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									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Spotting Tops & Bottoms Before it Happens By Jason Ng

Spotting tops and bottoms before it happens is definitely the Holy Grail to making a fortune in the capital market. Traders have been trying for ages to devise such a trading method. It doesn’t matter which market you are trading; Forex, Options, Futures or Commodities, you can make a fortune as long as you are able to sell before prices start dropping and to buy just before prices start rising. The problem is, is it even possible? Is it possible to tell when a car is going to stop when the driver’s foot is still on the accelerator? Is it possible to tell when a thrown ball is going to fall when it is still rising strongly? Of course not! At least not with any degree of consistency or confidence. If there is a way to predict exactly when a stock would start turning around, why is Jim Kramer giving it away as a free report? Let’s face it, anyone who tries to predict the stock market has been rewarded with nothing but disappointment. “Top analysts” trying to predict and call a bottom to the stock market has been rewarded only with more downside and losses. “Top analysts” trying to predict and call a top to the stock market has been rewarded time and again with nothing more than a total loss of profits as they sell and watch the market go higher and higher. So, can we now agree that there is no way to “Predict” when the market will hit a top or bottom before it actually happens? Ok, good. Now, as a professional hedge fund manager and options trading mentor, I have made a good living from sell near the tops and buying near bottoms, so, while I cannot predict when a top or bottom would occur, I could certainly tell when it has begun to do so for real and then take early action. This means that while one could not spot a top or bottom BEFORE it happens, one could certainly spot a top or bottom EARLY in its life cycle! While we could not predict when a car is going to stop when the driver’s foot is still on the accelerator, we could definitely tell when it has started to happen when the driver’s foot leaves the accelerator and moves onto the brake pedal. While we could not predict when a rising ball would start falling, we could definitely tell when it has started to happen when the ball stops rising.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Yes, there are plenty of technical indications and techniques that you can use to identify when a move has started to happen and then take early action but you would definitely not be able to tell with any degree of reliability when it will happen BEFORE it happens. That is why professionals like myself trade NEAR tops and bottoms and not before them. While I would not be buying in at the absolute bottom or selling at the absolute top, the trades that I make have a far higher degree of success than those trying to PREDICT those tops and bottoms before it happens. The Star Trading System that I invented is a system designed to trade high probability signals near those critical points. So, the next time anyone tells you that they have discovered a way of spotting tops and bottoms before it happens, please turn around and tell them that you have a better way to trade. Jason Ng is the Founder and Chief Option Strategist of Masters 'O' Equity Asset Management ( and author of He is a fund manager specializing in options trading and his revolutionary Star Trading System has helped thousands.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Layering Your Child’s Clothes to Bring More Versatility By Katie Wilber

The simple act of layering different pieces can create new outfits out the clothing that your child already has lying around. Layering can also help to extend how long your child can wear a particular piece of clothing. If you are not already doing it, it is time to get on the layering bandwagon. As you look through the drawers of your child’s dresser, you probably begin to wonder how she got so many clothes. Parents buy items together as outfits and do not look past the basic outfit for more wardrobe options for their child. This leads to the buying of more perfect little outfits and the filling of every inch of space in the dresser and closet. Layering stops the insanity. Tank Tops Tank tops are a fashion basic for both boys and girls of all ages. These tops often come in a variety of colors and prints as well as styles. That is the reason that most children own at least a few of them to wear. This is a great place to start layering your child’s clothing for more versatility in their wardrobe. A tank top is a great piece to layer under a button down shirt. The button down shirt then can be worn as is or even open to show off the tank top. A tank top can also be layered under another tank top. This may seem weird at first to the layering novice, but it works. Choose a tank top with thick straps over the arms and in a solid color. The outer tank top should be smaller and cut so that the underlying tank top can be seen also. Bottoms Another place to turn to layering for clothing options is with bottoms. One of the most popular ways to layer is with leggings or Capri’s under a skirt or dress for little girls. This gives the little girl more of a casual look that she can easily go play on the play ground with. It will also help to keep her legs a little warmer on those cooler days when she still wants to wear her pretty dresses. Leggings can also be put under shorts to add another layer of color to an outfit. T-shirts T-shirts are the staple piece of clothing that seems to be in everyone’s closet. A T-shirt can be layered under an open button down shirt. Another way to use this fashion staple in layering is to place it under a strappy sundress to give some coverage and color to the arms. T-shirts can also be layered on top of each other so that one shows at the bottom of the other one. Layering is one of the best ways to get the most use out of the clothing that your children already have. It makes their clothes more versatile to the different events that they may be going to as well as the weather. A simple buttoned down shirt can extend the life of a tank top past the warm summer months well through fall. This is definitely how you get your money’s worth out of your child’s clothing. Find a great selection of childrens wear at, your source for fine children’s clothing accessories and more. See the adorable and designer fashions at

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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