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enrollment FAQ by jackshepherd


									Frequently Asked Questions
What types of documentation do new OUSD students need to supply?
You will need to bring three pieces of documentation verifying your address and one
piece of documentation verifying your child’s age (and grade if necessary) when you
submit your form. All documents must be original. No photocopies will be accepted.
Required documentation is:
• Age verification documentation: Families may either provide a Birth Certificate, a
passport, an I-94, a transcript or a report card from a California school as verification of
their child’s age.
• Grade level verification: Families need to provide a transcript, promotion certificate, or
the child’s most recent report card to verify grade level.
• Verification of residence: Students must have three of the following documents with
their parent’s, guardian’s or caregiver’s name and address .
◊ A utility bill dated within 45 days: PG &E, EBMUD
◊ In combination only, automobile registration and automobile insurance.
These documents must be provided together.
◊ Homeowner’s/renter’s insurance policy
◊ Lease agreement with owner’s documentation
◊ Property tax statement. – Current property tax bill from Alameda County Tax
Collectors’ Office.
◊ Official letter from a social services/government agency within 45 days.
◊ Transitional families only: Transitional families reside at a non-permanent address
such as a motel/hotel, shelter, car, or are doubled up with relatives or friends.
Transitional families who are unable to establish a permanent residence can go to the
Transitional Students and Families Program in Portable 15 at 1025 2nd avenue for
residency verification and assistance.
• Verification of custody: parent’s, guardian’s or caregiver’s California driver’s license or
official California ID Card from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in conjunction
with documents in form of Birth Certificate, guardianship papers or court documents
must be used for verification of custody.
Does it matter when I turn in my application during the Options window?
No. All applications turned in between December 10, 2007 and January 15, 2008 are
processed at the same time and there is no priority given to applications submitted
early. In fact, parents should spend some time researching their Options before
submitting the application. Parents/guardians are encouraged to turn in applications
prior to the final deadline of January 15, 2008 to make sure that their application is
complete with all the appropriate documentation and is ready for on-time submission.
What about options for Special Education students?
Students receiving only RSP services will be full participants in the Options process. The
Programs for Exceptional Children Office (2850 West Street) will place all other Special
Education students, including those in Special Day Class. Nonetheless, all students are
welcome to complete an application.
Where can I turn in my Options application?
• Students new or returning to OUSD can turn their application in person, along with
their verification documents, to an OUSD school or to the Student Assignment and
Bilingual Testing Office (1098 2nd Avenue, Portable 18).
• Students who are currently attending an OUSD school and are seeking a change of
assignment for the next school year must turn in their application to their current school
or to the Student Assignment and Bilingual Testing Office.
How will assignments be determined?
•If schools have space, everyone who applied attends that school.
•If there are more applicants than spaces, the following priority system will determine
◊1st priority -- Neighborhood (students who live in the neighborhood boundary of a
◊2nd priority—Sibling (students who have an older sibling living at the same address
who is already attending the applicant’s first choice school and will be continuing at the
school in the Fall of 2008.)
◊3rd priority—Program Improvement School neighborhood (students who live in a
neighborhood where the local school(s) is(are) Program Improvement school(s).
◊4th priority—Open lottery.
What does Program Improvement mean?
The federal and state governments annually review all public schools to determine if
each school has made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). All schools that do not make
AYP for two consecutive years will be identified as Program Improvement (PI) schools.
All parents/guardians of students attending a PI school have the right to request a
transfer of their children to a non-PI school.
When will families find out about their school assignments for the Fall of 2008?
• For families that apply during the initial application window period with complete and
accurate documentation, school assignments will be mailed by March 1, 2008.
• Parents/guardians must register at the assigned school to retain their placement. At
registration at the site, new OUSD students must provide immunization records and
documentation of a physical examination before starting school. More information about
immunizations and medical examination requirements will be mailed with the school
assignment in March.
What if a family misses the initial application window (e.g. moves into Oakland after
January 15, 2008?)
• These families will be able to apply in person at the Student Assignment and Bilingual
Testing Office (1098 2nd Avenue, Portable 18).
• They will be eligible for remaining seats in their neighborhood school(s).
• Families will also be able to select from seats that remain available in schools outside
of their neighborhood on a space available basis.
What happens if we move into another attendance area before the start of school in
August 2008 and want to attend the school in that new attendance area?
The parent/guardian must provide proof of an address change (see the above list of
documentation required to verify residence) and bring it to the Student Assignment and
Bilingual Testing Office, 1098 2nd Avenue, Portable 18. Reassignments will be made
based on space availability.
What should I do if I have questions?
• Visit
• Email
• Call (510) 879-8111

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