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									                 Who We Are
                 Thami Bolani has been a consumer activist since 1997, earning the Department of Trade and
                 Industry’s award for Consumer Champion (Individual Category) in 2003. He has worked in
                 the (then) Northern Province, where he established the Northern Province Consumer Forum.
Thami Bolani

                     As chairman of the NCF since 2001, he has built the organisation with little support and
                 few resources to what it is today. He represents consumers on a number of bodies, including
                 the SABS Consumer Sector Board, the ICASA Consumer Advisory Panel and the SA Tourism
                 Grading Council. Together with Paul Crankshaw, he established the country’s first consumer
                 newspaper, Consumer Fair.
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                 Pelisa Manqoyi is a business process management specialist and has done consulting
Pelisa Manqoyi

                 work on a number of process reengineering projects in mining, government agencies
                 and financial services. She is part of the team that spearheads campaigns at the NCF,
                 with special interest in youth and women’s empowerment.
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Paul Crankshaw

                 Paul Crankshaw is co-founder and editor of Consumer Fair newspaper. He is a
                 publishing entrepreneur (earning the Specialist Press Association’s Best Business-to-
                 Business Magazine award in 2000 and 2001) and small business support specialist.
                 He holds a Masters degree in development studies.
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                 “Do not think that a small number of committed people
                 cannot change the world. In fact, nothing else ever has.”
                 Margaret Mead, Consumer Union, United States of America

                                                                                        National Consumer Forum

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