Technique: Technique refers mainly to whether you will prefer to use a candid style or more formal style in taking your pictures. The style can be directly related to the area you pick. For example, if you choose to start by focusing on portraits then that usually aligns with a formal style. For weddings you could have a mixture of styles. Usually it is more formal for the individual bride, groom and wedding party (bridesmaids and groomsmen) pictures, and yet more candid for the rehearsal dinner and reception. From my experience, if you are just getting started, if your passion is to get into wedding photography you may want to try an area that is a little less difficult. Weddings can tend to be very high pressure due to the tight schedule, the amount of people your dealing with and the high expectations. 3) Determine the Level of Competition: For any business you have to know what the competition is. Otherwise you are going in blind and chances are you will not succeed or at best it will be very difficult to gain a foothold in the business. By knowing your competition, you will be able to see what type of pricing. A great way to do this is to search out other Photography Business websites and just peruse the site to see what they are offering

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and then determine from that how you can bring something unique and marketable. 4) Find a Mentor Many professional photographers are willing to let you work with them as an assistant (most of them need the help). From this work as an assistant you can pick up on the experience of your mentor. As you gain experience, ask to be able to take more responsibility and your knowledge will grow quickly. Even ask to be involved in the business side of things (not just taking pictures). That way you will also pick up the knowledge of how to run a home photography business on your own! Jeff Snyder is an internet marketer and has expertise in the area of consumer electronics and digital photography. Want to learn more about how to start making money at home with your own Home Photography Business? Get all the necessary steps at: -->

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