Pharmaceutical Technologies and developments in Asia Pacific region

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					Pharmaceutical Technologies and developments in Asia Pacific region

Asia Pacific Pharma Sector Analysis report assesses that the world continues to witness significant shift in the global pharmaceutical market landscape, with Asia-Pacific emergi the fastest growing pharmaceutical market over the recent past. With low costs and favo regulatory environment, the region has seen significant developments in the field of con manufacturing, particularly in generics and APIs. Several technological advancements h also boosted the R&D activities in the region, helping the market to grow at double digit rate in recent years. The size of the Asia-Pacific pharma market is estimated at around U 187 Billion for 2009.

According to our latest research report “Asia Pacific Pharma Sector Analysis”, the future pharma industry in the Asia-Pacific region remains bright, and the industry is projected t at a CAGR of around 12.6% during 2010-2012. The growth will mainly be driven by low factors, changing regulatory environment and increased private sector investments in th industry. Currently, the market is characterized by high growth of generics, and the sam trend will continue in near future also.

We have found that the region will become the global API production hub in next few ye backed by low cost manufacturing, favorable regulatory environment and current advancements in the production technology. Also, the market will show significant chang terms of sales and marketing model, which will be changed into tender-based model, fav the sales of low cost drugs, and thus resulting in intense competition among key players

Our research reveals that the pharma sales are growing rapidly in countries like India, C Malaysia, South Korea and Indonesia. This growth is mainly attributed to the increase in disposable income along with the emergence of several health insurance schemes, whic giving a boost to the sales of branded drugs. Besides this, the intense competition amon players in the region has been easing the availability of low cost drugs, thus providing a boost to the market growth.

Our report provides an extensive and objective analysis on the Asia-Pacific pharma mar provides analytical and statistical information on regional level markets, including their m size and segmentation. It also features an analysis on the future directions, supplemente various facts and figures. Thus, the report serves as a useful guide for pharmaceutical

companies, government officials, consultants and investors who are planning to enter th Asia-Pacific pharma market .

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