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									Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior is a book of blending cultures, and woman's rights. It vagu ely ties five short stories and anecdotes to these themes. Kingston puts to use, a lot of symbolic f igures in the book, and Chinese folk tales. The whole book revolves around the author, and her strug gles with her gender, and nationality. The book starts out centered around Kingston's aunt and her b aby in a story titled "No Name Woman", as told to Kingston by her mother, Brave Orchid. Brave Orchid describes to the young Kingston that the story is a secret to the family. She goes on into the stor y, speaking of the suicide of her Kingston's aunt, back in her village in China, her aunt became pre gnant before she was married, and premarital sex was a major taboo in their culture. Nobody in the f amily acclaimed this pregnancy but everyone, including the villagers had noticed it. One night the v illagers, wearing masks, raided the families hut and destroyed goods, slaughtered their livestock, a nd destroyed the family's crop in punishment for the aunt. They could only stand back and watch in d isbelief as the villagers pillaged their home. The aunt later gave birth to the baby in a pigsty, wh ich was an allusion to old Chinese folk lore women who feared their babies to be taken by the gods w ould have them in a pigsty, where the gods would not take them. She later threw herself and the baby into the family well, where they were later found dead. Brave Orchid always referred to the aunt as the "no named aunt". The story was the mother's anecdote on premarital sex to Kingston and warned h er of the results. The story set the major theme of the book, woman's worth in china. A nation that wastes nothing, not even the chicken gizzards, yet females viewed as a waste. Kingston adds her two bits to the story, reasoning that a male field hand probable ordered her aunt to have sex with him. The family cursed the aunt calling her a "ghost" and claimed that she had never been born. Hence th e title, The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts. The title is an allusion to the Fa M ulan story to which Kingston relates to in the chapter "White Tigers", and the ghosts in her life ar e her culture, and the stories of the past. She has a reoccurring theme of keeping quiet and silence in the book as the book starts out with Brave Orchid telling Kingston to keep quiet. There are many incidences with speech in the book. Kingston, Being a Chinese-American has to be bi-lingual, and as an infant, Brave Orchid cuts Kingston's frenum in order for her to speak both of the languages. She is an advocate of the woman voice especially the Chinese woman voice. There is an incident in the b ook where Kingston tortures a young student in the bathroom one day, in an attempt to make her talk. A prominent feature of the book is also talk-story, which many of the characters of the book shared amongst each other. Her mother also shares a lot of talk-story with Kingston, which she cannot stan d, but later Kingston realizes her mother's ability, and hopes to be able to talk-story as well as h er mother. Later in the book the story of Fa Mulan comes about. The story of a seven-year-old girl who was lead by a bird to a small house on top of a mountain where an old couple lived then went on to learn many fighting techniques, and became an honorable warrior, against Chinese tradition. Kings ton parallels her own life story with Fa Mulan's Kingston. Kingston struggles with herself as a woma n. When she was younger she would hear stories about her family back in China sending letters to her mother and father about how woman in communes would be forced to work seventeen hours a day, and ol der women were given axes by the communists and urged to kill themselves for being useless. In blend ing the two cultures, American and Chinese, there are many problems with children. Chinese children do not participate in class, and refuse to sing "land where our fathers died" because they feel they are cursing there ancestors. Chinese people never report crimes because they feel they wont be unde rstood or the police wont believe them. Kingston could never complain to her boss or speak out becau se of her Chine female voice. Kingston her whole life loathes her mother. Her western way of thinkin g was a major problem with Kingston. Even her mother felt that girls where useless, she was ashamed to take her family out in public due to the number of daughters her and her husband had. Kingston wo uld often come home to her mother to tell of her achievements but would be overshadowed by her gende r and they would never be quite as excited for her as they would be if she was a boy. There are many instances in the book where Kingston shows her hatred towards her mother. Eventually comprises a li st of 200 complaints she has about her mother and presents it to her. This is the climax of a confus ing book of tangled stories with a weak link to one another. She explains this and uses yet another anecdote of the Knot maker back in ancient China, when knot-makers would tie knots into intricate de signs, who tied a knot-maker that tied a knot so confusing it blinded them. She said that her brothe rs story would not be as tangled up and knotted because, basically, he was a boy. Kingston also puts her self as the "outlaw knot-maker" back in ancient China. Kingston used her book to put a voice to the Chinese-American female, and show the importance of the feminine role. She also brought to ligh t, the oppression of women in china, which certainly stereotyped Chinese women as subservient figure s. No matter how important the book may have been, it was a woman's book. Consequently I could not r elate to most of the struggles faced by Kingston, so it did not have that much of an importance to m e. Her diction and rhetorical devices where well chosen, and subtly used. Put together it made for a good "chick-book" from what I have heard, but I would not recommend it. maxine hong kingston woman warrior book blending cultures woman rights vaguely ties five short stories anecdotes these themes kingston puts symbolic figures book chinese folk tales whole book revolves around author struggles w ith gender nationality starts centered around kingston aunt baby story titled name woman told mother brave orchid brave orchid describes young that story secret family goes into story speaking suicide aunt back village china aunt became pregnant before married premarital major taboo their culture no body family acclaimed this pregnancy everyone including villagers noticed night villagers wearing ma sks raided families destroyed goods slaughtered their livestock destroyed family crop punishment the y could only stand back watch disbelief villagers pillaged their home later gave birth baby pigsty w hich allusion chinese folk lore women feared babies taken gods would have them pigsty where gods wou ld take them later threw herself baby into well where they were later found dead brave orchid always referred named mother anecdote premarital warned results major theme worth china nation that wastes

nothing even chicken gizzards females viewed waste adds bits reasoning that male field hand probabl e ordered have with cursed calling ghost claimed never been born hence title warrior memoirs girlhoo d among ghosts title allusion mulan which relates chapter white tigers ghosts life culture stories p ast reoccurring theme keeping quiet silence starts with telling keep quiet there many incidences spe ech being chinese american lingual infant cuts frenum order speak both languages advocate voice espe cially voice there incident where tortures young student bathroom attempt make talk prominent featur e also talk which many characters shared amongst each other mother also shares talk cannot stand rea lizes ability hopes able well mulan comes about seven year girl lead bird small house mountain coupl e lived then went learn many fighting techniques became honorable warrior against tradition parallel s life mulan struggles herself when younger would hear stories about back china sending letters fath er about communes forced work seventeen hours older women were given axes communists urged kill them selves being useless blending cultures american there problems children children participate class r efuse sing land fathers died because they feel cursing ancestors people never report crimes because feel wont understood police wont believe them could never complain boss speak because chine female v oice whole life loathes western thinking major problem even felt girls useless ashamed take public n umber daughters husband often come home tell achievements overshadowed gender quite excited instance s shows hatred towards eventually comprises list complaints presents this climax confusing tangled w eak link another explains this uses another anecdote knot maker ancient when knot makers knots into intricate designs tied knot maker tied confusing blinded said brothers tangled knotted basically als o puts self outlaw maker ancient used american female show importance feminine role brought light op pression women certainly stereotyped subservient figures matter important have been consequently cou ld relate most struggles faced much importance diction rhetorical devices well chosen subtly used to gether made good chick from what heard recommendEssay, essays, termpaper, term paper, termpapers, te rm papers, book reports, study, college, thesis, dessertation, test answers, free research, book res earch, study help, download essay, download term papers

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