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									October 2008

1290 Kimberly Dr. S.J. CA 95118 • Office & Report absences 535-6259 •fax 723-8225

Kids love to see mom and dad working at their school. If we each do a little bit more, we can pull this event off. Here’s what we need from you.

Work a shift
We ask that all Hacienda families volunteer a worker for at least one shift during the night. Please fill out the Volunteer/Donation Forms when they come home with your child(ren) and return them as soon as possible. For any questions regarding volunteer shifts, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Michelle Colomb at (408) 440-1773 or email at

Bake a Cake
We need baked goods (cookies, brownies, cupcakes, rice crispy treats) for the bake sale, as well as cakes for our old-fashioned cake walk. Bring your culinary masterpiece to the cafeteria on Friday, October 24th before 3pm

Pre-order tickets
Please fill out the Pre-Sale Ticket Order forms when they come home with your child(ren) and return them as soon as possible. Pre-Sale tickets will also be available the 20th - 23rd. If you have any questions regarding tickets, contact Amy Huddlestun at (408)265-5556 •

Donate Drinks
Can’t bake? Then donate a case of soda or water. Drink-donation-drop-off details: Wednesday, Oct. 22nd Before and after school Thursday, Oct. 23rd Before and after school (Look for Drop-off signs around the school) Friday, Oct. 24th Bring to cafeteria anytime before 5pm For any questions regarding food or drink donations contact Mema Kreidenweis at (408) 772-1185 •

Thank you, Faith Matthews, Fall Festival Chair (831) 247-5950

Mark Your Calendar
Oct 9: Student Council Elections

President’s Message
It was wonderful to see so many people at “Back to School Night” to share in our ribbon cutting ceremony. We were honored to have our District Superintendent, Don Iglesias, and others in attendance to help us celebrate our new classrooms, library and computer lab. We are doing great with our fundraising efforts so far this year! Both our Innisbrook catalog fundraiser and membership drives have exceeded their goals. Congratulations to our dedicated chairs who have been working so hard: Sandi Renfro and Suzi Bradley, for Innisbrook and Shirley Choy-Marshall and Melisa McCoy-Evans for Membership. I’d also like to thank Crystal Ruocchio, who did a wonderful job organizing a successful dinner night at Sonoma Chicken Coop and a fun Movie Night. We received $500 from Sonoma Chicken Coop. Thanks, too, to the volunteers who stepped up with such short notice to staff our concession sales booth for Movie Night. We not only covered our costs, but made a $260 profit and entertained between 250-300 people. If we continue such great fundraising efforts this year, perhaps we will be able to fill our budget gap for next year! We have proposed a budget for this year and will vote to approve it in October. We have a leaner budget this year, but no major programs have been cut. Next year we may face more difficult decisions as our income is less than what we spend. If you would like to be involved in future budget discussions as we move forward, contact Jan <> or 445-0347. We have started our Cookie Dough fundraiser to help fund 5th Grade Science Camp. It is our hope that every child can go to camp in 5th grade. The cost of camp is over $250 per child and rising. By participating in cookie dough sales, your child raises money, even in kindergarten, to help pay for him/ herself and classmates to go to camp in 5th grade. Our next HIPS meeting is Oct. 21. Drew Mayen, from Families First, will attend and share opportunities for us to help kids. Please join us. I am looking forward to Fall Festival! It is a great evening for the whole family with games, music, raffles and yummy food. Come dressed in costume (or not) and enjoy the fun! Peggy Beck, HIPS President 265-8447 • ps E-mail me if you would like to receive weekly e-mail updates about upcoming HIPS and Hacienda happenings.

Oct 16: Cookie Dough Fundraiser ends Oct 17: No School — Staff Development day Oct 21: HIPS Meeting Oct 24: Fall Festival Nov 17: Next Hacienda dinner night Willow Street Pizza – Willow Glen and Westgate locations
WRAPPING PAPER EARNS $18,000. Thanks to everyone’s work and support, our school will earn over $18,000 from the Innisbrook Gift Wrap Sale! If you haven’t turned your paperwork or money in, it’s not too late. We will be finalizing the order this week and submitting it by October 15th. Our items will ship to the school on the 22nd so expect to pick them up sometime before Halloween. We will send out a notice when we are notified with the actual date of pick-up. Remember—Hacienda continues to earn 50% profit on every purchase made at throughout the year. Make sure you use our school number, 103845 so we will get credit. THANK YOU FOR SAVING YOUR LUCKY RECEIPTS Hacienda sent in $2000 worth of receipts for the first period. Continue to save them and turn them into the box in the HIPS room. ‘We can earn points that can be redeemed for school supplies we need.

LAST CHANCE TO ADOPT-ANANIMAL October 15th is the last chance to turn in a form to “adopt” one of Hacienda's beloved Science Lab or classroom animals. Kids love to see their names on their favorite animal's tank. Adopters also receive special animal holding opportunities periodically over the school year, a certificate of adoption, and a photo with their adopted animal. Don't miss out on this essential and unique fundraiser for keeping a wealth of animals at Hacienda. If you did not receive an adopt-an-animal form, pick up an extra one in the Science Lab, Room 33.

GOT EGG CARTONS? Do you buy eggs in paperboard egg cartons? Please save them and send clean ones to Mr. Clark or Mr. Keedy in the Science Office, Room 34. We'll be giving them a second life by using them in winter so fourth graders can make rock collections to take home. THE GREEN TEAM & RECYCLONES ROCK! We've had great participation by current and former Hacienda students and parents to help Hacienda go green by maximizing our recyclables. Keep up the good work, and see Mr. Clark if you'd like to help with our recycling program. OCTOBER 26 IS OUTDOOR WORKDAY Plan to be a part of our next Outdoor Workday on Sunday, October 26th. Please arrive anytime between 9:30-11:00 to work for as long as you're able. Hot dog snacks for workers are available from 12:00-12:45. For students who work an hour or more that morning, crayfishing begins at 12:30. Don't miss out on the fun. If you would like to donate fruit, carrot sticks, drinks, or other nibbles for workday, please contact Mema at 772-1185 or prior to the workday.

Audobon Society Widlife presents: WILDLIFE EDUCATION DAY OCTOBER 25TH! Wildlife Education Day connects children and their families to wildlife and nature. Through hands-on activities, interactive tables, presentations, live animal displays, an early morning bird trip, nature walks, and the California Native Wildlife poster contest, participants learn about issues related to wildlife and conservation. There is an information flyer and poster rule sheet at the following link... text&id=educationday

A HUGE thank you to everyone who made time for a great first Outdoor Workday on September 27th. We accomplished SO much and a great time was had by all. Thank you, thank you!
Mavath Anoop Dan Andrews Kat Andrews Carson Andrews Mia Andrews Cole Andrews Daniel Bernal Thomas Bernal James Bernal Robert Bernal Charis Beck Luke Beck Peggy Beck Nicole Bowersox Jean Paul Bowersox Colin Bradley Jeff Bradley Aidan Bradley Andrew Castro Cathy Castro Susan Carver Phillip Carver Anthony Clark Jayce Clark Hayden Clark Arnold De Lagarza Shelly Frappier Joseph Garcia Tristan Garcia Mike Kramarz Keith Koketsu Jean Koketsu Nathan Koketsu Krista Kleidon Payton Kleidon Gavin Kleidon Rokia Koné Karen Koné Mema Kreidenweis Robi McClure Lauren McGiven David Martinez Laura Marer Melissa Mohamed Juliana Rendler Diana Rendler Nicole Rendler Chalres Rendler Eugenia Rendler Devereaux Rendler Simran Sihra Iobaz Shira Sharrol Simard Patti Segarini Will Segarini-Jeffries Lance Tamura Michael Tamura Chloe Thomas Peggy Thomas Olav Visnapuu Anneli Visnapuu Jennifer Ye Gary Ye

Thank You September Workers

Have your child(ren) sing these songs to you…
Giuseppe Vulturio
Giuseppe Vulturio came to town, flew around, looking down It was Halloween and all the city was a fright He could see the people there, everywhere, what a scare Trick or treaters walking through the dark and spooky night Then he stood upon the stage, turned the page, he's all the rage Soon the people gathered round to hear his lovely sound An aria he sang for free, with such glee, happily Giuseppe's the most famous opera vulture that's around Cock a la doodle la doodle la doodle la Cock a la doodle la doodle la doodle la day! (repeat 4X) Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey hey……..HEY! The Butler There's a Butler in that house, just as quiet as a mouse Standing tall, not one to slouch, but he's such a GROUCH At the door he turns the knob, never smiling, such a snob You might even call him rude, 'till he hears a fugue Refrain: (J.S. Bach's Fugue in G Minor) La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la………… Esmeralda came one day, "A cup of spiders?" she did say Just one spider, nothing more, he is such a snore Put the earphones on his head, 'cross his face a smile did spread He was getting in the groove, 'cuz he heard a fugue (refrain)

(try this song as a round) Spin, spin, spin, Spinelope will spin, spinning spooky spidery splinders, spin, spin, spin

Ghosty Girls
We are the ghosty girls, we're the girls that got no curls We flew in just today so we can say have a happy Halloween day We are the ghosty girls, we're the girls that got no curls A trio of delight on Halloween night, we sing this song for you

Questions to ask your child(ren):
1. Name all characters in order. 2. Who are your favorites? 3. To have a good friend...? 4. What kind of piano does Bathoven play? 5. What instrument does Ct. Bachula play? 6. What parts do the Ghosty girls sing? 7. Invisible Stan plays what 4 instruments? 8. What type of music does Invisible Stan play? 9. Describe Blues, Scat, and Ragtime. 10. Where did opera begin? 11. What does an impresario do? 12. Name 3 ballet moves from Mimi Mummy. 13. What is a fugue? 14. Who was famous for writing fugues? 15. Why are Esmeralda & Bones opposites? 16. Dr. Frankelhammerstein's favorite musical is? 17. A group of 3 singers is called a ____? 18. What is harmony? 19. How does Harry Potter dance? 20. A play is when they ___ the whole story. 21. An opera is when they ___ the whole story. 22. A Ballet is when they ___ the whole story. 23. A musical has ___, ___, & ___. 24. Name some famous musicals. 25. Who was Scott Joplin? What is syncopation? 26. Make up a new character.

Bathoven's Hideaway
I know a dark, secluded place where only bats can see their face If you go there please do not stay, it's called "Bathoven's Hideaway", Ole Bathoven sits upon his chair, the songs he plays gives us a scare He shrieks and yowls without a care, it's called "Bathoven's Hideaway", Ole

Invisible Stan
I'm Invisible Stan, the one-man band and I come from the islands Calypso music is what I like to play all through the night and through the day I play the violin strings, how lovely they sing and the trumpet goes root-to-toot-toot The clarinet sounds sweet as I tap me feet and the steel drum goes boom-boom-boom Come Halloween night when the moon shines bright, I lead the people from town to town A parade we become as I beat me steel drum and the music makes an eerie sound (chorus)

ABC Parents Update
Escalating Conflicts:
A misunderstanding frequently leads to conflict, even among friends. It can feel like you are getting on an escalator of emotion, and just can’t get off! By participating in role-plays, students practice techniques to ‘Get off the Escalator” when they find themselves in conflict. Here are some techniques to stay calm and “get off the escalator”! De-escalators: Relaxed body language; calm tone of voice; listen; hear their side of the story; Don’t take the bait; be forgiving; use a genuine apology; walk away; get help; don’t take it personally… This month the ABC Parents will read Blabber Mouse by True Kelly. This story is about a mouse who loves to talk. He talks so much that his friends call him, “Blabber Mouse”. They keep hoping they can trust Blabber Mouse with a secret, but he seems to have no self-control. He ALWAYS tells the secret to another mouse. The power in this book is how his friends decide to become UP-standers and help Blabber Mouse with this problem. Blabber Mouse is about friendship and personal responsibility. Students learn that friends behave in positive, responsible ways. Students are encouraged to be a positive influence on their peers by responding with deescalating behaviors in conflict.
Crystal Ruocchio

Use the language of ‘the escalator” to describe the specific behaviors you see that either ride up or down the escalator. Celebrate the efforts your child makes to “Stay Cool”! You are the most important role-model in your child’s life! Let your child see that you value your friendships, that your respect your friends and are “there” for them when they need you. Help your child understand that the best way to have a friend is to be one. Discuss with your child the clever ways you find to deal with conflicts in friendships. Describe how you “Get off the escalator” and “Stay Cool” when conflict arises. Peer relationships become more important than ever, as our children grow. They turn toward friends for information, support, and tips on how to behave. Positive friendships help make your child stronger and more resistant to negative peer pressure. Celebrate these positive relationships! For more info contact

HIPS is pleased to welcome Tami Moore to our Hacienda Family
Miss Moore is a Resource Specialist (RSP) who works with general education children in specific academic areas. For example, if a child needs extra help in math, reading or writing the RSP teachers pull them out of their normal classes to give extra attention and focus to that area. This is Miss Moore’s second year with SJUSD and she splits her time between Hacienda and Los Alamitos. Prior to working for SJUSD, she taught special day classes in inner city LA for a few years. Tami majored in film at the University of California, Santa Barbara and earned her teaching credential through an internship program at LA Unified. She grew up in San Jose and is happy to be back living near her family again. Tami enjoys the challenges of working at two schools and looks forward to earning a master’s degree in Education and Administration credential. During the summer, Tami manages one of the swim sites for San Jose City’s Aquatics Program. In her free time, Tami teaches dance at the Alum Rock Youth Center in East San Jose and plays with her family’s labrador puppy.

Start of Year Green Tips for the Hacienda Community at Large

It’s Easy Being Green

Hacienda Environmental Science Magnet offers so much to our community. Our students learn the basics (and then some) in reading, writing, and arithmetic. The scientific method comes alive during time spent in the lab and Outdoor Classroom. Music and dance spill into the hallways from music sessions. Young artists in action appreciate Art Vistas activities. So many other experiences await our kids each day... And all of us help make the times special. As the year starts we are often reminded of simple ways we can assist in making things better at Hacienda. Slowing down and being cautious with our driving. Finding a volunteer opportunity on campus. Participating in fundraisers. Contributing supplies. Thanks for all you do to support your child and touch the lives of others in our comunity. Here is one more special reminder as the year gets underway, please help Hacienda be green. How? There are many ways to get started being green... chances are you have already begun. Lets pick an easy start of year green initiative that makes a huge impact … • Pack an eco friendly lunch. This is an easy way in which we all help make a difference in our daily choices. Returning families may recall information

going home last Earth Day about reducing waste at lunch. Here are a few suggestions to continue making everyday Earth Day... • Send lunch in a reuseable bag (lunch box, insulated sack) • Package food in reusable containers (Tupperware, Rubbermaid, plastic containers with lids) • Provide a reusable container for beverages (stainless steel water bottle, plastic sports bottle, Thermos with cap) • Involve students in packing a healthy lunch (review items from various food groups, food pyramid) • Invite students to be responsible for cleaning and maintaining their lunchbox and containers Thanks again for all you do to make Hacienda a wonderful community. Continue to take the initiative and go green Hacienda. We can all help reduce the amount of waste headed for landfill as we fill our lunch bags this year. Try the same as you think of your lunch for work and invite others in your life (book club, Bunko group, church, etc.) to take the same small steps. Lets make our daily choices at Hacienda Environmental Science Magnet positively impact the environment at large. Thanks for doing your part: Hacienda Green Team Want to be more involved with the green movement at Hacienda? Ask Mr. Clark and Mr. Keedy in the science lab or contact Amy at #265-5556 or

Other Ways to be GREEN this Fall
(and throughout the year)...
• Be Water Wise- Cut 10% of use (turn off water when brushing and washing, water lawns less often and in early morning, etc.) • Recycle old batteries at OSH • Replace Traditional Lightbulbs with CFLs (available at affordable pricing at places like Grocery Outlet... 4 for $1) • Carpool and walk/bike when feasible • Reuse one-sided paper (for kids art, homework scratch paper, notes for phone calls, for your fax machine, etc.) • Keep those reusable shopping bags in the car so that you are more likely to use them • Consider switching to basic, organic cleaning items such as vinegar, borax, and baking soda • Unplug Appliances, TVs and other electronics when not in use • Get started with composting and/or using worm bins in your home garden • Lower your thermostat • Buy local, organic foods (farmer’s markets are plentiful and fun family outings)

OCTOBER KINDER SCIENCE AWARDS Mrs. Wickersham Mrs. Holt Spencer Hammer Emily Lopez Matt Lavin Jamis Nilluka Mahelet Negate Mrs. Buck Mrs. Watts Caroline Williams Nadia Merchant Nathan Vong August Vu SCIENCE LAB & RECYCLING HELP NEEDED Have spare time in the afternoon? Mr. Keedy and Mr. Clark would love your help. 2:15 to 3 or after school assistance in the lab and/or with recycling are greatly welcome! Have a middle or high school student out at 2 pm? Do they like to help out at Hacienda and/or in need of community service hours? Let Mr. Keedy and Mr. Clark know today. They would love to hear from you soon. WACKY WEDNESDAY HELP NEEDED! Who? We would love to have YOU join us at lunch on Wednesdays. What? Supervision of fun activities for all ages. When? Wednesdays during lunch. Where? The blacktop area between the HIPS room and Cafeteria. Why? To break up the week, provide leadership opportunities for students, to support project Cornerstone attributes, and to have FUN! Want to learn more? Contact Amy at #265-5556 or GOT CUPS? Hacienda is Going Green in so many ways. You can assist Hacienda in becoming more green today. Please pass along any plastic to go cups from restaurants. The cups, in great condition- lids optional, will help complete our Green Party Packs available for classes to use for parties and events. Classes can then reuse the items throughout the school year (dishwasher safe). Thanks for helping Hacienda reduce its carbon footprint after events and class parties by passing along those plastic cups today. Your help with cups is greatly appreciated. Contact Suzi at

COOKIE DOUGH FUNDRAISER UNDERWAY!!! Looking for a delicious, easy way to help cut down the cost of Science Camp? SELL COOKIE DOUGH. Our science camp fundraiser is underway and will be going on until October 16th. Primary grade (K-3rd) sales go into a general class fund that stays with their class until 5th grade. Upper Grades (4th and 5th) have individual accounts, that means that half of all their sales go directly into their own science camp fund (to be used for science camp only!) This is a great way to cut the cooking around the holidays and cut your fees to science camp. Important things to know: *October 16th = last day to turn in forms and money *November 5th = Product pick-up date (cafeteria) * Great incentives* a free box of cookies with the purchase of 10 boxes, and top seller raffles for free passes to Golfland, The Jungle, Skyhigh Sports, and a family four pack to the Childrens Discovery Museum If you have any questions please contact Cookie Dough Chairperson = Meredith Shyy at WE STILL NEED A SILENT AUCTION CHAIR If you are interested or you know someone who would be perfect for the job contact Kymberli Iverson at: <> LIBRARY NEWS FROM CINDY JACOBS We are open and looking like a real library. It’s great to have your kids back in and enjoying the new digs. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who helped get the library up and started. It couldn’t have opened so soon without you. Lunchtime is usually quite busy and it always makes me smile to think that they want to spend their time around books during recess. Many kids have asked about our Magic Tree House passports and Caldecott and Newbery award programs. Those aren’t out and available yet, but they will be soon. There are still a few details to complete and a handful of boxes left to go through before the library is truly finished. It was great to see so many of you at ‘back to school night’. If you didn’t have a chance to stop by and you would like to see the new place, drop by some Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday before 1:30.

MOVIE NIGHT A SUCCESS! Movie Night on September 26th was a success! We made a profit of about $265 for the school and everyone seemed to have fun! A special thank you to everyone who helped me pull it all together: Mrs. Mohamed, Peggy Beck, Bobbi Russell, Jim Moore, Marggy Roe, Brooke Blankenship, Tina Intrieri, Brenda Inman, Frank Perez, Susan Stanton, Farrell Podgorsek, Kerry Sisler, and many others….Submitted by: Crystal Ruocchio, VP HIPS HIPS MEMBERSHIP DRIVE UPDATE Thank you, Hacienda Families! Our HIPS Membership Drive ended Friday, Sept. 26 and we have received donations from many of you. Our kids and programs will surely benefit from your generous support. As of last September 24, we had reached $10,000, which was our “official” goal. HOWEVER, we have since received many more donations and are still in the process of tallying those up. We are working our hardest to get your families’ leaves up on both the tree by the cafeteria, as well as by your children’s classrooms. We thank you for your patience. Our goal is to have the final membership drive total and class winners announced by the first full week in October. Thank you gifts will be delivered to your students’ classrooms in October. Many thanks again, Shirley Choy-Marshall & Melisa McCoy-Evans Membership Co-Chairs FAMILIESFIRST FamiliesFirst is seeking partners who would be willing to step forward in a time of need to offer a safe and stable home for children in our area. FamiliesFirst provides meetings, training and many tools to make this experience a positive one for both the families and the children in need. A representative of FamiliesFirst will be attending our October HIPS meeting to share more about this opportunity and answer any questions about their Foster and Adoptive programs. 1-877-488-KIDS (5437) BOUTIQUERS, CRAFTERS AND ARTISANS We are looking for crafty people that would like to have a table at our 3rd annual Holiday Boutique. For more info. call: Kim King 448-4008

ARE YOU SIGNED UP FOR ESCRIP???? A large percentage of our school is not! Please sign up today at Any questions or problems contact Christi Cota 448-1816 Have you renewed your Safeway Card? All eScrip subscribers must renew before November. Please go to to renew LEONARDO DA VINCI: 500 YEARS INTO THE FUTURE AT THE TECH MUSEUM This is the only U.S. appearance. Known as a famous painter, he was also renowned as a scientist, engineer, and inventor. The exhibition brings together drawings, sculptures, life-size models of the art, architectural projects, machines and mechanisms crafted from the original notebooks of the Renaissance artist-engineers. In addition, the exhibit highlights over 200 artifacts, The exhibit runs through January 4, 2009. PUBLISHING LAB NEEDS YOUR OLD CARDS Save your old calendars, birthday cards, Christmas cards, wrapping paper and stickers and give them to Publishing Lab. We will use them to make covers for books. What a great way to be green! Reuse the stuff you would normally throw away. Leave them in the HIPS room marked for Christi Cota, Publishing Lab. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Art Vista Co-Chair (shadow): Responsibilities include purchasing materials and supplies, handling accounting for expenses and inventory, help with running events such as the annual Art Show, Art Night, and the end of the year party, preparing an end of year report for HIPS and preparing next year’s budget. Copy Center Coordinator: Organize a group of volunteers to copy teacher requests during the year. IES Language Coordinator: Help coordinate facility use permit, provide district calendar to IES program coordinator, obtain approval of the flier/pamphlets through district office, distribute IES pamphlets, and communicate class times to be offered with IES Program Coordinator. If you think you may be able to help or would like more information, please contact Monica at 529-6510 or

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