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					RULE Summary
In a tie in the Men’s, Women’s and Master’s championship, the champion will be determined by a 5-axe-throw final. In a tie for Champion Trucker, the highest finisher in the hydraulic loader will win. Jack & Jill teams are not allowed to compete in either the men’s or women’s crosscut. Decision of judges shall be final for all events. Judges may disqualify any contestant for failure to follow safe procedures or for repeated failures to comply with official directions. All positions are determined by luck of the draw. Runoffs will be held for first place ties only, including the axe throw. Inclement weather may eliminate or alter some events at judges’ discretion. Only nationally distributed brand name skidders may be used. All references to starting on “Go” have been eliminated. Starting early will result in disqualification. Peaveys, saws and axes must be positioned on log or timber prior to start. The staggered cadence has been removed from the start of chain saw contests. A contestant may enter springboard chop or tree felling, not both. In tree felling, 30 positions are available by draw. Trees can be shaved to a minimum circumference. In the axe throw, contestants who throw five bulls eyes in a row may continue until they miss the bullseye. A $500 bonus will be paid to the first one to throw a sixth bullseye. The rule that contestants must compete in at least two events has been eliminated.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Women’s Bucksaw Master’s Bucksaw Men’s Bucksaw Springboard Chop Men’s Crosscut Women’s Crosscut Master’s Crosscut Jack & Jill Crosscut Master’s Underhand Chop Women’s Underhand Chop Men’s Underhand Chop Stock Chainsaw Open Chainsaw Tree Felling Log Roll Master’s Log Roll Master’s Log Roll Axe Throw Master’s Axe Throw Women’s Axe Throw Cable Skidder Grapple Skidder Log Loading Pulp Loading Hydraulic Loader

2007 Champions
CHAMPION WOODSMAN Jerry Gingras, Errol NH & Mike Sullivan, Winsted CT MASTER'S CHAMPION Don Quigley, Lee NH WOMEN'S CHAMPION Nancy Zalewski, Plymouth WI & Shannon Strong, Bantam CT CHAMPION LOGGER Brad Taylor, Porter ME CHAMPION TRUCKER Brian Winn, South Effingham NH

Brad Taylor, Champion Logger

Brian Winn, Champion Trucker

Mike Sullivan and
Above, Tina Sheer of Ellsworth and Don Lambert of St. Gilles, Que. compete in the Jack & Jill Crosscut. Below, Brad Stevens of Fair Haven VT rips through a timber in the Super Saw while Mike Eash of Coatesville, PA chops in the Springboard Chop.

Champion Woodsman, Champion Logger, Champion Trucker, Master’s Champion and Women’s Champion will be chosen on the basis of 6 points for first, 5 points for second, 4 points for third, 3 points for fourth, 2 points for fifth, 1 point for sixth and 1 point for each event entered. Contestants must enter and complete in all qualifying events. Contestants may only win one championship. CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFYING EVENTS Champion Woodsman — Underhand Chop, Log Roll, Bucksaw, Crosscut Saw, Stock or Open Chain Saw and Axe Throw. Champion Logger — Cable Skidder, Grapple Skidder and Log Scaling. Champion Trucker — Log Loading, Pulp Loading and Hydraulic Loader. Tie will be decided by highest finish in Hydraulic Loader. Master’s Champion — Master’s Underhand Chop, Master’s Log Roll, Master’s Bucksaw, Master’s Crosscut and Master’s Axe Throw. Women’s Champion — Women’s Underhand Chop, Women’s Bucksaw, Women’s Crosscut and Women’s Axe Throw.

Don West, at right above and in the center below, will retire this year after 40 years working Woodsmen’s Day. Don, who worked for the White Mountain National Forest, has been Head Judge for many years. He is shown below with Chairman Toby Hammond and Steve Card, a Woodsmen’s Day official who died on June 26, 2006 at age 55.

Prize Money
EVENTS Trucking, Skidder Woodsman 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th


$300 $275 $250 $205 $165 $120

$225 $200 $100 $80 $40


Each champion earns $320 Competitors earn $100 for setting a new record

Women’s Bucksawing — Shannon Strong of Bantam CT, 2002, 11.87 sec. Master’s Bucksawing — Jean-Guy Rodrigue, St. Prosper Que. 2000, 6.74 sec. Men’s Bucksawing — J.P. Mercier of St. Etienne Que, 2000, 4.94 sec. Springboard Chop — Nathan Wakefield of Cherry Valley NY, 2007, 42.11 sec. Men’s Crosscut Sawing — Jim Colbert & Mike Sullivan of Winsted CT, 1996, 5.04 sec. Women’s Crosscut Sawing — Nancy Zalewski & Mary Beth Dooley of Waterport NY, 2005, 9.03 sec. Jack & Jill Crosscut — Dany Boulanger & Gaston Duperre of Shipsaw Que., 1999, 8.08 sec. Master’s Crosscut — Jim Colbert of Winsted, CT, and Don Quigley of Lee, NH, 2007, 6.515 secs. Master’s Underhand Chop — Jim Colbert of Winsted CT, 2004, 17.47 secs. Women’s Underhand Chop — Nancy Zalewski of Plymouth WI, 2004, 38.34 sec. Men’s Underhand Chop — Arden Cogar Jr. of West Hamlin, WV, 10.785 secs. Stock Chainsaw — Ed Brightman of Assonet MA, 1996, 3.78 sec. Open Chainsaw — Gaston Duppere of Chicoutini Que., 2004, 3.325 sec. Tree Felling — Rick Geer of Jewett City CT, 1989, 14 sec, (direct hit). Log Roll — Jerry & Herb Gingras of Milan and Dover NH, 2004, 12.655 sec. Axe Throw — Leo Lessard of Lyndonville VT, 1982, 25 points (five bulls eyes). Also with perfect scores are: Dave Geer, Jewett City CT, 1994; Jim Colbert, Winsted Ct, 1995; Mike Sullivan, Winsted CT, 1998; J.P. Mercier, St. Etienne Que, 1999; Shannon Strong, Bantam CT, 2000; Marc Bullock Meductic NB, 2002; Don Lambert, St. Gilles, Que., 2005; Jerry Gingras, Errol, NH, 2007. Master’s Axe Throw — Dave Geer of Jewett City CT, 2003 and Rudy Dettmer of Deerfield OH, 2006, 25 points. Women’s Axe Throw — Nancy Zalewski of Plymouth WI, 2006, 24 pts. Cable Skidder — Bruce Cox of Peru, ME, 2007, 57.7 secs. Grapple Skidder — Brad Taylor of Porter, ME, 2007, 57.62 secs. 8-Foot Pulp Loading — Steve Verrill of Porter ME, 2002, 3 min. 58.8 sec. Mechanical Log Loading — Arnold Winn of West Newfield ME, 2004, 2 min. 11.06 sec. Hydraulic Loader — Arnold Winn of West Newfield ME, 1995, 4 min. 5.86 sec. New Contests in 2007 Master's Log Roll — Jim Colbert of Winsted, CT, and Don Quigley of Lee, NH, 2007, 19.125 secs. Women's Underhand Chop (8x8) — Nancy Zalewski of Manitowoc, WI, 2007, 22.435 secs.

41st Annual
Saco Valley

Woodsmen’s Field Day
Fryeburg Fair
Fryeburg, Maine

CHAMPIONS - Mike Sullivan, above center, and Jerry Gingras, left, tied for Champion Woodsman honors. Nancy Zalewski, above, and Shannon Strong, right, tied for Women’s Champion. Don Quigley, above left, was the Master’s Champion.

Herb Gingras of Dover NH won the Open Chainsaw contest, above left. At right, Arnold Winn of W. Newfield unloads pulpwood. Below, Jim Colbert and Don Quigley compete in the first Master’s Log Roll, which they won. At right, Don Lambert of St. Gilles, Que. had the fastest time in the Bucksaw contest.

Leo Lessard of Lyndon VT won the 2007 Master’s Axe Throw after three toss-offs over Charlie Wojtkun.

Monday - Sept. 29, 2008 - 9:30 a.m.
All registrations are $20. Pre-registration must be received by Sept. 15 for all hand events and 8 a.m. Sept. 29 for truck and skidder competitions.

Numbers must be picked up by 9 a.m. and worn at all times by contestants. Min. age — 18 years More than $20,000 in prize money awarded All prize money will be mailed Results available at

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