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					Fall 2008

President’s Message by Jack Adams
I come to you with good news. Reunions are alive and well. For many alumni who look forward to visiting with old friends and rekindling old relationships, this is a great venue for doing so. The objectives of the Willows Alumni Association is to keep alive the connections of students who attended our high school, to continue to foster the excitement and fun we had during our school years and to remember those who are no longer with us. We have found over the years that there are quite a few classmates who do not want to come for various reasons, and we say to them you are missing out on renewing friendships and putting school cliques, disappointments, embarrassments and grudges behind you. The one thing we all have in common is that Willows High School gave us the foundation for who we have become. The rest of the story (as Paul Harvey would say) is that we are parents, grandparents, people of all trades and talents who are respected by our neighbors and communities. Being a part of our past is relevant. Now this history leads us to help those where we developed and educated. I thank those of you who have helped keep our alumni association moving in a positive direction. We remember the times good and bad, and want to help the young people of this time and age have the same opportunities we did while attending school. Being an active alumni member helps to fund programs such as music, and classroom materials and tools that are in short supply due to financial shortfalls at all levels of government. One person can make a difference in what can happen in a school or a child’s life. Please take a look at the “Teachers’ Wish List” on the following page. I encourage you to remain an active part of our alumni association by renewing your membership each year. Our Alumni Association held a reunion in September for class members of the twenties and thirties and ten previous Willows High graduates were in attendance. Now think about this. Here are people who graduated 60 to 70 years ago and came to us and asked if we would put on a luncheon for them. We were excited and gladly did so. All had a wonderful time with a total of 31 members and guests. Some had never been to a reunion before. I recently attended my class’s seventieth birthday party. Yes the majority of those who graduated in 1956 turned seventy and we felt that since we have passed our fiftieth class reunion we would meet the last Saturday of September of each year informally for lunch. We had 25 former classmate and spouses and enjoyed a good lunch renewed our friendships. This idea was taken from the classes of the forties, as they have been meeting annually in April for the last ten years. I also was fortunate to attend the reunion of the class of 1958. It was well attended and I was able to see classmates from 1955-1959. You too can take part in these fun-filled weekends. Just put aside any past judgments and bring your spouse and make him or her a part of your relationships by sharing with old, caring friends.

Jack Adams joined Marion Hinshaw and Clarice McMahon Goodall celebrating the class of ‘58’s “Purple & Golden Jubilee.”

Pay to play
According to the September 26, 2008, Willows High School student publication, The Honker, the Willows Unified School District Board passed new policies charging fees to students in classes where lab projects are created and taken out of the classroom. Students enrolled in Beginning Welding, ROP AG welding, ROP Wood and Auto Shop are the highest assessed fees at $20.00 for the year. ROP Multimedia, Art, Auto Shop and Elementary Foods will be assessed fees of $10.00 per year. Participants in WHS Athletics are charged a $35.00 transportation fee per sport.

Give ‘em the axe!
The time honored “Battle of the Axe” football game between Willows and Orland took place on September 19, 2008. The Varsity squad retained the axe with a score of Willows, 46, to Orland, 7.

Teachers’ “Wish List”
On the right you’ll find a list of items that would make life and education easier for students and teachers alike. WAA will use this list in making contributions to the
Grade K K K Teacher Carla Disbrow Julie Holley Maureen Calonico Items Manipulatives Fisher Price toys Markerboard Easel Wet Erase markers Pupil Writing boards Lisa Vlach 6 x 9 carpet Big Book center Wendy Farnworth Big Book storage Addie Vierra Manipulatives Peggy Wiloth Big & little tubs Homework folders Mike Dennis Reading books Linda Zuckerman Reading books Cristina Cameron Magnetic boards Wipe off boards Debbie Dunning Computer speakers Classroom supplies Judy Taylor Inspiration prizes Adele Rumiano Science material Karen Colombo Wooden cubbies Aleta Goings Paint shirts Testing dividers Teaching materials (phonic,word,math) Heidi Barley Classroom supplies Julie Roessel Computer programs Margaret Ryon Reading books Games & Puzzles Kristen Schonauer Library books Tubs & Baskets Shelley Amaro Overhead transparencies Clear sheet protectors File folders Sentence strips Colored card stock Maryann Capriola Student clocks Transparencies Darlene Bishop CD Player Janna Alves Magnifying glasses Reading books Jen Vierra Science tools Cherylle Waters Reading materials Sharon Busler Student prizes White board Melanie Perrin Computer projector Vickie Berens Elect.Pencil Sharpener Reading books Paper storage center Bean bags Stacy Lanzi White Board Cost 150 100 79.99 5.99 19.99 199 199 200 150

schools and urges its members to make independent donations from the list. If you do, please let WAA know! Notice how little it can cost to make a teacher smile!
Grade Teacher 4 Susan Cameron Items Birthday.Pencils Character Pencils Welcome Pencils US President Pencils Preamble Pencils Rewards & Incentives Electric meter (Science) Reading books White Board Ball bags Equipment carrier Soccer balls Jump Ropes Whiffle balls and bats Soft Balls US & World Maps VCR/DVD Player Set of Novels Language Audio cards Dirt Devil Vac for art class Elmo Document camera Math Manipulatives Novels, Resource books, Posters Handheld GPS Unit Cost 24 25 23 22 22 100 107 100 300

K K K K 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

4 4 4 Music PE

Margaret Hays Jill Egly Jan Beaufait Joan Wagner Lynda Walter

125 any amt 60 80 40 any amt any amt 140 300 18 100 any amt any amt 100 50 120 40

5 5

Cathy Fleming John Mattera

8-May Inette Howard 6 Carol Gaston 8-Jul Christine Stewart 8-Jul 8-Jul Dianna Abold Bill Shively

300 100 100 100 132.85 692 25 100 250

2 2 2 2 2

High School
Advisory Joyce Ksander Field trip PE Carol DeDontney 5 Ping Pong Tables RSP Resource Tami Thomson Mini White Boards Dictionaries AA Batteries 12-Sep Pat Perry Singer Sewing machine 12-Sep Kim Welsh/ Matt Steele Reading books 12-Oct Eric Hanson DVD Player 12-Nov 12-Sep 11-Oct Tori Perez/ Linda Hickman John Perry Jack Townley 100 300 ea

150 150 125 36.74 each 15.70 ea

2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3

88 75 60 80 149 179 any amt 200 400 25 any amt 50 50

Money Kits (20) Extra Money packs 6 Computers & Monitors Computer upgrade 800


Print a copy of the Membership Form
( Established 1993 Published quarterly by Willows Alumni Association
President, Jack Adams Editor, Willo Oswald

P.O. Box 303 Willows, CA 95988

50-year High School Reunion
Members of Willows High School’s class of 1958 reunited on October 18 to celebrate their “Purple & Golden Jubilee”. The event took place over three days, with golf and a welcome supper on October 17; more golf and a well-attended party at the Glenn County Golf Club the next day. Several classmates who had left Willows before graduation and schoolmates from other graduating classes joined the crowd for entertainment, music from a real jukebox and drawings for numerous raffle prizes. Many of the classmates got together again the next morning for a last farewell.

Willows Alumni Association Ballot
Nominated Officers, 2007 – 2009
President, John “Jack” Adams, 1956 Write-in _____________________________________________ First Vice President, Mike Niehues, 1978 Write-in _____________________________________________ Second Vice President, Patsy Miranda Hoskey, 1962 Write-in _____________________________________________ Secretary, Viola Davis Lederer, 1953 Write-in _____________________________________________ Treasurer, Lisa Ceccon Teeter, 1980 Write-in _____________________________________________ Historian, Dorothy A. Nerli*, 1951 Write-in _____________________________________________ Executive Secretary, position currently vacant** *Due to the illness of Donna Rae Davis, Dorothy Nerli volunteered to complete the current term. **The Executive Secretary position is currently vacant and the duties are split between Lisa Teeter, Treasurer and Judy Wade.

Mack Henley, left, recognizes reunion organizers, Arlene Soeth McGregor, Gary Hicks and Winky Henry Oswald for their hours of work. Many other classmates lent a hand.

Please mail your write-in candidates to WAA, P.O. Box 303, Willows, CA 95988

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