Instrument FAQ by jackshepherd


									                               Instrument FAQ

Below you will find information about obtaining an instrument and how to deal with
repairs if your instrument would break throughout the year.

Obtaining an Instrument
How do I get an instrument for my son or daughter?

       A. Purchase an instrument (Please see Mr. Adams for advice before you
       B. Rent to Own an instrument from our music vendor Stu’s Music Shop
       C. Borrow an instrument from General John Stricker MS

What are the benefits of renting to own?

       A. Affordable payments that accumulate towards eventually owning the
       B. Free repairs while you are renting and a free loaner for lengthy repairs.
       C. A less expensive route in case your middle school student “changes their

What instruments does Stricker have to loan?

       A. All band and orchestra instruments, but only in a limited supply
       B. We have plenty of the large instruments because they are so expensive (Tuba,
          Bass Clarinet, Cello, and String Bass)
       C. We have a limited supply of the smaller instruments (Flutes, Trumpets, and

Is there a fee to borrow an instrument from Stricker?

       A. There is a $40 Maintenance Fee which covers repairs to the instrument.
       B. The fee could be paid all at once or in increments throughout the year.

Instrument Repair
Where should I take my instrument if it breaks?

       A. Always bring it to Mr. Adams as soon as you notice the problem.
       B. If I can’t fix it, I will send it to Stu’s Music Shop to repair it.
       C. Most of the repairs I do are free. If any thing you may need to pay for a part if
How does a Stu’s Music Shop repair work?

       A. A representative from Stu’s comes to Stricker once a week to pick up and
          drop off repair instruments.
       B. After the instrument has been evaluated by their repair people, contact the
          shop to approve the repair and receive an estimate.
       C. Once the repair is complete Stu’s will deliver it to Stricker.

Should my parents or I try to fix my instrument ourselves?

       A. NEVER!!! Although someone you know may have very good “fix-it” skills,
       please always bring the instrument to Mr. Adams before trying to fix it at home.

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