; Not all Waters are Alike
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Not all Waters are Alike


Not all Waters are Alike

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									Your Body is a Water Machine
•	 70%	of	our	bodies	and	90%	of	our	cells	are	made	up	 of	water. We	replenish	daily,	but	need	the	right	water	to	do	the	 job	properly. The	world’s	best	water	is	pristine,	energized	by	 motion	and	vibration. This	natural	motion	spins,	folds,	oxygenates,	bubbles	 and flows – giving it an ideal structure. Combined,	these	properties	offer	optimum	cellular	 hydration.

AquaX Health Benefits
• • • • • • • • Increases	Energy,	Performance Promotes	Younger	Looking,	Smoother	Skin Reduces	Fatigue	&	Headaches Assists	in	Weight	Normalization Detoxifies Cells Increases	Oxygenation,	Absorption	of	Nutrients Slows	Aging	Process Enhances	Mental	Clarity,	Emotional	Well	Being

Not all Waters are Alike
The AquaX™ Story





• AquaX’s patent-pending allnatural hydration technology perfectly replicates these qualities from nature. • AquaX natural artesian water is bottled at the source from a private aquifer near Sedona, Arizona, without exposure to sun or air. • The natural source and hydration technology make AquaX unique.

Find Out More For more information about AquaX, and how to reverse the problem of chronic dehydration and increase energy in your daily life, visit:

Bottled	at	the	source	by	Rimrock	Water	 Company,	LLC,	Rimrock,	Arizona	86335 Toll	Free:	800.294.4020

Not all Waters are Alike.
To	some,	water	is	just	water.		Others	are	attracted	by	 branding, advertising and promises – but don’t expect much. AquaX™	turns	that	notion	around.		AquaX,	a	100%	 natural	artesian	water,	contains	a	patent-pending	 structure-enhanced	technology	that	brings	energy	and	 hydration	to	the	user. And	on	top	of	this,	AquaX	is	so	smooth,	so	toned,	and	 with a natural sweetness that’s hard to describe – you’ll find it unlike any water you’ve ever tasted.

The Hydration Process
All	Natural	Hydration	Technology™	-	a	process	that	duplicates	perfectly	the	natural	water	cycle: • • • • • The	world’s	best	water	is	pristine,	in	motion,	and	 energized	by	nature.		 It	carries	natural	frequencies	from	the	earth’s	energy	 fields – from soil, bedrock, minerals and vegetation. These	forces	combine,	offering	optimum	cellular	 hydration – something we need, but seldom receive. To	replicate	these	qualities,	a	patent-pending	allnatural	hydration	technology	was	created.		 Utilizing	this	technology,	an	independent	clinical	 study	showed	a	dramatic	increase	in	cellular	hydration. In a 150-day test, additional health benefits took place,	revealing	that	stored	cellular	toxins	decreased	 markedly.

The Difference
What’s	the	effective	difference?		Independent	clinical	 studies indicate that – • • Drinking AquaX	regularly	will	help	detoxify	the	cells	 in	your	body; Drinking	AquaX regularly	will	promote	a	balanced	 body	pH	in	your	system.

AquaX is 100% natural water, and can truly make a difference in people’s lives.

Being well-hydrated is a cellular matter. Our energy and basic health originates there. If cells aren’t hydrated, we’re in trouble.
Experts	say	75%	of	those	over	40	are	chronically	 dehydrated.		We	drink	liquids	more	or	less	regularly,	but	 see	little,	if	any,	improvement.		 Dehydration	can	make	problems	like	fatigue,	allergy,	 asthma,	weight	gain,	mood	swings,	toxicity	and	blood	 sugar	imbalance	worse.		Not	a	good	thing;	chronic	 dehydration	could	destroy	your	health. The	reason?		Most	waters	do	not	hydrate	our	cells	 properly; they lack a natural source – a correct level of minerals	and	properties	ideal	for	good	health.


Clinically Tested and Totally Natural
Nothing foreign – no minerals, substances, (including oxygen),	electromagnetic	forces	or	ionization	has	been	 added	to AquaX.		 Tested	and	proven	in	respectable	laboratories,	and	 supported by mainstream scientific principles, AquaX	is	 a	winner. Still	skeptical?		Take	the	ultimate	test:		Drink	a	bottle	of	 AquaX	and	see	how	you	feel. We’re	positive	AquaX will pass with flying colors – proving	that	AquaX	is	unlike	any	other	water	you’ve	ever	 consumed.		Make	AquaX	part	of	your	life.	

AquaX hi-energy, structure-enhanced
100% natural artesian water contains this hydration technology.

ot all Wate N rs a re Alike


Weight Normalization
Water	as	an	energy	source	manufactures	what’s	needed	 and	then	leaves	the	body,	taking	with	it	toxic	waste	from	 the	cells.		It	is	not	stored.

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